Day 4 of the new world order: PROLOGUE


In 2012, the Junior Senator from Illinois by way of Hawaii took the political world by storm in unprecedented manner and promised upon election to this nations highest office that he would "fundamentally transform the United States of America". 
And so it began. 
Things were bad, but not as outwardly dystopian then as they are now- though not because sinister forces the likes of Orwell's 1984 weren't at work, but only because they hadn't yet been fully exposed to us as they are now. 
Then one event changed everything about the Obama Presidency. 
During his first term, Businessman Donald Trump became the first if not the only well known public figure to question the citizenship of Barack Hussein Obama. This ultimately forced him to attempt to show Americans that he was in truth a legal citizen of the U.S. and that his Presidency was lawful.
Anyone who cared to research the matter learned through the extensive investigation out of Maricopa County in Arizona that the birth certificate Hussein posted online was indeed an utter fake and could not possibly be authentic. 
But we also learned something else, something even darker than the man in the Oval Office was a foreigner ineligible to be President; we learned about media blackout. 
Not just any media black out you understand, but black out to the biggest story to happen to our government at the time since perhaps the Kennedy assassination. 
Despite two in depth press conferences by Sheriff Arpaio and his team laying out the forensic evidence complete with expert collaboration proving the birth certificate was not that of Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro, there were only media crickets. No wait, not just crickets, soon the smears would come toward anyone...including Donald Trump... and they would be given the monikers of "Birther" and/or "Conspiracy nut".
Later the media decided that questioning the eligibility of Hussein to lawfully be POTUS was racist. So nobody in the MSM and nobody in the GOP and nobody on Fox News said a word about the fact that we really didn't know who, for the love of God, was sitting in the Oval Office. 
Not a single news agency found anything curious enough to do their own investigation despite overwhelming evidence. 
This is of course the result of amassed power in the hands of only a few to give us the "news" and information they deem fit, and facts be damned. And those few are no friends to the America our forefathers gave us, that our sons and fathers and grandfathers and daughters shed blood, sweat and tears for; a government of the People and for the People.
As Hussein was leaving office at the end of his second term, having purged and transformed the military and many government agencies of American loyalists with his brand of Marxist Progressives...he and his lawless cohorts set their reptilian eyes upon disrupting the incoming administration of (a plot twist if there ever was one) Donald J. Trump and 'disrupting' is too kind a word. 
They spied, they set in motion a conspiracy to oust the next President who had the audacity to win what they thought only they had the right to. After all, their sixteen year plan was breached smack in the middle by an non-establishment outsider.  How dare he.
And when Hussein left, he didn't really leave. He didn't go back to Chicago from whence he lived prior to his occupation of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue but instead became the first "President" to live and "set up shop" as it were in Washington D.C. where he could still do a little "community organizing" if you please.

In the spring of 2019, the former VP of Barack Hussein, a sometimes seemingly feeble man, enters this story announcing he would muster the strength and run for President in 2020 his third run at the office.

Like Obama, Biden would claim a victory that isn't rightfully his while the entirety of the MSM (with Fox News now firmly on board and "Big Tech" now fully in control) at first simply not reporting on the shocking and boundless evidence of election fraud constantly saying in the face of the evidence, "where is the evidence?" to now replacing that narrative with their standard, "don't look over there, look at this" (Psyop) and the ever popular "let's blame Trump for everything" playbook.

Day 4 has just turned into early morning Day 5 of the NWO:  The "resistance" tastes blood and lusts for the Power they can taste is coming January 20th, inauguration day. Communications are being cut daily, as in any war. Lies and propaganda have never been more ubiquitous or egregious, as in any war. Rage and anger are on the lips and faces of Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, as with any fascists fearful of their adversary. The President will go through another unconstitutional impeachment if he survives the attempt to remove him from office via the 25th amendment in the coming days, so great is their fear and hatred.  
But God sees all and their will be a Judgement Day. 

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