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Allen West: Obama just wrote about the GOP health care plan, and these six words that made me SICK

Democrat Leadership:

Elizabeth Warren- "Blood money" Bernie Sanders- "Thousands of people will die! There’s no question in my mind." Hillary Clinton- "Death party" Barack Obama- "This bill will do you harm"
And we wonder why Republicans, just since the election have been shot, beaten and intimidated into silence by Democratic voters?  - It's called Leftist rhetoric and lies. 

Allen B. West

The Democrat Party is its own worst PR firm. If you just wait long enough — and it’s not often that long – they’ll contradict themselves, evidencing their abject hypocrisy.

And so it is that not too long ago, some Democrats were holding hands with Republicans, singing kumbaya and talking about the intensity of the rhetoric and how it had to be toned down. This was the immediate action drill response after the heinous assassination attempt on Republican Members of Congress, resulting in Rep. Steve Scalise being critically wounded. Blessings that Steve’s cond…

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