Prelude to a [military] Coup?

Their "silent coup" is getting louder and LOUDER with every new hoax.

Yes, the Left, very openly, wants to:

Confiscate your guns.
Take away the results of the 2016 Election.
Implement an open border only policy.
Redistribute our wealth.
Continue to divide America against itself using identity politics to make us weak and to veil from our eyes the real threat.....The Democrat Party and their Globalist agenda. 
And of course, the Elite's endgame is the (communist) new world order.

At this very moment under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi, the House of Representatives is acting more like the Kremlin, and that is probably an insult to the Kremlin. 

The one thing standing in their way is Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, he is saving our nation by the grace of God.   And the Left cannot and will not tolerate 4 more years of him.  In fact, they may not survive 4 more months of him with what in all likelihood could be coming down the pike with Durham's investigation (and others) as well.   -W.E.


For several days the internet has been awash with rumors, articles, opinion pieces, videos and comments about the possibility of a military coup against President Trump and his administration.


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