The Deep State War on Trump


Virtually everything you see in the MSM is presented with the goal of stopping Trump by hook or by crook so as to advance their fascist globalist agenda.  

Like Satan himself, their most important weapon is deception and this begins with setting a narrative they've created that resembles nothing of the truth and then controlling what you and I see, hear and therefore ultimately believe to reinforce their narrative(s).  

If you watch very closely, you can see they are pretty sloppy and careless with their lies these days, hence their constant hypocrisy- a sign of desperation, never expecting Trump to have won the election in the first place.  

For the uninformed masses, many of which are young people, their deception is apparently effective judging by the number of votes the Left does garner.
The MSM works in lockstep with the Deep State and will stop at nothing to thwart and destroy the Donald Trump agenda, and this includes everyone around him. 

This includes you and me.  

It is a war, a soft coup if you will, and we must fight back with the truth and under-gird every action and every person on the side of justice with prayer; and all three are quite necessary, dispelling their lies with the truth, taking action and prayer.  

The one thing they fear more than Trump, is the awakening of more and more Americans to what is actually going on which is why they continue to try and censor and shutdown those of us on the right.

There is one thing they cannot stop however, and that is prayer. 


Paul Joseph Watson

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