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Best explanation yet of what happened in Charlottesville: The truth you won’t hear in the media

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As usual, everything you’re being told about what happened in Charlottesville by the mainstream media is distorted for political effect.

To sort it out and find out what really happened (and why it matters), you need to listen to independent, intelligent analysis from someone who was on the scene and saw exactly how many of the key events of the day were staged to deliberately unleash the Antifa mob onto the streets to instigate violence.

Stefan Molyneux interviews Faith Goldy in the following informative video. You can also download the podcast at this link.

What’s clear from all this so far, by the way, is that militant left-wing extremists are now attempting to exterminate White culture in America. All the “tolerance” and “diversity” of the Left, it turns out, excludes straight white Christian males, all of whom are denigrated, suppressed and demeaned by the i…

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