Thursday, December 8, 2016

Recount Uncovers Serious Fraud in Detroit


There’s something fishy going on in Michigan, where a full one-third of precincts in Wayne County – which includes Detroit – were unable to have ballots counted due to discrepancies with ballot counts.

And one person reports single ballots being counted as many as six times.

On Wednesday, a federal just halted Michigan’s recount after two days of ballot counting, saying there’s not a legitimate reason to continue. After all, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who asked for the recount – suggesting the possibility of vote fraud and stating, “We must have a system we can be confident in” – never even had a chance of winning with just 1 percent of the vote.

But the judge’s decision came just after news reports began surfacing of possible vote fraud.

The worst of the problems were in Wayne County, Michigan’s largest county, where 66 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and just 29 percent for Donald Trump.

There was such a problem, the Detroit News reported, “[O]fficials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month.” 
The Detroit paper continued, “Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.”

Michigan’s state law says if a precinct’s poll books don’t match its ballots, then the original election results must stand.

“It’s not good,” Detroit Elections Director Daniel Baxter told the Detroit News Tuesday, before the judge halted the recount.

“He blamed the discrepancies on the city’s decade-old voting machines, saying 87 optical scanners broke on Election Day,” the newspaper reported. “Many jammed when voters fed ballots into scanners, which can result in erroneous vote counts if ballots are inserted multiple times. Poll workers are supposed to adjust counters to reflect a single vote but in many cases failed to do so, causing the discrepancies, Baxter said. …

“County reports obtained by The Detroit News, though, indicate canvassers were provided no explanation for why the numbers didn’t add up in those precincts. They certified the results of the election anyway.”

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On Election Day, Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes. The Detroit News noted that Clinton’s best hope of eliminating Trump’s margin was in finding undocumented ballots in Wayne County.

“If I were looking for 10,000 votes, the first place I’d look is Wayne County,” Democrat activist Ernest Johnson said.

The following is a blown-up portion of the New York Times’ map of presidential election results, by county:

A New York Times map of Michigan's counties shows Wayne County and Washtenaw County most heavily favored Hillary Clinton

A New York Times map of Michigan’s counties shows Wayne County and Washtenaw County most heavily favored Hillary Clinton

As for other counties, none had as many issues as Wayne County, but 13 precincts in Genesee County weren’t balanced. At least half of them were in Flint, a Democrat stronghold.

As for voting machine issues, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft isn’t buying Baxter’s explanation.
Once they started the Michigan recount in earnest, and knowing he would be exposed, the Detroit City Clerk Daniel Baxter all of a sudden started claiming that the optical scanners which read the paper ballots did not work the day of the election. Baxter blamed the discrepancies on decade-old voting machines. That is his cover story. Nothing like this was mentioned until he realized their voting fraud scheme would be detected.
Baxter’s claim is that, when trying to push the ballots through the readers, the ballots would be stuck and they’d have to push them through again thus ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ resulting in a double count. He says the poll workers sometimes ‘FORGET’ to adjust the machine count and instead let the ballot count twice.
Of course, that’s COMPLETELY BULLSH-T.
In fact, some votes may have been counted as many as six times.

Ken Crider, a 2014 Republican candidate for District 19 of the Michigan House of Representatives, said he watched the recount effort in Cobo Hall in Detroit with his wife, Penny. In a Facebook post Tuesday, he claimed to have witnessed some serious ballot discrepancies.

Crider wrote:
MUST READ! Penny Crider and I just got back from helping watch the recount at Cobo Hall in Detroit. On Nov. 8th (Election Day) the election officials at 8:00 p.m. shut down the polls. They then reconciled the differences from the machine count and the voter count on the computer. At this point, a Metal tag/seal with a serial number is put on the box and the box was taken away.
Penny’s precinct, Detroit Precinct #152 had an unbroken seal and everything looked proper. The tag on the box said 306 and the book said 306 and the ticket said 306, so there should be 306 paper ballots on the box, right. Well when they pulled out the ballots the stack seemed short and when they finished separating the two page ballot to count the Presidential page only guess how many ballots were in the box? 304 no, 299 nope, 200 nada, how about 100 wrong again. There were only exactly 50 paper ballots in a locked sealed box that again was supposed to have 306. HMMMM.
Oh I forgot to add, since there was a discrepancy in the two numbers, the original count stands.
One more thing my precinct (sorry I forgot the number), had 525 votes on the book, tag and ticket and we counted 525 ballots the election official was praising the Lord “Hallelujah we have a countable precinct” Jill Stein had three (3) votes.
Hoft declared, “It looks like Detroit counts each vote more than SIX TIMES! No wonder they get such high turnout rates!”
In August, WND reported when an explosive undercover video showed how startlingly simple it was for anyone to commit voter fraud in Michigan – even when the voter provided no I.D. and falsely assumed the identity of a well-known columnist. 
The undercover footage was released by Project Veritas founder and pioneering investigative reporter James O’Keefe, who visited a polling location in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham.

O’Keefe requested a ballot for Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson. At the location, workers requested O’Keefe’s name, address and driver’s license.

“Oh, you do need a license?” O’Keefe asks. “I don’t actually have my wallet with me. I lost it over the weekend hunting. My license fell out of my pocket.”

He added, “I didn’t know I needed an I.D.”

“You do,” said the poll worker, who asked, “What’s your address?”

O’Keefe obviously provided an incorrect address, and the poll worker was puzzled because O’Keefe said he lived on “Marietta” rather than “Henrietta.”

Project Veritas founder and pioneering investigative reporter James O'Keefe tries to obtain the ballot of Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson in Michigan (Photo: Screenshot)
Project Veritas founder and pioneering investigative reporter James O’Keefe tries to obtain the ballot of Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson in Michigan (Photo: Screenshot)

The female poll worker called Birmingham, Michigan, city clerk Laura Pierce for instructions on what to do about a voter with no I.D.

James O’Keefe shows what happens when a young citizen journalist challenges some of America’s most powerful and protected organizations. Get his hard-hitting book, “Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla war to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy” – at the WND Superstore!

The worker told O’Keefe: “So you have to fill out the front, and do the back. And then you can vote.”

“Do I need to get an I.D.?” he asks.

“No, vote,” she says, instructing him to simply sign an affidavit on the back “saying you are who you say you are.”

O’Keefe asks her: “If I don’t have a license, how do you guys know I am who I say I am?”
Watch the undercover video:

He then told the poll worker he is Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson.

She appeared skeptical as she asked, “You’re not, you’re Brian Dickerson?”

The worker explained, “So, if you come in and vote as Brian Dickerson, and another Brian Dickerson comes in, they can’t vote.”

Still doubtful, she asked, “Are you his son?”

“No, no, it’s Brian,” O’Keefe insisted.

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After he left the polling place, O’Keefe expressed his disbelief: “She kinda knew who Brian was, and she didn’t care. So that was interesting.”

In his next stop, O’Keefe dropped by the office of city clerk Laura Pierce, and he showed Pierce the footage of the polling location offering him a ballot for Brian Dickerson.

“You told her to vote, and this is the guy,” O’Keefe tells Pierce, pointing to the real Brian Dickerson. “I’m not that person.”

“Right, you aren’t,” she said. “And she knows you are not that person.”

As O’Keefe continues to explain, Pierce interrupts: “Excuse me, why are you recording this?”

She continued, “It’s election law. If you do not have a driver’s license with you, you can turn over the affidavit and complete the affidavit.”

Pierce claimed the incident wasn’t a case of voter fraud because “you did not get to the computer yet.”

The state’s system works, she insisted, adding, “I’m doing what I’m told.”

As WND reported, during the 2012 election, Project Veritas conducted a series of investigations in more than a dozen states “demonstrating the ease with which election fraud can be committed and legitimate voters can be disenfranchised.”

James O’Keefe shows what happens when a young citizen journalist challenges some of America’s most powerful and protected organizations. Get his hard-hitting book, “Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla war to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy” – at the WND Superstore!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Obama's Domestic Army -Inside Divided America

Many Americans have suffered with the fear during eight years of the Obama regime of Martial law being imposed and the very real rise of the Police State.  

Report: Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Nevada


Massive voter fraud in the 2016 Presidential election has been uncovered in Nevada.  Megan Barth from Newsmax said

WI GOP Lawmaker: Dems Are Stalling, Recount Will Not Be Completed, WISCONSIN WILL FORFEIT TRUMP VOTES

Communists have definitely interfered with "free" elections in America, and I don't mean Russia. 
It is happening before our very eyes for the whole world to see. 

We only need look at the Communist "Green Party" of which Jill Stein ran as President to understand their radical agenda.   And I do mean RADICAL.   Socialists are a threat to our Republic, and nothing speaks to this more than watching how they want to overturn the will of the People and interfere with the U.S. elections. 

The infection of "Progressives" ....a cover name for Socialism, are attacking American on every the media, inside the halls of Congress, through various NGO's....this is a clear and present danger.  


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Elite Media Plot New Censorship Regime

Now the media Elites are letting us know, for our protection of course, that they will be the arbiters of what is "real" news and what is "fake" news.  What is better than the NY Times, CNN and MSNBC allowing only their narrative to be "the truth"?  Can we possibly become any more Orwellian than this? 


Under the guise of suppressing “fake news,” the elite media and their allies are creating a censorship regime to ban legitimate conservative news from platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Anti-Trump Rabble-Rousers Expound Delusions of Grandeur (Video)

Millennial Millie

Anti-trump demonstrators continue to coddle baseless fears about President-Elect Donald Trump. These rabble-rousing alarmists warn onlookers that impending arrests of homosexuals, women and interracial married couples are just around the corner once Trump gets into power. Screaming meemies expound groundless accusations that Stephen Bannon and Trump’s transition team consists of homophobic anti-Semitic fascists hell bent on making America a hotbed for the KKK and white supremacy. Infowars reporters trigger protesters by simply asking pointed questions about their claims, chants, and list of demands. Police babysit communist flag waving agitators who block intersections and bringing traffic to a halt while howling delusions of grandeur.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Attention: Expect Obama To Run Dangerously Wild Until Inauguration Day (Video)

Let me just chime in that there is some real concern that Obama will give some sort of blanket amnesty to illegals, or at least to a portion of them via Presidential pardon.  To boot, the Terrorist-and-Chief has had many opportunities already to call for peace and for the rioters to be arrested, but true to form he will not even condemn the domestic terrorists that are wreaking havoc all over this nation.  Yes, perilous times indeed. -W.E.


Does anyone else remember how we had to listen Barack Obama whine and cry daily for the first four years of his presidency about how he "inherited" a horrible economy from President Bush?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Effective Campaign Of The Left To Manipulate The Masses (Continues)


Whereas at one point I was intensely in tune with politics in the USA, I have over the years become less so since making Aliyah (moving) to Israel.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hillary Supporter Holds ‘Rape Melania’ Sign at DC Protest in Front of Trump Hotel

Via twitter

Psychopaths do not need a voice in this nation, they need to be institutionalized.  The mob did not police itself, which is of course why they are a mob and not protestors. As far as we know, the sign holder was not even shamed. 
I can only imagine the outrage in the media if EVER there were such a sign at a Trump rally or a Tea Party protest reading "rape Michelle".  Of course true patriots would not have allowed it, and that person would have been shamed and run off quickly.
What would be interesting to learn is if this was a paid protestor meant to incite violence and to "nudge" Trump and the people of America of whom this is quite offensive. 
The Soros-lead Socialists behind much of these type of protests desperately want a revolution.  It is the communist way of change. 
For those reasons this is not only beyond the pale, not only illegal, not only disgusting but something that can literally cause those of us on the right to take to the streets in my opinion.  
Remember when the mainstream media tried diligently and relentlessly to try and find anything at all to accuse patriotic Americans as violent and racist?  Where are they now that the violence and racism is nightly displayed by the left?  Exactly.  We only hear crickets from the corporate media that inspires this type of behavior by labeling patriotic Americans as "racists".
Little doubt Obama would have called in the national guard quicker than he could say "gun control".  


Photos taken at an anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C., Saturday night show a man holding high above the crowd a sign that read in large black letters on a white background, “RAPE MELANIA”. 

Melania is the wife of President-Elect Donald Trump. The protest was held in front of the new Trump hotel that opened on Pennsylvania Avenue at the site of the Old Post Office Building.

According to the man who photographed the sign, who goes by the handle “Beck ‏@thereal_beck”, the ‘RAPE MELANIA” sign was held aloft without any reaction by the estimated one-hundred-fifty Hillary Clinton supporters protesting the election of Trump. It was not until a lone Trump supporter waded into the protest and confronted the man that he took down the sign and fled.
“DC Trump Protestor “Rape Melania””
“DC Protestor “Rape Melania””
The first two minutes of this Periscope video shows the eyewitness describing what he saw.
Other pro-Hillary protests against Trump this week have seen Trump effigies being lynched and torched while riots have broken out in several cities as part of the protests.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

ELECTION BACKLASH: Voters Rejected by American Anarchists

The people voted, and Donald Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton.

The next morning, Hillary Clinton gave her concession speech and said:

"Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power, and we don’t just respect that, we cherish it. "

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's Just the Beginning: What Hillary Supporters Did after Trump Won (Video)

There of course should be absolutely no gloating in my opinion on the Trump victory.  
But by the grace of God, their reaction of sadness could easily have been the reaction of Trump supporters.  
In addition we know all too well the feeling over the past two Obama victories and it isn't a pleasant one.  
But what you will see in the later part of this video is a media generated reaction because of the multitude of propaganda that has been told over and over again that Trump is a racist. You will recall that Hillary was never called out by the left for calling half of America a "basket of deplorables" and "irredeemable" which is now the normal media hypocrisy.

This is only a small sample, but undoubtedly this will grow- as the Left finances and encourages such radical behavior, especially with college youth and inner city youth.

If you have seen any news today in explaining the turnout at the polls, always included is how many blacks voted, how many whites, how many women, how many Hispanics, etc,etc. It's never about how American's voted, we are always divided into groups. Always. 
So much easier to divide us that way.  

The same old drumbeat of divide and conquer will beat on in the media, always seeking to create or exacerbate the manufactured racial divide in this nation. 

Trump will have his hands full, and very very soon. -W.E.

Warning: Strong Language

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