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Pelosi tries to shut down Trump, delay State of Union

Nice try Nancy. 

Virtually every action you see the Dem's in Congress take, along with their Media cohorts, is all about their "Resistance" plot to slow down, stop or impeach the President at every corner and it began the day he won the 2016 Presidential election and hasn't stopped since.

I have been anticipating the upcoming January 28th State of the Union address for quite some time because for the second year in a row the President has an unbelievable record of accomplishment to tell the American people:

Record levels of unemployment in America, including for minority Americans, that make up some 75% of the Democrats constituency.
A booming economy.
The decimation of ISIS.
Large tax cuts.
The dismantling of job-killing regulations. 
The replacement of NAFTA with other promising trade agreements on the horizon including the European Union and China.
Strengthening our military

All these as well as countless other achievements show this President to be one of the,…

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