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Kim Jong-un threatens to turn US into ‘sea of flames’ with surprise attack, boasts America’s fate is in his hands


The threat comes after the rogue state claimed America is now in 'mortal fear' after it carried out another successful ballistic missile

TYRANT dictator Kim Jong-un has taunted Donald Trump boasting "America's fate is in hands of North Korea" by vowing to turn US into a "sea of flames".
The threat came just a day after the North carried out yet another successful ballistic missile over Japan claiming America is now in "mortal fear" after proving it has the military power to strike US territory.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has vowed to 'turn the American empire into a sea in flames through sudden surprise attack from any region and area' Reuters
North Korea fired its latest missile over Japan - in what is being described as the country's farthest-reaching test A spokesman for NK's ruling party said: "Through the two successful ICBM test-launches the DPRK has put the whole U.S. mainland in its strikin…

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