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Soros' Color Revolution in the USA

The Seven Steps of CollapseSoros is known as the man who broke the Bank of England. The prime minister of Malaysia called Soros an "unscrupulous profiteer." In Thailand, he was branded an "economic war criminal." They also said that he sucks the blood from people. In 1994, George Soros stated: "Just right that the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire." The following are George Soros' seven steps for bringing down a regime and causing a currency collapse: Step One: Form a shadow government using humanitarian aid as cover.Step Two: Control the airwaves. Fund existing radio and TV outlets and take control over them or start your own outlets.Step Three: Destabilize the state, weaken the government and build an anti-government kind of feeling in the country. You exploit an economic crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis — pressure from the top and the bottom. This will allow you to weaken the government and build anti-government …

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