The 2nd American Civil War: Q AN0N:Latest New Post - TRUMP HOTEL "These people are sick"/Impeach Rosenstein


Obama's 8 year coup against this nation was supposed to continue for 8 more under Hillary.
Then Donald Trump happened.
Now we see the makings of a second American civil war from the radical Left ...for their survival...and to get their coup back on track and finally completed.  And to do this, Trump must go, the sooner the better and at any cost.  
"Never underestimate the stupidity of the Left."   -W.E.

"Behind the extremists are often additional layers of benefactors and provocateurs: oligarchs, plutocrats, transnational criminal networks, and foreign powers wielding them on both sides towards their strategic goals. We’ve seen this with Russian-backed Facebook groups organizing right wing protests in the U.S., and in the increasing regularity of information warfare originating from Macedonian server farms, reclusive billionaires, and adversarial governments.

With these characteristics in mind we can envision what a modern U.S. civil war might look like. More sporadic and unexpected conflicts but with fewer deaths. Factions sprouting like mushrooms, taking different forms but coordinated across invisible networks. Waves of information warfare. Chaos and an accelerated bazaar of violence with a healthy immune response from the local and national authorities. The outcome (and probable goal) would likely be a fragmentation of the republic into smaller, more manageable alliances, though it may just as easily harden an increasingly authoritarian federal government. This is essentially how Russia waged its non-linear war against Ukraine." - 'What a new U.S. civil war might look like'


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