Former PM Tony Blair Calls For a GLOBAL GOVERNANCE

It's not a secret that Tony Blair is a Globalist.

Last March for example the former British Prime Minister was called an "Arch Globalist" by the Voice of Europe of which they also had this to say about Blair:

"The preeminent globalist politician, who’s perhaps best-known for leading his countrymen into the Iraq War before he vacated government to assume several exceedingly profitable advisory and speaking roles which netted him tens of millions of pounds, has been covertly briefing France’s embattled President on how to prevent the UK from leaving the EU."

Seems like, in the midst of this sudden global virus that has most of the world locked in their homes, the Globalists are running their mouths all over the place.   Must be a coincidence. I just wonder if they've already taken their MARK and pledged their loyalty.  - W.E.

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