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Sham impeachment vote proves all but two Democrats are complicit in treason against America, attempted political coup against a duly elected president


Since the 2016 election, Democrats, the deep state and the CIA-run fake news media have fabricated hoax after hoax to try to remove President Trump from office and overrule the votes of the people.  They’ve fabricated fake “anonymous sources,” ginned up fake “dossier” documents, made false accusations, fabricated fake whistleblowers and have even publicized completely fabricated “transcripts” of President Trump’s conversation with the President of Ukraine, all in a malicious, coordinated attempt to achieve what they could not achieve through fair elections: The seizing of the White House and the nullification of the 2016 election.

Now they’ve taken their criminal conspiracy of treason to the next level, holding a vote in the House of Representatives to approve an impeachment process that Democrats now claim would end the secret staged hearings currently being held in below-ground bunkers, publicizing the hearings for the nation to see.

As part of this impeachment process, De…

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