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FEMA is Seeking Empty Big-Box Stores to House Migrant Children

A few weeks ago, Fox News 7/WWNY-TV broke a story about an army base in Watertown, New York that was being considered as a short-term shelter facility to detain some of the unaccompanied minors who have crossed the southern border into the United States in recent months.  
A recruiting agency for healthcare professionals, Occupational Health Connections, was contracted to solicit applicants to help run it, and posted ads on Craigslist and EBAY seeking staffers to take care of the kids: “Unknown start date but will probably start after 4th of July. There will be little notice so we are trying to get resumes and licenses of those interested.” The posting went on to explain, “These are children refugees who are crossing the border to escape drug cartels and will need healthcare.” 
Though intended to provide useful background information, this statement was incorrect: Unaccompanied minors who cross the borderare not refugees. They might qualify for immigration relief, like asylum or special immigrant juvenile status, but that is different than being classed as a refugeeand quite difficult to obtain without an attorney, of whom there are very few. The well-intentioned but muddled ad underlines one of the most pressing elements of this crisis: Regardless of how we classify these children, how do we best care for them while they are in our custody? Fort Drum in Watertown was set aside as a shelter option, but the questions it raised remain.
Because the number of children from Central America recently arriving without parents or immigration papers has far surpassed predictions (doubling each year since 2011), the pre-existing detention shelters, mostly along the southern border, are packed to the gills: There is not nearly enough space for the more than 52,000 children who have arrived since October. As the government figures out what to do with all of these children, horrifying photos of unsanitary, unsafe, and inhumane conditions in the cramped facilities have surfaced. In a coordinated effort between FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services, the government is scrambling to find adequate facilities wherever it can. 
Though most often apprehended along the southern border, unaccompanied minors are often headed to live with family members or friends throughout the U.S., from Chicago to New York to San Francisco to Omaha to Atlanta. (In addition to being a journalist, I work at a high school for immigrant youth in Oakland, California, where dozens of unaccompanied minors are temporarily reunited with family members while awaiting their day in immigration court.) That their housing facilities would also be located outside the border regions makes sense in terms of resource allocationthere are only so many empty air force bases in the Rio Grande Valleybut it is deeply troubling to many Americans, as if the further inside the U.S. we detain the children, the more likely it is they’ll stay here for good. 
Predictably, the proposal to house child migrants in Watertown sparked local outrage. From the Watertown Daily Times: “Turn the planes south and land them in Central American countries where these kids came from so we can reunite them with their parents. Who by the way are ultimately responsible for their well being … not the U.S. taxpayer.” And: “I say bus the illegal aliens to the boarder [sic] with a gal of water and have them cross back over where the belong.” The preemptive protest echoed the response in Murietta, California, where protesters blockaded a bus carrying unaccompanied children from Texas to detention facilities in Southern California. The protestors, urged on by their mayor, held up signs reading “return to sender.” Such reactions, of course, are overblown; all of these children will enter immediately into deportation proceedings, and there are even some proposals that would deport them before any appearance in court. But the underlying anxietyjust what should we do with these children while they are in our careis well founded. Even FEMA seems to be struggling to come up with a viable response to that concern. 
In recent weeks, FEMA representatives have sent mass emails to advocacy networks throughout the country soliciting potential detention facilities and offering guidelines for acceptable spaces. The guidelines include being “Within 50 miles of major city (Pop ~200K)/airport; available for lease; able to be fenced or have adequate security.” Showers and toilets are preferable, according to the guidelines, but not necessaryso long as there is outdoor space for “staging areas for shower/restroom/laundry/kitchen trailers, etc.” Also preferred but not necessary, according to the email, is a kitchen, a cafeteria, recreational space, and classroom space. Suggestions for potentially workable locations? “Office space, warehouse, big box store, shopping mall with interior concourse, event venues, hotel or dorms, aircraft hangers”provided that they are vacant and able to be leased.
Since the failures of Hurricane Katrina, faith in FEMA to adequately respond to large-scale crisis situations has remained shaky at best. These pleas for empty big box stores do not restore much confidence. According to a press statement from the American Red Cross, at the “urgent request of the federal government,” the Red Cross is providing “blankets and hygiene kits to U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Texas, and is providing assistance in Nogales, Arizona, with contacting and placing phone calls to the children’s families.” Red Cross representatives declined to comment about whether the organization is able, or would like to, offer more assistance to FEMAsuch as setting up emergency tent shelters along the border, like they do in disaster zones around the globe, while FEMA secures indoor facilities. 
The U.N. High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), has also been a part of discussions, according to Leslie Velez, Senior Protection Officer at the UNHCR. But according to Velez, the U.S. likely wont need active help from the U.N. “The U.S. has a good system in place already,” she says. While a lot of national energy and attention is being focused on the large detention facilities, she explains, the U.S. is an international model for alternatives to detention for minorssuch as foster care arrangements or release to family members pending removal proceedings. The problem, she says, is really one of resources: You need staff to be able to arrange and monitor these non-detention settings. “For those allowed access, the U.S. system to care and process unaccompanied children is actually well designed, but it’s incredibly under-resourced, and has been for years," Velez says. A lot is riding on how this system is used in the coming weeks and months.  “It’s really important that the U.S. continues to get this right because it’s a model for the rest of world.”
Lauren Markham writes about youth, migration, and the environment. Her work has been featured in the Virginia Quarterly Review, Guernica, Orion, Vice, and on “This American Life.”

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Obama Placing Future Jihadi Terrorists at Strategic Locations Throughout USA

Every day the invasion of America continues.
The necessity to global government is of course open borders; destroying America is just an added bonus for the enemies of liberty


Tea Party

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14 Reasons Obama Is Lying When He Claims The World Is ‘More Stable’ And ‘Less Violent’ Than Ever


With a straight face, Barack Obama has been repeatedly telling us that the world is "more stable" and "less violent" than ever.   
In fact, he believes that this is the best time in history to be alive because of how peaceful and stable everything is.  And of course Obama is more than happy to take credit for his role in bringing all of this "stability" about.
Just this week, his press secretary told the media that this administration has "substantially improved" the "tranquility of the global community".  Apparently these guys don't think that we will notice all of the violence, war and terrorism constantly raging all around us.  It would be wonderful if the planet actually was becoming a more peaceful place, but instead the exact opposite is happening.  The world is becoming increasingly unstable, and if we aren't really careful we could see World War III break out before too long. But if you listen to Obama, he makes it sound like we are living in an emerging global utopia.  The following is an excerpt from remarks that he made during a White House event in June...
[T]he truth of the matter is that for all the challenges we face, all the problems that we have, if you had to be — if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history, not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you’d choose this time. The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been.
You can watch video of him making those remarks below...

And as I mentioned above, a similar statement was made by White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Monday...
"I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, uh, you know, the – the tranquility of the global community."
In addition, posted below is video of Obama declaring that the world is "more stable" than it was five years previously during a speech to the United Nations last year...

It would be great if all of this stuff was actually true.  But I think that at this point not even Obama believes half the things that are coming out of his mouth.  He has told dozens of major lies while he has been in the White House, and the following are 14 reasons why Obama is lying when he claims that the world is "more stable" and "less violent" than ever...
#1 The downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has brought Ukraine and Russia even closer to the brink of war.  The government in Kiev is blaming Russia and Russia is blaming the government in Kiev.  But Barack Obama does not seem too concerned about it.  During a speech on Thursday, he spent a mere 40 seconds addressing the downing of the plane before he began a 16 minute speech in which he told numerous jokes.
#2 If it wasn't for revolutionary Ukrainian groups funded by George Soros and the U.S. government (among others), the Ukrainian government may never have been violently overthrown and there might not have been a civil war in Ukraine at all.
#3 Relations between the United States and Russia are the worst that they have been since the end of the Cold War, and the economic sanctions that Obama just slapped on Russia are not going to help matters any.
#4 Israel has just launched a major ground offensive in Gaza, and many fear that a full-blown regional war in the Middle East could erupt at any moment.
#5 The civil war in Syria has been raging for several years now.  Thanks to the United States and Saudi Arabia, those seeking to bring down the Syrian government are very well armed.
#6 The civil war in Iraq continues to get even worse.  ISIS has already captured vast stretches of Iraqi territory and they are using American weapons to do it.
#7 The Kurds claim that ISIS is now using chemical weapons against them.  If this is true, it is really, really troubling news.
#8 The Iraqi government has told the United Nations that ISIS was able to steal 88 pounds of uranium from Mosul University.  Some experts are concerned that they may be able to use this material to create a dirty bomb (or worse).
#9 Barack Obama told us that we were "liberating" Libya, but instead we just transformed it into a war-torn wasteland that is constantly being fought over by warring militia groups.  Just this week, one of those militia groups launched a devastating attack on the main airport in Tripoli.  And the horrible fighting in Libya has spilled over into other nearby countries in North Africa such as Mali.
#10 Relations between the United States and Germany are at the lowest point that they have been since the end of World War II.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel was so furious when one U.S. spy was discovered recently that she expelled the top U.S. intelligence official from the country.  But Germany is far from alone.  The truth is that most of the rest of the world is sick and tired of our "Big Brother" behavior.
#11 Islamic terror group Boko Haram continues to cause havoc all over Nigeria.  The following is from a news report about an incident that happened earlier this week...
Suspected members of the deadly Boko Haram Islamic sect on Monday attacked Dille village in Borno State, killed 45 people and torched several houses and shops and forced many people to flee into nearby hills for safety. The terrorists, it was gathered, came in a convoy of over 20 vehicles and motorcycles. According to one of the villagers, Njimtiku Papka, who spoke to journalists in Maiduguri on the phone, the terrorists on arriving the village started shooting indiscriminately at everyone in sight.
#12 The ongoing civil war in the Central African Republic has forced hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes.
#13 There is horrible fighting going on inside Somalia right now...
A fierce and violent conflict erupted on the outskirts of Qoryoley district in Lower Shabelle between joint African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops and Somali National Army soldiers (SNA) against Al-Shabaab. The terrorist insurgents attacked an SNA and AMISOM military sitting in the town just outside Qoryoley when the battle initiated. Locals have reported to Shabelle that the fight also affected towns in the district like Maanyo Mudug, Farhanle and Abdi Ali.
#14 Things are not even stable in North America.  Horrific gang violence and warring between drug cartels in Central America and Mexico has been one of the factors that has caused millions of illegal immigrants to come pouring toward the United States.  Today, Honduras has the highest murder rate on the entire planet, and the Mexican drug war has claimed more than 120,000 lives since 2006.
Of course this is just a partial list.  The truth is that there are dozens of other conflicts that are happening all over the globe right now that could be added to this list.
So what would you add to this list? 

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New Obama Rule Could Force Cities to House Illegals

Cities that accept community development block grants could be susceptible to federal meddling in local zoning laws under a new HUD rule proposed by the Obama administration
Is it just me, or does it seem like Obama and his cronies very possibly started putting their ducks in a row by planning where all of their beloved illegals would live, at least a year before their manufactured crisis of their border invasion?   -W.E.


The Obama administration, in July 2013, quietly introduced a new regulation that critics say will dramatically increase Washington’s power over local zoning laws in every U.S. city and town that accepts federal block grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
Some are calling it the “Common Core of local zoning” that has flown under the radar for nearly a year. Instead of the U.S. Department of Education dictating education standards to local school districts, this rule change would allow HUD to influence zoning laws from the biggest cities down to the tiniest towns.
The proposed rule, which is set to take effect in October, would put teeth on the Fair Housing Act of 1968 by providing a set of standards, guidelines and goals, then use data to “measure” and “assess” how well a local community is meeting its Fair Housing obligations.
Some say the new rule will lead to “racial quotas” and will be exploited by HUD to aggressively absorb the nation’s swelling population of illegal immigrants into communities that are trying to keep them out.
HUD’s proposed “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule” showed up in the Federal Register on July 19, 2013. The rule has the backing of special-interest groups that promote open borders. One such group, with close ties to President Obama, is the Council of La Raza, which filed a public comment in favor of the rule.
La Raza said most illegal immigrants don’t know their rights and “fear deportation,” thus making them susceptible to housing discrimination.
Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., defined the proposed rule in stark terms, saying it would lead to racial quotas and amounts to an “assault on the suburbs.”
He authored an amendment passed in the House of Representatives last month that would prohibit HUD from implementing the rule. The amendment was successfully attached to the Transportation, HUD and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for the 2015 fiscal year. A version of the bill has now been introduced in the Senate by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. But with that body controlled by Democrats, Lee faces an uphill battle.
Gosar told WND Thursday he was encouraged that Lee had taken up the challenge.
“The proposed HUD Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule is another federal government mandate forced on the American people by an ideological administration looking to design a misguided utopian vision of local communities across the country,” Gosar said.
‘Free money’ with a catch
City and town councils are already starting to see HUD contracts related to block grants showing up in their agenda packets, most likely as part of the five-year consolidated plan for fair housing, which the feds require every city to adopt in order to keep getting the block grants. Many of the local councils will rubber stamp the agreements without ever knowing what’s in them, said Robert Romano, senior editor at Americans for Limited Government.
“It’s free money, right?” Romano said of HUD’s community development block grants. “Don’t consider what the strings attached are, don’t ask questions.”
He told WND that, starting in October, the rule will allow HUD “to come in and rezone an entire area” that doesn’t include enough affordable housing for a family that falls into any of HUD’s protected statuses based on race, religion, or national origin.
Romano said he sees the rule as “clearly unconstitutional” because the U.S. Constitution grants no power to the federal government over local city planning or zoning matters.
“La Raza is in favor of it so it looks like a plan to move illegals into peoples’ communities, against their will,” Romano said. “It also allows (the feds) to gerrymander for political purposes. It’s a way to get around whatever Republican gerrymandering had gone on after the 2010 election cycle. If they are doing this for low-income or disadvantaged purposes, well, what does that tell you? Low income tends to vote for Democrats.”
Obama slathers open borders lobby with cash
La Raza has raked in tens of millions of taxpayer dollars over the years with a big increase coming after one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House. Last summer, a Judicial Watch investigation uncovered government documents that show La Raza’s federal funding more than doubled the year its one-time senior vice president, Cecilia Muñoz, joined the Obama administration, first as White House director of intergovernmental affairs and then as director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.
La Raza’s government cash boomed from $4.1 million to $11 million, according the internal documents obtained in Judicial Watch’s probe.
That type of incestuous activity is what Tom Fitton wrote about in his New York Times best-selling book, “The Corruption Chronicles.”
Fitton, president of Washington, D.C.-based Judicial Watch, said the new HUD regulation is yet another way for the Obama administration to divide communities along racial lines for its own political benefit.
“It’s classic Obama, Chicago-style, ACORN-style community organizing applied at large across the country,” he said. “The way it’s designed, it’s a dream regulation for the racial grievance industry. Basically, it empowers divisive groups like La Raza. It incorporates every liberal fantasy about the way American communities ought to organize themselves.”
Under these regulations, “You’d have the feds opining and complaining about where supermarkets are located. And it seems to incorporate the fraudulent ‘disparate impact theory,’ where it suggests that essentially race-neutral regulations will be seen as discriminatory if the impact is disparate along racial or other lines,” Fitton continued.
Disparate impact is a legal doctrine employed by the Fair Housing Act that says any policy can be determined discriminatory if it has a ‘disproportionate adverse impact’ against any minority group.
“The way it would work, any zoning that would have a disparate impact on immigrant communities, despite their being based on sensible reflection of good faith and people just wanting to make sure their communities are protected, would be impacted by these regulations,” Fitton said.
For example, if a city’s zoning laws favor home ownership as opposed to renting or favor single-family homes over multifamily apartments, it would be susceptible to allegations of a disparate impact on minorities. That could trigger a lawsuit, which then forces a zoning change and construction of new Section 8, government-subsidized apartments in middle-class suburban neighborhoods.
It’s already happening in Westchester County, New York, where a federal judge ruled recently that the county never met its obligation to “affirmatively further fair housing” after accepting $50 million of federal grants.
Westchester was sued by the Anti-Discrimination Center and the court found that the county failed to conduct studies that would have shown “race-based impediments” to affordable housing. This case will be used to send a message to the rest of the nation’s cities and counties, Romano believes. Basically, if a city has suburban areas that are deemed “too white” by HUD’s standards, they’ll be sued.
“Westchester’s their model for the country,” Romano said.
Fitton also predicts an upswing in lawsuits if the rule goes into effect as planned on Oct. 1.
“You’ll see lawsuits from groups like La Raza,” Fitton said. “It empowers the left to influence basic zoning rules. I don’t see a direct method of rewriting laws. But it’s the sort of thing that helps generate litigation.”
“It’s couched as voluntary when, in the end, everyone falls in line,” he said, “by dangling the (grant) money and suggesting that you are outside the law if you don’t comply. It’s an ideological regulation that fits perfectly with the president’s campaign promise, which he is keeping, to transform America.
“They pretend its all about numbers and measurements and just reporting data, it’s not about that,” Fitton continued. “It’s about changing the way people live, changing zoning laws, and putting in an extreme ideological agenda, a divisive ideological agenda, through regulation. We’ve seen it time and time again. We’ve seen it most recently in Eric Holder’s comments (about ‘racial animus’ among those protesting illegal immigration). This administration is run by people who have a deep seeded racial resentment.”
HUD’s public affairs office did not respond Thursday to a request for comment on the new rule.
‘Measure and monitor’ every community
According to HUD’s own website, block grant recipients under the rule would be “required to sign a certification to affirmatively further fair housing.” As part of the city’s consolidated plan, these recipients are required to undertake fair housing planning, which consists of “an Analysis of Impediments (AI) to fair housing choice” as well as “actions to cover the effects of the identified impediments” and “maintenance of records to support the affirmatively furthering fair housing certification.”
Cities would be forced to implement “new measuring tools” and do new assessments showing how well they are “affirmatively furthering fair housing.”
Romano wrote in a recent blog, “It’s not enough to arbitrarily implement amnesty — whether through refusal to enforce existing law or congressional action — the federal government wants to draw the maps of where the new residents will live, forcing local communities to make room whether they like it or not.”
While the benefits of the new regulation to Democrats would seem obvious, the vote to kill the rule in the Republican-controlled House was surprisingly close at 219 to 207.
“Establishment politicians of both parties, especially those in the Republican Party, you use the phrase ‘fair housing,’ and they run for the hills,” Fitton told WND. “It’s an agenda that usually has nothing to do with fair housing, it’s a government power grab. That’s the clear and present danger of a regulation like this. It would have the practical impact that it could lead to the federalization of all zoning laws.”
 UPDATE: Americans for Limited Government has posted an “action alert” asking Americans to contact their U.S. senators and ask them to defund the Obama HUD rule before it takes effect on Oct. 1.

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Crazy Harry Reid Claims 'The Border is Secure' (Video)

The really frightening thing is that people, and apparently a lot of them, voted for Dirty Harry. 

REPRISE: Many of You Will Not Believe Some of the Things Americans Are Doing Just to Survive

This is from an earlier article I posted back in 2012, but the facts haven't changed.  We won't find most of this on the evening news.  I hope you have time to read and watch, and if God so directs, to help. 
- W.E. 7-15-14

Economic Collapse

You might not want to read this article if you have a weak stomach.  

Most Americans have absolutely no idea what is going on in the dark corners of America, and when people find out the truth it can come as quite a shock.  
Many of you will not believe some of the things Americans are doing just to survive.  
Some families are living in sewers and drain tunnels, some families are living in tents, some families are living in their cars, some families will make ketchup soup for dinner tonight and some families are even eating rats.  Some homeless shelters in America are so overloaded that they are actually sending people out to live in the woods.  
As you read this, there are close to 50 million Americans that are living below the poverty line, and that number rises a little bit more every single day.  
America was once known as the greatest nation on earth, but now there is decay and economic despair almost everywhere you look.  Yes, money certainly cannot buy happiness, but the lack of it sure can bring a lot of pain.  As the economy continues to decline, the suffering that we see all around us is going to get a lot worse, and that is a very frightening thing to think about.

The following is a half hour documentary produced by the BBC entitled "Poor America".  Trust me, this is a must watch.  Your heart will break as you hear some American children talk about what they have to do for food....

Wasn't that video absolutely mind blowing?

Those of us that still live comfortably are often completely unaware of what life is like out on the streets of America at this point.

There are millions upon millions of Americans that have lost all hope and that are living on the very edge of life and death.

And more join the ranks of the hopeless with each passing day. This upcoming weekend approximately 80,000 people in the state of Michigan will lose their unemployment benefits.

So what are those people going to do after that?

They have already been unable to find work month after month. Their savings are most certainly gone. Now the only money they had coming in is going to be eliminated.

Yes, I have written many times about how the U.S. government is absolutely drowning in debt and cannot afford to be giving out so much money. My point here is to show the other side of the equation. There are millions upon millions of Americans that are barely hanging on and there are no jobs for them. The suffering that those families are going through is very real.

Millions of other families are trying to get by on the incomes they pull in from part-time jobs. According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that are working part-time jobs but that would like full-time jobs is now higher than it has been at any other time in the last two years. The number of the "working poor" just continues to increase, but most Americans don't have much sympathy for them because they "have jobs".

Well, when you are making 8 bucks an hour it can be incredibly tough to make it from month to month.

Just look at how much it costs to buy the basic things that we need.

Without gasoline, most of us would not even be able to get to our jobs. The price of gasoline has increased 83 percent since Barack Obama first took office, and it is poised to soar even higher. Right now, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is $3.51. Never before has the average price of gas gone above $3.50 so early in the year. Many believe that we could set a new all-time record this summer.

But last year was bad enough. In 2011, the average American family spent over $4,000 on gasoline.

So when you are making just a few hundred dollars per week, it can be a massive struggle just to put gas in your car and food on the table.

The article that I wrote the other day about the decline of Detroit really struck a nerve. All over America, people can see similar things happening to their own neighborhoods. People are scared and they want some answers.

Well, the truth is that we should have never allowed tens of thousands of businesses, millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of our national wealth to be shipped out of the country.

Just check out this stunning photo which compares the decline of Detroit to the rise of Shanghai, China.

Do you think that it is just a coincidence that Detroit is falling apart and that cities in China look sparkly and new?

No, the truth is that it is a natural consequence of our foolish economic policies.

There are hundreds of communities all over the country where third world conditions are setting in. For example, the following is how one blogger describes what life is like in a decaying suburb of Phoenix called Maryville....

Crime and gangs are widespread. Most houses have either fallen into disrepair, or been remade with outside walls sporting spikes and ironwork. Many of the front lawns are now just dirt (or worse, gravel), the pools green and lethal.

Now we stand on the precipice of another major global financial crisis. Economic conditions in America are going to become significantly worse. The politicians in Washington D.C. may make sure that the boys and girls on Wall Street are always taken care of, but there will be no bailouts for the large numbers of Americans that are about to lose their jobs and their homes.

If you want an idea of what is coming, just look at what is happening in Greece. 25 percent of the businesses have shut down, one-third of all money has been pulled out of Greek bank accounts and unemployment and poverty are absolutely rampant.

For years, a lot of prominent voices out there were screaming and yelling about the dangers posed by our soaring trade deficits and our soaring budget deficits.

But the American people did not listen. They just kept sending the same politicians back to Washington D.C. over and over.

As a result, soon millions of those same Americans will find themselves doing things that they never dreamed that they would do just to survive.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whistleblower: Ultimate Goal of NSA is Total Population Control

William Binney testifies before a German inquiry into surveillance. Photograph: Getty Images
Whistleblower Binney is exactly correct, "total population control" is the end game.  And I can also tell you from the authority of scripture, that in due time, it will occur.  
To achieve total population control what is needed is not more camera's, not more ways to watch and listen to each of us.  The technology to control every financial transaction and thus, our ability to buy and sell will not only do the trick, but it has long been predicted:  

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  - Revelation 13:16-17

These are the days that we live in.  -W.E.


At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US, says whistleblower William Binney – that's a 'totalitarian mentality'

William Binney is one of the highest-level whistleblowers to ever emerge from the NSA. He was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War but resigned soon after September 11, disgusted by Washington’s move towards mass surveillance.
On 5 July he spoke at a conference in London organised by the Centre for Investigative Journalism and revealed the extent of the surveillance programs unleashed by the Bush and Obama administrations.
“At least 80% of fibre-optic cables globally go via the US”, Binney said. “This is no accident and allows the US to view all communication coming in. At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US. The NSA lies about what it stores.”
The NSA will soon be able to collect 966 exabytes a year, the total of internet traffic annually. Former Google head Eric Schmidt once argued that the entire amount of knowledge from the beginning of humankind until 2003 amount to only five exabytes.
Binney, who featured in a 2012 short film by Oscar-nominated US film-maker Laura Poitras, described a future where surveillance is ubiquitous and government intrusion unlimited.
“The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”, Binney said, “but I’m a little optimistic with some recent Supreme Court decisions, such as law enforcement mostly now needing a warrant before searching a smartphone.”
He praised the revelations and bravery of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and told me that he had indirect contact with a number of other NSA employees who felt disgusted with the agency’s work. They’re keen to speak out but fear retribution and exile, not unlike Snowden himself, who is likely to remain there for some time.
Unlike Snowden, Binney didn’t take any documents with him when he left the NSA. He now says that hard evidence of illegal spying would have been invaluable. The latest Snowden leaks, featured in the Washington Post, detail private conversations of average Americans with no connection to extremism.
It shows that the NSA is not just pursuing terrorism, as it claims, but ordinary citizens going about their daily communications. “The NSA is mass-collecting on everyone”, Binney said, “and it’s said to be about terrorism but inside the US it has stopped zero attacks.”
The lack of official oversight is one of Binney’s key concerns, particularly of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Fisa), which is held out by NSA defenders as a sign of the surveillance scheme's constitutionality.
“The Fisa court has only the government’s point of view”, he argued. “There are no other views for the judges to consider. There have been at least 15-20 trillion constitutional violations for US domestic audiences and you can double that globally.”
A Fisa court in 2010 allowed the NSA to spy on 193 countries around the world, plus the World Bank, though there’s evidence that even the nations the US isn’t supposed to monitor – Five Eyes allies Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – aren’t immune from being spied on. It’s why encryption is today so essential to transmit information safely.
Binney recently told the German NSA inquiry committee that his former employer had a “totalitarian mentality” that was the "greatest threat" to US society since that country’s US Civil War in the 19th century. Despite this remarkable power, Binney still mocked the NSA’s failures, including missing this year’s Russian intervention in Ukraine and the Islamic State’s take-over of Iraq.
The era of mass surveillance has gone from the fringes of public debate to the mainstream, where it belongs. The Pew Research Centre released a report this month, Digital Life in 2025, that predicted worsening state control and censorship, reduced public trust, and increased commercialisation of every aspect of web culture.
It’s not just internet experts warning about the internet’s colonisation by state and corporate power. One of Europe’s leading web creators, Lena Thiele, presented her stunning series Netwars in London on the threat of cyber warfare. She showed how easy it is for governments and corporations to capture our personal information without us even realising.
Thiele said that the US budget for cyber security was US$67 billion in 2013 and will double by 2016. Much of this money is wasted and doesn't protect online infrastructure. This fact doesn’t worry the multinationals making a killing from the gross exaggeration of fear that permeates the public domain.
Wikileaks understands this reality better than most. Founder Julian Assange and investigative editor Sarah Harrison both remain in legal limbo. I spent time with Assange in his current home at the Ecuadorian embassy in London last week, where he continues to work, release leaks, and fight various legal battles. He hopes to resolve his predicament soon.
At the Centre for Investigative Journalism conference, Harrison stressed the importance of journalists who work with technologists to best report the NSA stories. “It’s no accident”, she said, “that some of the best stories on the NSA are in Germany, where there’s technical assistance from people like Jacob Appelbaum.”
A core Wikileaks belief, she stressed, is releasing all documents in their entirety, something the group criticised the news site The Intercept for not doing on a recent story. “The full archive should always be published”, Harrison said.
With 8m documents on its website after years of leaking, the importance of publishing and maintaining source documents for the media, general public and court cases can’t be under-estimated. “I see Wikileaks as a library”, Assange said. “We’re the librarians who can’t say no.”
With evidence that there could be a second NSA leaker, the time for more aggressive reporting is now. As Binney said: “I call people who are covering up NSA crimes traitors”.