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Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?


Why in the world has JP Morgan accumulated more than 55 million ounces of physical silver?   
Since early 2012, JP Morgan’s stockpile has grown from less than 5 million ounces of physical silver to more than 55 million ounces of physical silver.  Clearly, someone over at JP Morgan is convinced that physical silver is a great investment.  But in recent times, the price of silver has actually fallen quite a bit.  As I write this, it is sitting at the ridiculously low price of $15.66 an ounce.  So up to this point, JP Morgan’s investment in silver has definitely not paid off.  But it will pay off in a big way if we will soon be entering a time of great financial turmoil.
During a time of crisis, investors tend to flood into physical gold and silver.  And as I mentioned just recently, JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon recently stated that “there will be another crisis” in a letter to shareholders…
Some things never change — there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt by the financial market.
The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as the trigger to the last one – but there will be another crisis. Triggering events could be geopolitical (the 1973 Middle East crisis), a recession where the Fed rapidly increases interest rates (the 1980-1982 recession), a commodities price collapse (oil in the late 1980s), the commercial real estate crisis (in the early 1990s), the Asian crisis (in 1997), so-called “bubbles” (the 2000 Internet bubble and the 2008 mortgage/housing bubble), etc. While the past crises had different roots (you could spend a lot of time arguing the degree to which geopolitical, economic or purely financial factors caused each crisis), they generally had a strong effect across the financial markets
And Dimon is apparently putting his money where his mouth is.
If Dimon believes that another great crisis is coming, then it would make logical sense to stockpile huge amounts of precious metals.  And in particular, silver is a tremendous bargain for a variety of reasons.  Personally, I like gold, but I absolutely love silver – especially at the price it is at right now.
Over the past few years, JP Morgan has been voraciously buying up physical silver.  Nobody has ever seen anything quite like this ever before.  In fact, JP Morgan has added more than 8 million ounces of physical silver during the past couple of weeks alone
According to a detailed report from The Wealth Watchman JP Morgan Chase has been amassing a huge stockpile of physical silver, presumably in anticipation of a major liquidity event.
They’re baaaaack. Yes, “old faithful” is back at it again!
Of course, they never really left silver, and have been rigging it non-stop in the futures market, but for awhile there, there were at least no admissions of newly-stacked silver being made in their Comex warehousing facilities.
Yet, after a 16 month period of “dormancy” within their Comex warehouse vaults, these guys have returned with a vengeance.
In fact, our old buddies at JP Morgan Chase, not only see value in silver here, but they’re currently standing for delivery in their own house account in such strong numbers, that it commands our attention.  Let me show you what I mean.
Here’s a breakdown of the Comex’s most recent silver deliveries to JP Morgan:
April 7th: 1,110,000 ounces
April 8th: 1,280,000 ounces
April 9th:  893,037 ounces
April 10th: 1,200,224 ounces
April 14th: 1,073,000 ounces
April 15th: 1,191,275 ounces
April 16th: 1,183,777.295 ounces
This is a huge bout of deliveries in such a short space of time. In fact, within the realm of Comex world, it’s such an exceptionally large amount, that it even creates quite a spike on the long-term chart of JP Morgan’s vault stockpile:
JP Morgan Silver
All in all, JP Morgan has added over 8.3 million ounces of additional silver in just the past 2 weeks alone.
 Full report at The Wealth Watchman (via Steve Quayle and Realist News)
So why is JP Morgan doing this?
Do they know something that the rest of us do not?
Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase has made another very curious move as well.  It is being reported that the bank is “restricting the use of cash” in some markets, and has even gone so far as to “prohibit the storage of cash in safe deposit boxes”…
What is a surprise is how little notice the rollout of Chase’s new policy has received.  As of March, Chase began restricting the use of cash in selected markets, including  Greater Cleveland.  The new policy restricts borrowers from using cash to make payments on credit cards, mortgages, equity lines, and  auto loans.  Chase even goes as far as to prohibit the storage of cash in its safe deposit boxes .  In a letter to its customers dated April 1, 2015 pertaining to its “Updated Safe Deposit Box Lease Agreement,”  one of the highlighted items reads:  “You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value.”  Whether or not this pertains to gold and silver coins with no numismatic value is not explained.
What in the world is that all about?
Why is JP Morgan suddenly so negative about cash?
I think that there is a whole lot more going on behind the scenes than we are being told.
JP Morgan Chase is the largest of the six “too big to fail” banks in the United States.  The total amount of assets that JP Morgan Chase controls is roughly equal to the GDP of the entire British economy.  This is an institution that is immensely powerful and that has very deep ties to the U.S. government.
Could it be possible that JP Morgan Chase is anticipating another great economic crisis?
We are definitely due for one.  Just consider the following chart from Zero Hedge.  It postulates that our financial system is ready for another “7.5 year itch”…
7.5 Year Itch
JP Morgan certainly seems to be preparing for a worst case scenario.
What about you?
Are you getting ready for what is coming?

Orlando Cop Ruptures Man’s Spleen, Fellow Cops Laugh, Take Pics, as Man Begs for Help

How hard do you have to knee a non threatening, handcuffed man in the stomach to actually rupture their spleen?  How corrupt are your Police when the supervisor tries to cover up the assault?
Tape don't lie. 

Police State: Florida Sheriff Uses MRAP for Traffic Stop

Just isn't the same America I grew up in.  
Not only is this an MRAP...but notice the military gear these officers are wearing. Why are we militarizing our streets...Gainesville is not exactly a large metropolis with a high crime rate?  Unfortunately, this has become all too common, and is only going to get worse.


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Texans Blame Secret Military Takeover for Walmart Closings, Secret Tunnels

Photo By Tim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram 

A Walmart in Midland, Texas will close for six months for renovations, however some skeptics say the closure is linked to a secret military training exercise called "Operation Jade Helm."

News of the Army's operation Jade Helm stirred up widespread fears and deep mistrust of the American government in a sizable bloc of the public.  
Thousands of tweets, dozens of online publications and plenty of commenters sounded the alarm of an impending military takeover.
Now the virtual world of alternative news has added a new twist to the tale: Walmart is in on it, and there are secret underground tunnels.
Multiple websites drew links between the suspiciously swift and simultaneous closure of a half dozen Walmarts nationwide and the military training drill that will have some of America's most elite units--Green Berets and Navy SEALS among them--trying to blend in to the civilian population in Texas and the Southwestern states.
It may seem crazy, but the fearful aren't a totally marginal crowd. Online outcry over the original plans to hold the so-called realistic military training in American cities drew an official response from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. 
Stars and Stripes, the news publication of the U.S. military, ran an article titled "Army Special Operations Command pushes back against alarmist claims about upcoming exercise," The Washington Post wrote "Why Operation Jade Helm 15 is freaking out the Internet—and why it shouldn't be" and VICE News reported "conspiracy theorists think an army training exercise will bring martial law to the US this summer."
A talk radio host even raised the issue in a conversation with Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul.
Now Walmart is in the picture. The world's largest retailer raised eyebrows last week when it simultaneously shuttered five stores—two in Texas, one in California, Oklahoma and Florida—and laid off 2,200 workers with only several hours' notice. The stores claimed plumbing problems prompted closures.
But bloggers have different ideas. The website Intellihub, the "Civilian Intelligence Agency," suggested the Walmarts are being converted into giant entrance facilities for a network of underground tunnels the military will use to transport troops across the country.
Another website, All News Pipeline, poses the question: "will these massive stores soon be used as 'food distribution centers' and to house the headquarters of invading troops from China, here to disarm Americans...?"
Another website, Before It's News, ran a post titled "JADE HELM: Explosive new information! Underground government tunnels beneath closing Walmarts, missile platforms, facial recognition, bundy ranch and Walmart tied to DHS! They are all connected!"

Multiple websites cite video showing police surrounding one of the recently closed Walmarts in California, and the empty shelving inside arranged strangely in an arch around loading bay doors. Allegations of secret cross-country tunnels and so-called "deep underground military bases" (DUMBs for short), are based on a 2004 online forum for Paulding County, Georgia, in which local residents discuss the construction effort underway in their area.
"The tunneling project is a joint venture involving the National Security Agency, CIA, FBI, MiB, Homeland Security & a few other groups," one user posted. (It's unknown if the "MiB" refers to shadowy, fictitious "Men in Black" agents made famous by the Will Smith movies)
He continued: "The addition of new Walmart facilities in northwest Georgia gives spur hubs and depots easy access to large areas that can be partitioned off for moving of very large equipment and large numbers of people in case of national emergency."
Websites also post an apparently hand-drawn map of a nationwide underground tunnel system dated 1978. Now they fear that the closed superstores and alleged tunnels underneath will be used to advance diabolical military plans to disarm and imprison Americans during the upcoming Jade Helm.
RELATED: U.S. Army drills in Texas City, La Marque
But the military calls the operation a drill in realistic warfare. County officials who spoke with army command said they'd been notified that troops would be operating undercover amongcivilians, testing their abilities to blend in. Military specialists have interpreted acronyms on an Army document and inferred that small groups of elite soldiers would stage a long-distance escape from simulated hostile territory. The Washington Post reports numerous past military drills have simulated activities inside hostile territories in the United States before.
Yet many Americans apparently still believe they are the enemies the military is preparing to fight. It mirrors a national trend of extreme skepticism—a CNN poll last year showed trust in the government was at an all-time low, with only 13 percent saying the trust the government most of the time. Moreover, a 2012 report documented a dramatic rise in Americans rejecting the legitimacy of their government outright, and a 2015 Department of Homeland Security report warned of danger from right-wing groups resentful of military and police.
RELATED: Patriot Day could rouse domestic violence, memo warns
Jade Helm will take place in 17 Texas cities from July to September 2015. County officials have been advised of military plans and should be able to answer citizen questions about road closures or simulated violence near residential areas.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Texas In Bullseye: Massive Military Movement Train/Missiles Primed For Texas Launch (Jade Helm)


The state of Texas is in the bullseye in today's Jade Helm 15 update with a mysterious battery of surface to air missiles that appear to be primed for launch facing East that were discovered and reported upon by Texas media, (only to be told they are there for 'a drill' as seen in 2nd video), while a train hauling massive amounts of military equipment has been photographed moving west, west of San Antonio, Texas, as shared in the 1st video below.

While the US military is still being secretive of the exact nature of the Jade Helm 15 special forces 'drills', the 3rd video below is a possible reminder of their true purpose from the lips of Vice President Joe Biden himself, mocking gun owners by warning: "we're going to swoop down with special forces folks and grab up every gun in America," remarks made just two years ago in April of 2013.

The FEMA Wal Mart connection is also becoming more clear as shared in the 4th video below from Sgt Joe Biggs who tells us about Mark Cooper, a senior director FEMA board member who is also a member of Walmart's Global Emergency Management team. We should also remember a partnership between Wal-Mart and the CDC to use all 4000+ of their stores to distribute hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines should those emergency measures be necessary, dating back to at least 2009 and providing more evidence showing a long running partnership between Wal-Mart and 'emergency management' in America.  

The series of video reports below also include one of US Marines training for riot control in Virginia as seen in the 5th video as well as the 6th video, a new release from MLordandGod who shares with us the latest on the Wal-Mart underground tunnels and tells us more about the joint venture between Wal-Mart, the DOD, DHS, NSA and the entire slew of alphabet soup agencies who work for the American people but continuously hide from us what they're really doing.

The alert republished below videos from the website of Stephen Quayle shares with us that even National Guard members are having difficulty finding out from their superiors what Jade Helm 15 is really all about.
What should we make of these missiles 'primed for launch' in Texas? Are they expecting to need these in America?
 What do you think about Joe Biden's warning here? Is this the ultimate warning to Americans, coming from the mouth of our own VP, in an attempt to mock American gun owners? Remember, this was back in April of 2013!
While attempts to minimize the WalMart connection to FEMA and 'death domes' has been made, Sgt Joe Biggs helps us to understand that the connection between WalMart and FEMA goes back many years and runs deep.
Riot control in Virginia...what are they preparing for, economic collapse? Induction into 'Hillary fun camps'?

Excellent video that puts the Wal-Mart closings, Jade Helm 15 and the underground tunnels all together.



I talked with a co-worker tonight who is a reservist in the Army National Guard. He said that no one in his unit can get any answers on Operation Jade Helm 15. They are being ordered by command to not inquire about it, which is making them all grow more suspicious and wary about what's going on behind the scenes. He said that all of the non-commissioned officers know they are purposely being kept in the dark about the true intent of Jade Helm, and that it truly is "unconventional warfare" and unprecedented for the U.S. military.

Also, today a local friend of mine and a former Marine buddy went to get eyes on the Walmart that closed in Brandon, FL, which is 30 miles from me here in Lakeland. From their vantage point they could see that the store was heavily guarded by DHS troops, and that a train which was stopped on the tracks adjacent to the Walmart was laden with military hardware, and more surplus gear in the surrounding area waiting to be staged.

All of that for plumbing problems and/or employee standoffs, right?

I watched the video by Dr. William Mount of Channel 77 in Seattle, describing a U.S. Army logistics class he took in which the Army had strategically set-up a concession of Walmarts throughout the nation in a backroom deal to be repurposed as federal military supply depots/distribution bases in the event of a national crisis: (3:03)

That makes a lot of sense, considering their strategic locations in every major American city, access to major roads, their vast warehouse and floor storage space, and the pre-existing surveillance systems already in place at every store.

With that said, I also took to heart the recent alert on your Alerts page from the former Navy Seal regarding America’s police state, the border, Russia, Walmart and World War III:

Those are all questions which no one without a security clearance is privy to the answers. Deception is, as you know, inherently the hand of evil.

It is getting very close, and every veteran buddy of mine I talk with agrees that with the scope and scale of this operational roll-out, the federal government is preparing for a major event, whatever that may be. And it's right here at home, in my county. With that realization, a lot of my people here are at a heightened state of alertness and readiness, anticipating the worst.

Also troublesome is the connection of Jade Helm (Stone Guide) to the Georgia Guidestones, America's anti-human Stonehenge-like outdoor temple of the sun.

Stay alert! For our adversary knows he has but a short time left.
Apr 23, 2015
Consciously Enlightened claims that the pictures below are from some of the Wal-Mart underground tunnels. All News Pipeline is UNABLE to confirm that information. (Date stamp 2nd picture 2004)

wmut.jpeg ug-3.jpg

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Banks To Soon Outlaw Cash

Of course, the student of scripture realizes that a day is coming when cash will indeed by banned, not just in America, but everywhere.  Revelation 13 speaks clearly to this and has done so for 2000 years. 

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." 

So, a "mark in their right hand or in their foreheads" will be necessary to buy or sell...not cash...and no exceptions allowed..."no man".   Interesting to note, don't you think,  that parallel to these days we live in when International Bankers and Economists are clamoring to abolish cash, the technology for such a mark is already in place, and indeed, some have already began using a "mark" of sorts, that is an RFID chip, under their skin...and on their hand...for other purposes of convenience. What are you willing to bet, that in the near future, these two ideas will meld into one?  Huh. Just be a big coincidence you say.  Of course it is, just take the blue pill and all will be fine in Matrix-land.   Or, leave the matrix now, and be free to experience authenticate and true salvation by clicking the "red pill" here
and letting the truth set you free. -W.E.

The Alex Jones Channel


Citigroup's Gold "Expert" Demands A Cash Ban

Late last year, Grexit "expert" Willem Buiter decided that he was a greater expert on the topic of monetary metals than on geopolitics by stating that "Gold Is A 6,000 Year Old Bubble." Now, he has decided that after gold, it is best to just do away with any physical currency altogether and the time to ban cash has arrived.
Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum via Acting-Man blog,

Citigroup’s Chief Economist Joins the Cash Ban Bandwagon

We have discussed the views of Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter previously in these pages (see “A Dose of Buiternomics” for details), on occasion of his coming out as a supporter of assorted monetary cranks, such as Silvio Gesell, to name one. Not to put too fine a point to it, Buiter is a monetary crank too.
Buiter is always shilling for more central bank intervention, and it seems no plan can ever be too silly or too extreme for him. In fact, he seems to have made the propagation of utterly crazy ideas his trademark.
Buiter has now joined one of his famous colleagues, Kenneth Rogoff, another intellectual enamored with central planning, in clamoring for a cash ban (for our discussion of Rogoff, see “Meet Kenneth Rogoff, Unreconstructed Statist”). Both Buiter and Rogoff want to make it impossible for citizens to escape the latest depredations of central bankers, such as the imposition of negative interest rates. This is to be done by forcing them to keep their money in accounts at fractionally reserved banks.


If Buiter gets his way, there won’t be a WSOP final table with piles of cash anymore.

Photo credit: David Becker / Las Vegas Review-Journal
As Bloomberg reports:

“The world’s central banks have a problem. When economic conditions worsen, they react by reducing interest rates in order to stimulate the economy. But, as has happened across the world in recent years, there comes a point where those central banks run out of room to cut — they can bring interest rates to zero, but reducing them further below that is fraught with problems, the biggest of which is cash in the economy.

In a new piece, Citi’s Willem Buiter looks at this problem, which is known as the effective lower bound (ELB) on nominal interest rates. Fundamentally, the ELB problem comes down to cash. According to Buiter, the ELB only exists at all due to the existence of cash, which is a bearer instrument that pays zero nominal rates. Why have your money on deposit at a negative rate that reduces your wealth when you can have it in cash and suffer no reduction? Cash therefore gives people an easy and effective way of avoiding negative nominal rates. Buiter’s note suggests three ways to address this problem:
  1. Abolish currency.
  2. Tax currency.
  3. Remove the fixed exchange rate between currency and central bank reserves/deposits.
Yes, Buiter’s solution to cash’s ability to allow people to avoid negative deposit rates is to abolish cash altogether. (Note that he’s far from being the first to float this idea. Ken Rogoff has given his endorsement to the idea as well, as have others.)

Before looking at the practicalities of abolishing currency, we should first look at whether it could ever be necessary. Due to the costs of holding large amounts of cash, Buiter puts the actual nominal rate at which the move to cash makes sense as closer to -100bp. So, in order for a cash abolition to become necessary, central banks would need to be in a position where they wished to set nominal rates much lower than that.

Buiter does not have to go far to find an example of where a central bank may have wanted to set interest rates much lower to -100bp. He uses (a fairly aggressive) Taylor Rule to show that Federal Reserve rates should have been as low as -6 percent during the financial crisis.”
(emphasis added)
As mentioned above, no meddling by a central bank is ever too extreme or too crazy for Mr. Buiter. Here is his ridiculous “Taylor rule” chart (the conclusions of which by the way would be vehemently disputed by none other than Mr. Taylor himself).

Ridiculous Buiter chart

Buiter’s ridiculous chart asserting that a “negative interest rate of 6% would have been needed” in 2008-2010, via Citigroup, Bloomberg.
This nice gentlemen who wants to either “abolish cash” or “tax currency” for the good of us all, is a typical example of the modern-day viciously statist intellectual (h/t, Hans-Hermann Hoppe), who constantly pines for the authorities to implement social engineering on a grand scale. As long as they implement his plan, everything will be great.

Not Bothered by Concerns

Bloomberg tells us that “Buiter is aware that his idea may a bit controversial”. What a relief. He even lists the disadvantages of abolishing cash, only to dismiss them out of hand. With the exception of one crucial point, he is mainly erecting straw men.

“Buiter is aware that his idea may be somewhat controversial, so he goes to the effort of listing the disadvantages of abolishing cash.
  1. Abolishing currency will constitute a noticeable change in many people’s lives and change often tends to be resisted.
  2. Currency use remains high among the poor and some older people. (Buiter suggests that keeping low-denomination cash in circulation — nothing larger than $5 — might solve this.)
  3. Central banks and governments would lose seigniorage revenue.
  4. Abolishing currency would inevitably be associated with a loss of privacy and create risks of excessive intrusion by the government.
  5. Switching exclusively to electronic payments may create new security and operational risks.
Buiter dismisses each of these concerns in turn, finishing with: In summary, we therefore conclude that the arguments against abolishing currency seem rather weak.
Whatever the strength of the arguments, the chances of an administration taking the decision to abolish cash seem vanishingly small.
We are surprised by the optimism expressed by Bloomberg that “the chances of an administration taking the decision to abolish cash seem vanishingly small”. We believe that governments all over the so-called “free world” are working feverishly to make a ban of cash currency a reality.
Naturally, we couldn’t care less about the “seignorage” revenue of the State. In our opinion central banks shouldn’t even exist, and “seignorage” is nothing but a euphemism for outright theft. It’s a nice touch that Buiter also doesn’t want to “throw seniors under the bus” and gives a brief thought to the poor as well. Why would any of them ever need anything more than a $5 note?
That someone like Buiter doesn’t find it difficult to dismiss the concern that “abolishing currency would inevitably be associated with a loss of privacy and create risks of excessive intrusion by the government” is no surprise, but it is indeed a legitimate concern. Under the cover of the “war on drugs” and lately the even bigger government-sponsored racket known as the “war on terror”, financial privacy has been all but eradicated already.


Willem Buiter, shill for statism and central planning, here seen at the Council for Foreign Relations. Did we mention that we believe he’s an atrocious economist?

Photo credit: Bloomberg
Needless to say, we dispute the idea that central banks should ever impose negative interest rates. This policy is revolting economic nonsense that greatly harms the economy. As we have previously pointed out, given that the natural rate of interest can never be zero or negative, it is an inescapable conclusion that any imposition of negative market rates will end up destroying scarce capital and leave society poorer.
Lastly, Buiter fails to list one counterargument that we believe is extremely important. Since he works for a charter member of the world’s most powerful banking cartel, this is no big surprise either. We will make up for his oversight.
The 2008 crisis has not shown that anyone needs “negative interest rates” as Buiter erroneously claims. It has mainly shown how rickety and de facto insolvent the fractionally reserved banking system really is. If not for the introduction of an accounting trick (under immense political pressure, the FASB allowed the banks to dispense with mark-to-market accounting, which suddenly made them “whole” again), a huge taxpayer bailout and money printing by the central bank on an unprecedented scale (in the post WW2 era), several of the biggest banks would have gone the way of Lehman.
It was a good reminder that although fiduciary media – deposit money that is not backed by standard money – are part of the money supply in the broader sense, their main characteristic is that they exist only in the form of accounting entries. Hence, fractionally reserved banks are at all times insolvent, since they cannot possibly pay all demand deposits on demand. This obvious violation of what once used to be a bailment contract has been sanctioned by the courts in the 19th century under the influence of banking interests. If one considers how deposit money is multiplied under this system, it should be obvious that the scheme is fundamentally fraudulent. It goes against the grain of legal traditions that have been well-established in Western culture since antiquity.
If cash were to be banned, people could no longer opt out from this system. Bank runs would no longer be possible at all. While a bank run these days only gives one government scrip that is itself an irredeemable liability of a central bank, it is at least slightly more “real” than the accounting entry known as deposit money. Most importantly, cash can insure one against a bank going under, or the breakdown of the entire banking system, which is always a potential danger. Banks would obviously love a cash ban – quite possibly they are the only ones who would love it even more than governments.



We keep being bombarded by moves to restrict the use of cash and demands to ban it altogether. These demands seem to mainly revolve around two arguments: one is that “only criminals need cash”, which is on a par with the absurd assertion that we should all be fine with Stasi-like ubiquitous government surveillance “if we have nothing to hide”. The other one is that a cash ban would make life easier for the central planners who are actively undermining the economy with their policy of debasement. We would argue that central banking and fiat money have done more than enough harm already and that the eradication of financial privacy has gone way too far. Money and banking should be freed from the clutches of government-directed monopolization and cartelization and should be returned to the free market.


One of our readers has sent us a few links concerning recent examples of the war on cash waged by governments the world over, which we reproduce below. Indeed, there is little cause for optimism on this score. Given this increase in attempts to restrict the use of cash, the danger that possession of gold will one day be declared illegal again can no longer be so easily dismissed either.

Monday, April 20, 2015

'Scary' Big Spring Residents Report Tanks, Helicopters Arriving Before Jade Helm

“I saw a train carrying all sorts of military equipment heading into Big Spring,” said one resident, adding, “There were also about 14 helicopters flying over the [Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle] Airport last night and a tank getting driven through that open field [near the airport]. It’s scary seeing that and not knowing what in the world is going on.” 
- Source

dollar collapse 2015

WalMart Workers Take "Plumbing" Mystery To Labor Board

Doesn't sound "Jade Helm" related as many have been purporting it could be.  Then again...the timing is pretty perfect, so I would not rule out anything with this government. -W.E.


Last week we documented the mysterious case of WalMart’s move to shutter multiple geographically distinct locations across the US for “plumbing issues.”

Saturday, April 18, 2015



You should make note that Jade Helm will Now be Carried Out ANNUALLY. Future Missions May Involve UN TROOPS! He stuttered around on that part. He also mentions this will involve ALL Branches of the Military Including the DOD, DHS and FBI.
He also mentions the FBI Will be questioning people at an Airport In Arizona. So Heads Up People!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Security forces from captured ISIS operatives revealed that ISIS
and other jihadist groups could activate terror cells in the U.S.

Lt. Col. Caught In Lies About Jade Helm: Our Worst Fears Confirmed


There are times in life when we need to know when to step aside and let others do the talking. This is that time.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Facebook Will Now Track Finances in Addition to Social Contacts, Employment, Health Status, Political Affiliation


In its bid to become the provider - and tracker - of all things to all humans, Facebook has announced that it is entering the peer-to-peer money transferal market.

The initiative is meant to rival PayPay, and it revolves around Facebook's Messenger app. According to the Financial Times, the Silcon Valley-based social media company is trying to compete with PayPal, Square and other payment providers and, eventually, even large banks, following an announcement that users will be able to upload a Visa or MasterCard debit card to the Messenger app and send payments to other Facebook users for free.

Financial Times reported further:

In a product that appears similar to Paypal's popular Venmo app, US users of Facebook will be able to send money from Apple and Android devices and desktop computers in the coming months.

The company stressed it had enabled security features including a PIN and touch ID on iOS devices, after Venmo was accused of making it easy for fraudsters to steal from a users' bank account.

Facebook now wants to track your financial transactions

"We use layers of software and hardware protection that meet the highest industry standards," Facebook said in a blog post. "These payment systems are kept in a secured environment that is separate from other parts of the Facebook network and that receives additional monitoring and control. A team of anti-fraud specialists monitor for suspicious purchase activity to help keep accounts safe."

The social media giant is just the latest tech company to make a go at entering the lucrative financial sector; its effort follows Apple's payment service system, Apple Pay, which was launched last year, and Google, which has introduced Google Wallet. Whatever solution the company finds for Facebook Messenger could also be applied via WhatsApp, an SMS-style messaging app that Facebook purchased in 2014 for $22 billion.

But the concern among privacy advocates is the same that it has been regarding previous Facebook tracking: That users of the financial transaction apps and programming will also have their money transfers logged. For some time now Facebook has had a payments business in which credit card data is stored so users could buy extra features in games that run on the platform.

As early as 2011, NaturalNews reported that Facebook tracked users even after they logged out of the site. That was discovered by Nik Cubrilovic, an Australian entrepreneur and writer.

We further reported:

With each new change Facebook makes, users' privacy becomes a little less ... nonexistent, if you will. The most recent "News Feed" modifications, for example, display everything you say and do on the site to all of your "friends," and even to the public. And now, even after logging out of Facebook, permanent "cookies" track all your movements on websites that contain Facebook buttons or widgets.

Facebook - a history of tracking user activity

Over the years, the tracking has only increased. ZD Net, a tech news site, reported in September that Facebook was launching a new ad platform that would track users even further.

In addition, The Wall Street Journal, noted that the new ad platform was "designed to improve how marketers target and measure the advertisements they buy across the Web" - a process than can only be accomplished by tracking users' activities.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center noted that on Jan. 1, Facebook altered its privacy rules to "allow advertisers to use the location data gathered from tools like 'Nearby Friends' and location 'check-ins' to push geolocation-based targeted advertisements.

"For instance, a Facebook user who checks in near a restaurant that partners with Facebook may now be shown menu items from that restaurant," said EPIC, in an announcement.

The all-knowing Facebook is privy to just about as much information on users as the NSA has.


Jade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Tens of Millions of Americans


The EKS Group LLC, on behalf of The Department of Defense (DoD) is advertising the following position which has special relevance to the topics of Jade Helm 15 and the implementation of martial law. The following excerpts for this job advertisement are listed below: