Sunday, September 21, 2014

What We Saw at the People's Climate March

What they call a "Climate March", I would call a commie, "useful idiot" convention, and boy were they on the loose today in New York!  Just sayin'. 


Hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of New York City today to call for more action to combat global warming, in what organizers are calling the largest climate change march in history. Kmele Foster, co-host of Fox Business' The Independents, was on the scene for Reason TV talking to the participants.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seven Minutes in September


It just does not stop:  
On thursday afternoon, I received seven emails in seven minutes, detailing dozens of cases of recent black mob violence all around the country. Many on video.
Let’s take a tour of seven minutes in September, starting in Cincinnati. A bus full of black students beat two sisters, on video, on the way home from school. A few days before that, another bus full of black people beat, then robbed a white man after a Labor Day party. Then they stole a bike. All the time laughing. All of it on high-definition video.
And every story, every YouTube video produces at least one person to say ‘oh yeah, that has been happening here a lot.’      
How about Dayton: Every six months city leaders put on the “Urban Nights” festival in an attempt to persuade the suburbanites the downtown is fun -- and safe. Every six months, large groups of black people disrupt the party with fighting, mayhem and property destruction.
Last weekend, even the chief of police had to break out the pepper spray to quell a disturbance at Urban Nights. Not to worry, regular large-scale fighting is not that big of a deal, says the chief. And, besides, said a local business leader, “the last thing we want is for people to say I’m not coming downtown.”
That is just about the most truth we can expect from business, political and media leaders in Dayton or anywhere else when it comes to black mob violence and how they minimize, ignore, and condone it.
The same email contained details about large-scale black mob violence that closed the Montgomery County fair just a few miles outside of Dayton just a few days before that. A group of black activists called the Street SoulJahz say they have the solution -- more programs to give the kids something to do.
Which is problematic because people involved in black mob violence always look like they are already having such a good time.
How about Antioch, in the San Francisco Bay area: Black mob violence involving hundreds of people at a local shopping center near a school is now so intense and so frequent that McDonald’s and Taco Bell are closing their doors when a nearby school lets out.
The police chief in Antioch said breaking up large-scale violence is not his job. After all, he said, the disturbance happened on private property, and that makes it the property owner’s job. Who said the school should take care of it? Who said the police were responsible …
And oh yeah: It’s been happening a long time. On video.
Said one scribe in the local press: “Since 2005 when volumes of Section 8 families moved to Antioch from Oakland and Richmond, the city suddenly became a dangerous city where not only at nights but at days we dare not to walk on streets or even parking lots without bringing a gun!! It is ridiculous!!”
An Oakland fireman recently said a white police officer detained him because of racism that makes white people feel “threatened by black people.” The day after his complaint, video from the cop’s camera showed the fireman was treated with deference and respect after the 40 seconds it took to eliminate him as a suspect in a burglary.
That was just one of at least three recent cases of false allegations of police racism and abuse, all caught on video, also in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon.
I get a lot of emails from England, like the one a few months ago where a London night club owner said regular and intense black mob violence was responsible for closing down his night club -- and 15 others over the last six months.
These are not the ‘pull up a stool and ask Charlie for a cold one’ kind of night clubs. Rather, these are the multi-story, glittering, upscale experiences where Puff Diddy or whatever his name is now will sell you a bottle of vodka for $150.
This latest episode of black mob violence was not that widespread, but more dramatic nonetheless: A black mob threatened police officers with violence as they tried to subdue a black suspect. One of the mob posted the video on his Facebook page with a message to his “New York homies” that police brutality against black people had now crossed the Atlantic. Judge for yourself: Its on video.
In Kansas City, Kansas, police spend more time at the schools than many of the students. In the latest video, a black student punches a girl in the face. Another student says violence is so widespread in this predominantly black school that now even the teachers are afraid.
And oh yeah, that has been happening there a long time.
In Brooklyn, a large group of black people fought, created mayhem and defied police outside the gleaming new Barclay’s Center.  No: I do not know what they were doing there other than hurling N-bombs at cops and laughing at the carnage. You figure it out: It's on video.
In Athens, Georgia on Wednesday, 60 black people fought each other, police and school officials. That’s about it, really, other than, oh yeah, its been happening there a long time.
In a St. Louis suburb, a large group of black people have been fighting, destroying property, creating mayhem and generally threatening the well-being of this otherwise safe and calm and quite middle-class neighborhood. The center of the mob’s attention: Basketball courts that residents now want to replace with shuffle board courts.
A black reporter dutifully asked a local politician if he is racist for even considering removing these recreational opportunities for under-served youth. He meekly answered no.
Also in St. Louis, in nearby Ferguson, the same school district that birthed the newest poster boy for the war on black people in America -- Michael Brown -- suspended 20 percent of the students in two black schools, including Brown’s alma mater, where they recently observed a minute of silence in his honor at a football game. The coach said he hoped it would restore normalcy to the school.
Last year, a reporter at the Fox affiliate talked with a teacher who described what normal looks like at Ferguson schools: Constant chaos. Constant violence, now spilling over in attacks on teachers. And oh yeah, that has been happening there a long time, said the reporter, as he rifled through a stack of papers documenting recent incidents.
But to the present, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was ready with an explanation for the recent bulk removal of black students from black classrooms in the soon to be re-named Michael Brown Memorial High School (OK, I made up that part) in Ferguson: The white teachers were to blame.
“Many new teachers are white and previously taught in more affluent suburban schools,” explained the paper. “Some are struggling to connect with their students, most of whom are black and come from impoverished backgrounds.”
The penalty for not “connecting” is taunting, harassment and violence so bad that many white teachers quit St. Louis-area schools after the first day of classes.
And oh yeah, that’s been happening there a long time -- with many cases documented in that scintillating bestseller: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.
Finally in Ferguson, hundreds of black people showed up at a city council meeting to accuse white public officials of racism. And to demand the indictment and conviction of the white police officer who shot Michael Brown.
And if that did not happen, they promised there would be more black mob violence, even greater than before.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Terrorists at the Border


Matthew Vadum is an award-winning investigative reporter and the author of the book, "Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers."

A Democratic congressman tried to use the might of the federal government to crush an investigation into reports that an Islamic terrorist group is using the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez as a base for launching an attack on the U.S. using car bombs or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs).  
The Islamofascist group in question is the extraordinarily brutal Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) that has been conquering swathes of the Middle East with the long-term goal of establishing an Islamic Caliphate. (ISIS is also known as the Islamic State group and by the Obama-preferred acronym ISIL, which stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.)
U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke of El Paso, Texas, contacted the local offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) “in an effort to identify—and evidently intimidate—sources that may have been used by” Judicial Watch, federal law enforcement sources told the  nonprofit good-government group.
Judicial Watch, which has been legally recognized by the courts as a media outlet, reported on the terrorist conspiracy on August 29. Citing high-level federal law enforcement, intelligence, and other sources, the group reported that the federal government was bracing for an imminent terrorist attack on the southern U.S. border.
Agents in the departments of Homeland Security, Defense, and Justice are all reportedly on alert and have been directed “to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat,” Judicial Watch reports.
O’Rourke’s office denies wrongdoing, but according to Judicial Watch the congressman’s telephone calls were followed by “a memo that came down through the chain of command threatening to terminate or criminally charge any agent who speaks to media of any kind.”
According to the Obama administration, Islamic terrorists are not operating in Ciudad Juarez. But the administration isn’t known for truth-telling. The White House has long downplayed the wave of violent crime, much of it committed by drug cartels, that rages along the U.S.-Mexico border.
The U.S. Border Patrol instructed its officers to steer clear of the most crime-infested portions of the border because they’re “too dangerous” and patrolling them could lead to an “international incident” involving a cross-border shooting, Judicial Watch previously reported.
Yet a parade of Democratic politicians including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have declared the southern border to be secure despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
In addition to being soft on immigration and national security issues, left-wing lawmakers also don’t like being exposed by reporters.In the Obama era Democratic politicians have a habit of punishing pesky journalists for doing their jobs. Many suspect the Obama White House played a decisive role in investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s abrupt departure from CBS News this past March after several of her news stories proved embarrassing to the administration.
Eric Holder’s Justice Department cracked down on investigative reporter Matthew Boyle, compounding its wrongdoing by unethically coordinating with the George Soros-funded character assassins at Media Matters for America.
And the Obama administration, in the words of CNN’s Jake Tapper, has used “the Espionage Act to go after whistleblowers who leaked to journalists … more than all previous administrations combined.” At least twice federal investigators have meddled in newsroom practices and put journalists in legal jeopardy.
Obama’s hostility to press freedoms doesn’t end there. His Federal Communications Commission wanted to place federal observers in newsrooms, ostensibly to study the news-gathering process. The media cried foul and the study has been dropped, at least for now.
Federal Election Commission chairman Lee E. Goodman, a Republican, warns that his Democratic FEC colleagues could try to ban books during election season by regulating book publishers. “We have wounded the free-press clause of the First Amendment,” Goodman said earlier this year after the commission failed to rule that a book by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was entitled to a routinely granted so-called media exemption.
This it “the same exemption that typically lets newspaper editorials, television channels and other outlets say what they want about political figures without worrying about campaign finance laws,” Fox News reported.
Many leftists want to go even farther in regulating the media by abolishing private news organizations altogether.
While the Obama administration dithers, the Australian government dramatically dismantled an ISIS plot to murder Australians for propaganda purposes.
Police in Sydney, Australia thwarted a plot Thursday by Islamic State supporters down under to randomly behead Australians.
“The raids involving 800 federal and state police officers – the largest in the country’s history – came in response to intelligence that an Islamic State group leader in the Middle East was calling on Australian supporters to kill, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said,” according to the New York Post.
“Abbott was asked about reports that the detainees were planning to behead a random person in Sydney. ‘That’s the intelligence we received,’ Abbott told reporters. ‘The exhortations – quite direct exhortations – were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in ISIL to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country.’
Will the Obama administration be as conscientious and effect as Australia has been when U.S.-born jihadis fighting for ISIS begin to return to America?
We’re going to find out, and probably sooner than you think.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

U.S. State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits


The U.S. State Department has ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits for Ebola, prompting concerns that the federal government is anticipating the rapid spread of a virus that has already claimed an unprecedented number of lives.
In a press release posted by Market Watch, Lakeland Industries, a manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for first responders, announced that it had signaled its intention “to join the fight against the spread of Ebola” by encouraging other suppliers to meet the huge demand created by the U.S. State Department’s order of 160,000 hazmat suits.
“With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid for 160,000 suits, we encourage all protective apparel companies to increase their manufacturing capacity for sealed seam garments so that our industry can do its part in addressing this threat to global health,” states the press release. 
The huge bulk order of hazmat suits for Ebola has stoked concerns that the U.S. government expects the virus to continue to ravage countries in west Africa and may also be concerned about an outbreak inside the United States.
Although the State Department has announced that it is planning a “surge” of emergency medical personnel into western Africa, only 1400 federal workers are currently in the region, suggesting that the 160,000 figure is far higher than what would be required merely for sending medical workers abroad.
In a related story, sources from within the Department of Defense have questioned why the Obama administration is implementing a military response to the Ebola epidemic when USAID and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are already involved in relief efforts.
“We don’t need to be taking planners away from the CT [counterterrorism] mission, and that is what is going on,” the Defense Department source told Fox News.
As we reported last week, top German virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit caused consternation when he suggested that the battle against Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia was lost and that the virus would eventually kill 5 million people.
Evidence that the virus has mutated has led to fears that Ebola could have gone airborne to at least a limited extent.
In an op-ed for the New York Times, Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, notes that, “there has been more human-to-human transmission in the past four months than most likely occurred in the last 500 to 1,000 years.”
Osterholm says the premise that Ebola could mutate to become transmissible through the air is a possibility “that virologists are loath to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nationwide Biometric Database Goes Live

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Despite the FBI already having been sued by privacy groups amid plans for a nationwide biometric database, it has officially gone live. The Next Generation Identification system will eventually include iris scans, facial recognition, and a range of other biometric identifiers that are collated into a central database for real-time sharing at all levels of law enforcement and government agencies.

As suspected, what began as a border control initiative has now expanded to include everyone.

As the video report below highlights, this billion-dollar program was spearheaded by Lockheed Martin, and will invariably include images of even non-suspects in one great sweeping dragnet of digital surveillance. The fact that Lockheed Martin was involved in developing the program should signal heightened concern given their integral role in drone technology. As this database is being rolled out, drones are set to take to American skies in much greater numbers by 2015. One of the latest military-grade systems can now scan 36 million faces per second, or every face in the U.S. within 10 seconds. It is a technology that has trickled down from use in war zones like Afghanistan. The merger between this  FBI database and drone technology would be the next logical step.

There simply has been too much invested in a coming Minority Report world to turn back now. Nevertheless, we at least have reached a critical mass of ideological pushback against agencies like the NSA. Could additional leaks from whistleblowers and the work of digital privacy activists help to thwart plans to enter all of us into the real-time surveillance matrix? Or will this technology expand and reach its full potential?

Transcript by Jake Godin

It's a program that still sounds futuristic, even today. The FBI announced its facial recognition program is finally up and running — and it has some privacy advocates a little concerned.

Labeled as the “Next Generation Identification System," or NGI, the $1-billion program has been in development since at least 2008 when the FBI announced it was granting Lockheed Martin a contract to start building it.

As you’d expect with facial recognition technology, NGI will pull in photos “associated with criminal identities” and compare them to millions of other photos taken from various sources.
The system has been used successfully at least once already, helping catch longtime fugitive Neil Stammer.

He had been on the run from the FBI for 14 years but was found in Nepal when the U.S. Department of State found his photo on a passport with a different name. (Video via KRQE)

Using a Freedom of Information Act request, the Electronic Frontier Foundation obtained FBI documents showing the agency plans to have 52 million photos in its database by 2015.
Here's where we get to the part that has privacy activists concerned.

Along with the fact that non-criminal photos are being stored in the database, the EFF says the FBI won't take responsibility for inaccurate matches. Also, nearly a million of the database's photos will come from unexplained sources.

A writer for Techdirt isn’t a big fan of the program either, saying: "This program has some very serious issues, and it's only going to get worse unless someone outside the FBI intervenes."

And Engadget says the system’s 85 percent accuracy is a little worrisome as well, pointing out that there’s no explanation for what happens when the NGI generates a list of potential suspects which lacks the actual criminal.

Following the EFF report, FBI director James Comey spoke at a House Judiciary Committee hearing in June to address concerns over the scope of the NGI’s database.

FBI DIRECTOR JAMES COMEY VIA C-SPAN: The pilot is mugshots because those are repeatable, we can count on the quality of them. … There was not a plan and there isn’t at present to add other, non-mug-shot photos.”

Which would seemingly contradict the documents the EFF dug up. The FBI plans to eventually roll out more parts of its new NGI system, including voice and iris identification.

This video includes an image from Getty Images.

LA School District Police Get Armored Vehicle, Grenade Launchers

If you think the police are just going a little overboard here, think again.  
For years now, the Pentagon has been arming local Police Departments all over the country.  The police have become militarized in front of our very eyes, and hardly anyone says a thing.  This is a fundamental transformation of the local police and a linchpin to our ever creeping Police State.
It is a rather naive view that says that the Department of Defense is just giving away tanks and grenade launchers to be nice. It's not nice, it is unconstitutional.  
Just like it is a naive view to see nothing odd when government agencies from the EPA, to the U.S.Postal Service, to Homeland Security have armed themselves to the teeth. This isn't about protecting American's, it's about expectations of Martial law.
Just like it's a naive view to say that America's government over spends by trillions and trillions of dollars, threatening our economy and way of life, all by accident and call it a "spending problem".  That's not a problem, it is sabotage. 
Just like it's a naive view to say that the fact that about 90% of national news media vote liberal is just a strange fact or an oddity, nothing to see there. That's not an oddity, it is subversion. 
It's a naive view to say that our borders are secure and government is doing their best to keep us safe as thousands and thousands of illegals walk across the border, our President applauds his own law breaking and American's that pay taxes, suck it up again.  It's not bad policy by the President and some in Congress, it's called treason.

I won't list them all, but America's power centers, from education, to government, to Big Business to Media to Healthcare...all have been and are continuing to be fundamentally transformed as American's by and large sit on the sidelines and watch. -W.E. 

Tea Party

Ingraham on Explosive New Benghazi Report: 'If True, It's Felony Obstruction of Justice'

Good thing we have Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and prosecute. otherwise, I would be quite skeptical. -W.E.

Start video at the 5:30 mark.  


Laura Ingraham joined Fox and Friends this morning to react to a new Benghazi bombshell, reported by Sharyl Attkisson. 
 In the report, a State Department diplomat accuses Hillary Clinton’s staff members of secretly moving damaging documents before turning over files to the Accountability Review Board.
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell says that he witnessed an after-hours session in the basement of the State Department, where some of Hillary Clinton’s confidants separated out documents that included “damaging” information.
Here's more from the report:
Maxwell says the weekend document session was held in the basement of the State Department’s Foggy Bottom headquarters in a room underneath the “jogger’s entrance.” He describes it as a large space, outfitted with computers and big screen monitors, intended for emergency planning, and with small offices on the periphery.
When he arrived, Maxwell says he observed boxes and stacks of documents. He says a State Department office director, whom Maxwell described as close to Clinton’s top advisers, was there. Though the office director technically worked for him, Maxwell says he wasn’t consulted about her weekend assignment.
“She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers.
“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ”
A few minutes after he arrived, Maxwell says, in walked two high-ranking State Department officials.
Ingraham said if the report is true, then it's a clear case of obstruction of justice, calling for an immediate investigation by Attorney General Eric Holder.
She said Maxwell is a distinguished public servant and right now there is no reason not to believe what he's saying.
"If these allegations are true, we are talking obstruction of justice. We are talking, potentially, for each count of obstruction five years in federal prison. This is not a joke. This is not 'Fox is obsessed with Benghazi.' This is a civil servant who was an Obama supporter, gave money to the Obama campaign, who was scapegoated - according to him - as one of the people responsible for the failures of security in that compound," said Ingraham, likening these allegations to the "cleanup mission" carried out by Harvey Keitel's character in "Pulp Fiction."

Monday, September 15, 2014

Breaking: Benghazi Documents Scrubbed in State Department Basement


A former State Department official has come forward with a shocking – and damning – allegation about the Benghazi scandal.

Sharyl Attkisson at The Daily Signal broke the story today.

From her report:

As the House Select Committee on Benghazi prepares for its first hearing this week, a former State Department diplomat is coming forward with a startling allegation: Hillary Clinton confidants were part of an operation to “separate” damaging documents before they were turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

According to former Deputy Assistant Secretary Raymond Maxwell, the after-hours session took place over a weekend in a basement operations-type center at State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C. This is the first time Maxwell has publicly come forward with the story.

At the time, Maxwell was a leader in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, which was charged with collecting emails and documents relevant to the Benghazi probe.

“I was not invited to that after-hours endeavor, but I heard about it and decided to check it out on a Sunday afternoon,” Maxwell says.

It is important to remember that Maxwell was one of the four State Department officials who was disciplined – and later cleared – for the devastating security lapses leading up to the attacks.

Maxwell told Attkisson that the weekend document-scrubbing session was held in the basement of the State Department’s headquarters in Foggy Bottom.

When he arrived, Maxwell saw boxes and stacks of documents.

A State Department office director who was one of Clinton’s top advisers was there, which was a surprise to Maxwell. She worked for him, but he was not told she was attending the “weekend assignment.”

“She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell.

He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers.

Here’s some more shorthand:

“Anybody” = Hillary Clinton

“Bad light” = prison

In other words, “We are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put Hillary Clinton in prison.”

Maxwell said he questioned the office director about what was going on:

“I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ ”

Shortly after he arrived, Maxwell said, two high-ranking State Department officials walked in. spoke with Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, who confirmed that Maxwell told him and other lawmakers the same story when they privately interviewed him last year about the attacks and their aftermath:

Chaffetz said that Maxwell claimed Clinton’s chief of staff and deputy chief of staff were overseeing the document operation, which allegedly took place on a weekend in a basement office of the State Department.

“What they were looking for is anything that made them look bad. That’s the way it was described to us,” Chaffetz said.

Chaffetz said such documents were said to be removed, so that Congress and the Accountability Review Board — the board probing security lapses as well as the attack’s aftermath — would not see them.

Chaffetz described Maxwell’s account as “consistent” all this time. The congressman said he is speaking publicly about Maxwell’s allegations because Maxwell himself has gone public with them.

Chaffetz named the two Hillary Clinton confidants who allegedly were present. One was Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s chief of staff and a former White House counsel who defended President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial. The other was Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan.

“When Cheryl saw me, she snapped, ‘Who are you?’” Maxwell says. “Jake explained, ‘That’s Ray Maxwell, an NEA deputy assistant secretary.’ She conceded, ‘Well, OK.’”

Maxwell says the office director and an intern moved into a small office where they looked through some papers that included pre-attack telegrams and cables between the U.S. embassy in Tripoli and State Department headquarters.

After a short time, Maxwell says he decided to leave.

“I didn’t feel good about it,” he says.

The Accountability Review Board (ARB) was allegedly granted full access to everyone and everything needed – including all documents – during its October 2012 investigation of the Benghazi attacks.

But Maxwell says significant documents could not have made it to the ARB. He also criticized the ARB as “anything but independent,” and cited co-chairman Admiral Mike Mullen’s statement before Congress that he had consulted Clinton chief of Staff Cheryl Mills over the phone to give her insider advice after the interviewing potential congressional witnesses.

“The ARB inquiry was, at best, a shoddily executed attempt at damage control, both in [State Dept. Headquarters in ] Foggy Bottom and on Capitol Hill,” said Maxwell.

This week, the House Select Committee on Benghazi will hold its first hearing.

“There are still facts to learn about Benghazi and information that needs to be explained in greater detail to the American people,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., the committee chairman and a former federal prosecutor, said earlier this month. “And this committee will do just that.”

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Does this Video Contain The Best Evidence For Chemtrails?


When it comes to chemtrails, I’ve always tried to stay on the fence. It has always been one of those subjects that has attracted reputable researchers, as well as its fair share of crazies; which I suppose you could say about any conspiracy theory. Either way, such a divergent group of supporters tends to muddy the waters, making it very difficult to discern fact from fiction. Hence my less than ardent opinion.
But every now and then a new piece of evidence come to light that makes me rethink the whole issue. Recently a Youtube video was posted, that shows a kind of chemtrail that I’ve never seen before.

When it comes to chemtrails, I’ve always tried to stay on the fence. It has always been one of those subjects that has attracted reputable researchers, as well as its fair share of crazies; which I suppose you could say about any conspiracy theory. Either way, such a divergent group of supporters tends to muddy the waters, making it very difficult to discern fact from fiction. Hence my less than ardent opinion.
But every now and then a new piece of evidence come to light that makes me rethink the whole issue. Recently a Youtube video was posted, that shows a kind of chemtrail that I’ve never seen before.

As you can see from the video, this isn’t an ordinary contrail. The four streams being emitted from the aircraft are actually overlapping each other. If they were ordinary contrails, or even ordinary chemtrails for that matter, you would expect the streams to be completely parallel to each other, since that’s how plane engines are aligned on the wings of the aircraft. You would expect them to look more like the picture below.

Instead, what you see are those strangely angled trails that collide and entangle each other. I suspect that if the engines of an aircraft were arranged to produce contrails in such a way, I doubt the plane would ever get off the ground.
Another interesting aspect to the footage, is the periodical plumes of mist that are being emitted from the tail of the aircraft. By itself, it doesn’t really prove anything. Most large commercial aircraft contain a tail pipe that could account for this additional contrail. What you might be seeing in the video is the exhaust from the plane’s auxiliary power unit, which is basically an additional engine not used for propulsion. It’s typically used to power the various electronic devices on the aircraft.
What confuses me though, is why the exhaust is being emitted intermittently. Now I’m no expert on aircraft, but I would expect the auxiliary power unit to run continuously, much the same way your car engine continuously runs the alternator. Having it run on and off every few seconds sounds like it wouldn’t power the electronics very well. If anyone reading this has a good explanation for this exhaust pattern, I’d love to hear it in the comments.
Another confusing aspect of the tail smoke, is its color. About halfway through the video, the camera zooms in very close to the aircraft. When the tail begins emitting its “contrail”, it turns into a distinctly different color compared to the trails left behind by the four engines. I’m assuming the tail engine is being fed the same exact fuel as the other engines. So why would it produce a contrail of a different color?
Again, if anyone reading this has more expertise than myself, I would love to hear a good explanation for these effects. Otherwise, this video may be proof positive that our government is engaging in a widespread campaign to manipulate our weather with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. If that’s the case, then the health of our bodies is in serious jeopardy.