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Evidence of Voter Fraud in Alabama As Mobile County Results Come In Late


Judge Roy Moore is calling for all the votes to be counted in the Alabama Senate election, refusing to concede the race to Doug Jones even as the mainstream media declares a premature victory.

Moore is down 1.7 points and only needs to come within a half-point to spark a statewide recount. Absentee ballots from military service members have still not been counted. Mobile County, a heavily pro-Jones county, tabulated its votes later than the pro-Moore counties, and eventually gave Jones the lead.

The Alabama Supreme Court shot down a lower court ruling Tuesday requiring counties to preserve their digital voting records. Thus, the Supreme Court is allowing counties to destroy their voter records. The Moore legal team will need to jump on this development fast to protect those records.

Evidence of voter fraud exists in the election.

Democratic activists made a last-minute push to get out the vote against Roy Moore in Alabama by encouraging “African-Americans in Mississippi” to…

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