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Trump Says He Has ‘Not At All’ Considered Firing Robert Mueller [VIDEO]

If Trump fired Mueller, even though it is justified if for no other reason than Mueller's relationship with Comey, the optics of it would be terrible, the media would eat his lunch, and the investigation would be a cloud of his Presidency for the duration he is in office.  Allowing Mueller to conclude his investigation, no matter the conclusion is his best strategy, because he has the truth on his side and the ability to fight and win, in a worst case scenario, ultimately clearing his name in the minds of most Americans. The danger we understand, is Mueller "trumping up" (no pun intended) charges that have nothing to do with Russia.  Something along the lines of jaywalking charges beefed up to a felony. -W.E.


President Trump said on Monday that he has not “at all” considered firing Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

Speaking to reporters at an impromptu press conference in the …

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