Steve Bannon's "Trump @ War" (Movie Trailer)

From ZeroHedge:

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has got all hands on deck for the upcoming midterms; launching Citizens for the American Republic (COAR) - an outside political group which will advise surrogates, generate talking points and assist with media campaigns for candidates. 
As part of his new campaign, Bannon - a former Hollywood producer with several films under his belt - will release a new documentary on September 9, "Trump@War," the two year anniversary of then-candidate Hillary Clinton calling Trump voters "deplorables." 
Bannon calls the November midterm election a referendum on Trump, one which could have disastrous consequences for the President should Democrats regain control of Congress. 
"It’s very simple to me. This is a referendum on Trump, up-or-down vote on impeachment," he said. "This other side, they’re very motivated — and they’re motivated for one thing: They want to impeach Donald Trump."
"It’s all on the table Nov. 6," Bannon added. "This is the re-elect. How do you use this to trigger the civil war in the Democratic party? You must win. [The midterms] have more value than the typical, ‘We‘re holding the House."

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