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BUSTED: Trump Nat.Sec Adviser Dina Habib Powell Leaks to @NYTimes Democrat Operative @MaggieNYT Haberman

Inside the Trump White House is Dina Powell who is from Goldman Sachs and Democrat Gary Cohn, another Democrat Globalist must go ASAP. #DCLEAKS.   Please take the time to watch this entire video. White House comment line for the President is: 202-456-1111


H/T Nena S.

Presidential Adviser Dina Habib Powell can’t stop betraying President Donald J. Trump by leaking to New York Times White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman, according to sources close to GotNews and patriot pundit Mike Cernovich.

Dina Habib Powell is only the latest national security threat in the White House GotNews has exposed. In February, we revealed Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh as a White House leaker to the Times’s Haberman, resulting in Walsh’s firing.

On Tuesday, GotNews revealed Powell to be a leaker, and can now report Haberman received classified information from her.

We will be revealing more about Trump administration leaks in the near future.

Why is a Trump staffer talking to a Ne…

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