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Is The Left Trying To Start A Civil War?

"We are facing the gravest threat to our institutions and our government since 1861, since the country broke in half. This is a graver crisis than Watergate, which was about corruption, not the usurpation of our laws and our checks and balances. It’s graver than World War II, when Hitler never actually threatened our institutions or occupation of Washington." 
- Glenn Carle, a 23-year CIA veteran and a former deputy officer on the National Intelligence Council (H/T the Daily Coin)

Yes, it does indeed seem that Globalists would like nothing better than to start a Civil War.  Bringing down America has been their objective, by hook or by "crook" for some time now.  And who pray tell knows how to overthrow a nation better than our very own clandestine services and the CIA to be exact?  Just go through the list:  Assassination attempts and successes?  Check.  Coups? Check. Propaganda campaigns? Check.  Regime change? Check. (at this point it has probably has begun t…

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