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Political Smear Job? Law Firm Investigating Accusations Against Jim Jordan Steeped In Partisanship

The Left in this country are at war with America, this is the reality we live in.  If they will frame a Presidential candidate, a sitting President, and anyone who they deem the enemy, certainly that means conservatives in generals, then they will and are framing a sitting Congressman who is an outspoken leader fighting, and in many respects, winning the battle against the Deep-State. -W.E.


Authored by Jon Hall via Free Market Shooter blog,

Over the July 4th holiday, NBC News posted an article detailing alleged sexual abuse at Ohio State University. At the center of the story, NBC News implicated one of the most well-known members of the Republican party, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.
Former wrestlers that Jordan coached over two decades ago at OSU accuse him of failing to stop the team doctor from molesting students.It’s obvious to anyone paying attention that Jim Jordan is on the rise. Already a member of the Freedom Caucus, his name has been thrown around by many for the next Spe…

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