James Woods Tweets “Pretty Scary” Video That Questions The Origins of The Coronavirus: “Judge for yourself”

“I believe they have them. I believe that they're developing them and I think they want to be the most advanced nation on earth when it comes to biological weapons. The same as I believe that they do forced organ harvesting, the way the same as I believe that they have concentration camps for Uyghurs. The way I believe that they have systematically killed millions of Falun Gong. It is the same thing with this regime. You can’t count on it.”
-Gen. Robert Spalding, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Former NSC Senior Strategy Director


James Woods just tweeted out a video that he says everyone should see and then judge for themselves. He calls it “pretty scary” because the presumption is that the coronavirus did not begin in a “Wet Market” in Wuhan.

An Epoch Times investigative reporter takes the viewer through the possibilities of how the coronavirus originated.

National Review also questions the origins of the coronavirus in Jim Geraghty’s must-read article: The Trail Leading Back to the Wuhan Labs. Geraghty takes the reader through some of the same pathways as the video below, raising questions about the narrative being pushed by China that the virus began in the Wet Markets:

In the end, the big question is whether the coronavirus originated from bats being used for research at either one of two research laboratories in Wuhan. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization could not confirm if bats were present at the wet markets…Who to believe?



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