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FAKE NEWS: ABC News Caught Trying to Pass Off Gun Range Video as ‘Slaughter in Syria’

Yes, ABC News "regrets the error" of accidentally slipping footage of a Kentucky gun range in place of Syria footage that doesn't exist that just so happens makes the President look bad and promotes sympathy for the Kurds.  In reality, it is a psychological operation against We The People, and it should be criminal and at the very least cost people jobs and major fines for ABC.   This warfare must stop, it is beyond a mistake and clearly a national security threat. -W.E.


Here’s a ‘Wag the Dog’ moment we won’t soon forget: ABC News has since issued a statement regarding a Kentucky gun range video they published claiming it was of combat in Syria. 

The video is from a Kentucky Military show in 2016 (see original video below). Eagle-eyed Twitter user, The Polish Patriot, discovered the propaganda and is now being attacked by the left for telling the truth.

No details have come out to explain how this could have happened at the network. ABC said they ‘regret …

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