RUSH: Exposes the Socialist Media's "Incestuous Conflicts" and the Mueller Investigation

Apparently, those who Rush calls the "drive-by media" have been going after Sean Hannity over the last couple days with the same fervor that a flock of buzzards go after day old road kill. 

Struck by the sheer weight of their hypocrisy, Rush exposed some little known facts about the D.C. media Elites and their Democratic Party bedfellows.

Here are some of the hightlights:

Jake Tapper

In 1997, Jake Tapper was a spokesman for Handgun Control, a gun-control advocacy group. CNN and Tapper failed to disclose Tapper’s anti-gun activism in advance of the town hall that he hosted with the Parkland students. Did any of you know any of this? Why wasn’t Tapper forced to disclose that he holds an anti-gun bias while hosting a town hall made up of anti-gun bias?

Jeffrey Toobin

Jeffrey Toobin is the son of former NBC News infobabe Marlene Sanders. Toobin worked for the Iran-Contra special counsel Lawrence Walsh. Toobin is a lifelong friend of Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan. And Toobin was a member of the infamous JournoList. JournoList was started by a wunderkind at the Washington Post at the time, Ezra Klein. It was a list.  It was a chat room in a secret enclave of the internet made up of Washington journalists who strategized each and every day and night on how to move forward the Democrat Party agenda in their jobs. That’s what JournoList was.

Matt Miller

Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder’s spokesman, former communications director for the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.

He’s also worked for Senator Robert Menendez and the 2004 John Kerry presidential campaign. How many people watching CNN that know Matt Miller was Holder’s spokesman, former communications director for the group that elects Democrats to the Senate and for Robert Menendez (recently on trial for corruption charges), and worked on the John Kerry presidential campaign? That’s a lot to disclose. I don’t think Matt Miller disclosed any of it.

George Stephanopoulos

How often does ABC News divulge that George Stephanopoulos was a member of the Bill Clinton war room, among other things designed to destroy any woman who came forward alleging that Clinton had had an affair with her or some kind of sexual dalliance, working with James Carville? I mean, the guy never went to journalism school. He’s not a journalist. He’s a political activist and consultant disguised as a journalist. How often does ABC disclose it?

F. Chuck Todd

F. Chuck Todd’s wife is a Democrat activist. He’s the host of Meet the Press, NBC head honcho. She makes lots of money working on the Bernie Sanders campaign! Jake Tapper back then, his wife was a regional field manager for Planned Parenthood, in addition to Jake’s anti-gun activism.

Jeff Zucker
CNN regularly reports on Senator Cory Booker. Do you know Jeff Zucker, who runs CNN, has a 14-year-old son who was awarded stock options potentially worth millions from Cory Booker, a United States senator?

Claire Shipman, senior correspondent ABC News, is married to Jay Carney, Obama’s White House press secretary and Biden’s before that.

Virginia Moseley, CNN vice president, Washington bureau chief, is married to Tom Nides, deputy secretary of state under Barack Hussein O.

More than 30 so-called journalists left their profession to go to work in the Obama administration or on one of his presidential campaigns, according to the Media Research Center.

Ben Rhodes

CBS News president David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes. Name is spelled R-h-o-d-e-s. Ben Rhodes was a top foreign policy adviser to Barack Hussein O while his brother is the president of CBS News.
Ben Rhodes, the brother of the president CBS News, was the man behind the Benghazi cover-up and the disastrous Iran nuke deal, and it was Ben Rhodes who often bragged about how easy it was to mislead people, including the media, into believing the Iran deal was something that it wasn’t! Well, how hard would it be to deceive the news media when your own brother runs CBS News?

Now, let’s move on to some of the conflicts that we have been advised of, the things that we’ve learned about the campaign, or I should say the investigation, the Mueller investigation and the entire DOJ, FBI, intelligence community, deep state operation to run this silent coup on Trump based on this bogus allegation that he stole the election working with the Russians.

In this list of people we’ve got James Comey; we’ve got Andrew McCabe; we have James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence for Obama; we got John Brennan, CIA for Obama, who I think is the guy that ran this whole show, by the way, but that’s a little bit of an aside. We have Loretta Lynch and her meeting on the tarmac in Phoenix with Bill Clinton that we were told was just a coincidence.
Yes, ol’ Lorettie arrives, she gotta do something out there, and, lo and behold, Bill Clinton’s taxiing in. And air traffic control told Clinton’s crew that Lorettie was on the ground at the FBO. So Bill said (doing Clinton impression), “Hey, hey, whatever, we’re using that FBO. Head on over, I need to talk to Loretta, and Loretta got off the plane. We talked about golf and grandkids, it was a wonderful time.”

Right in the middle of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. None other than James Comey has said that Loretta Lynch doing this threw a monkey in the wrench and she should have recused herself and so forth. A little self-serving. We know of Andrew Weissmann, one of Mueller’s lead investigators. Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, FBI, Nellie Ohr, wife working at Fusion GPS. Samantha Power, U.N. ambassador for Obama in the closing days of his administration.

Let’s go through some of the conflict. Imagine this, folks. Ben Rhodes and David Rhodes, brothers, one of them runs CBS News and one of them is working to advance Obama’s Iran deal and other foreign policy things. As Victor Davis Hanson writes, imagine, “What if both ABC News and CBS News were now running mostly favorable news accounts about Donald Trump’s administration, rather than the media’s 90 percent (on average) negative coverage.

And imagine that one of Donald Trump’s chief advisers and a deputy national-security adviser was the brother of the current CBS News president, while the sister of the ABC News president was another one of Trump’s top national- security and energy advisers.”

Imagine what the media would be doing with that. If the media’s splitting a cow, having a gasket over Hannity having some sort of attorney-client relationship with Cohen, can you imagine what they would think if somebody running CBS News favorably covering Trump had a brother working in Trump’s foreign policy — can you imagine the gasket they would blow? And yet that’s exactly what happened during the Obama administration.

“What would the media say of such apparent incestuousness that involved two-thirds of the networks’ nightly newscasts?” If ABC and CBS were both favorably disposed toward Trump and both had family members or spouses both working in the news network and the Trump administration, what would the Drive-Bys say about it? They’d be blowing a gasket! But it’s exactly what happened during the Obama administration, and nobody said a word.

“The public for much of 2016 was not told that the chief investigator of the Clinton email scandal, Andrew McCabe … was the spouse of a political candidate who had earlier received nearly $700,000 … from Clinton-related campaign-funding committees,” Terry McAuliffe.

McCabe’s wife running for Senate — yes, we find out, but we didn’t know for much of this time. And when we found out, the Drive-Bys, “It doesn’t matter. Are you kidding me? You’re telling me that McCabe’s wife can’t have an independent run for the Senate? You’re telling me that McCabe can’t do his job even though his wife is taking money from the Clinton machine?”


Yeah, that’s exactly what we’re telling you. They didn’t think it was any big conflict. McCabe’s wife, who wants to be elected to the Senate, is taking money from the Clinton machine to get elected — 700 grand — while he is investigating the head of the Clinton machine! You want to talk about a conflict? And why weren’t we told about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page when they were demoted and left the investigation team?

Why did it take the inspector general doing a report on these two to tell us months later what all they had been doing? Greasing the skids against Trump in the Russian collusion! Get this. You want to know how deep this stuff is? Paul Manafort, who was the first campaign chairman for Trump, Trump’s daughter “Ivanka, and Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, had also been represented by attorneys from the legal firm WilmerHale…” So Manafort, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner have been represented by the legal firm WilmerHale.

That just happens to be “Mueller’s old firm, which supplied a number of counselors to the Mueller team. At least seven of Mueller’s team were known to have contributed money to the Democratic Party or Hillary Clinton or both. Andrew Weissmann,” you’ve heard the name by now, “yet another former partner at WilmerHale,” the law firm where Mueller worked, “had emailed applause to Obama DOJ holdover Sally Yates when she had tried to block [Trump’s first] immigration moratorium…”
Weissmann, on Mueller’s investigative team, sends her a congratulatory email.

“Like others on Mueller’s team, Weissmann was a donor to Democratic causes and an admitted Hillary Clinton partisan. And Sally Yates,” who received the congratulatory email from Weissmann after blocking Trump’s entirely constitutional immigration moratorium… “Sally Yates co-signed one of the FISA-court requests to surveille Trump campaign associates,” on the basis of this fake dossier, “and she also did not disclose to the court the full provenance of the Steele dossier” like Comey didn’t and like whoever else was involved in getting that FISA warrant.

Nobody told them that Hillary Clinton wrote the dossier — and yes, I mean Hillary Clinton wrote it. She paid for it. It was written for her. They hired Christopher Steele. She wrote it! It was her campaign document, it was opposition research, and these clowns all did not tell the FISA court — FISA court or judge — that it was not legitimate intel but rather it was political opposition research. “Another Obama holdover, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce G. Ohr, met with the architects of the Fusion GPS dossier.”


He met with people working on putting together the dossier! Bruce Ohr “did not disclose that meeting to his superiors” at the DOJ. “His wife, a Russia expert, had been hired by Fusion GPS to help find damaging information about Donald Trump. Ohr deliberately — and probably unlawfully — hid that fact on a federal disclosure form.” As Mr. Hanson asks, “Who thought up that trick?” You want to talk about collusion? You don’t even get close to it when talking about Sean Hannity. You don’t even know…

You don’t even get to the definition of collusion once you find out what’s been going on the Mueller investigation. Here’s another one: “Another Washington couple, Shailagh Murray and Neil King Jr., were involved, respectively, in the Obama administration and the Fusion GPS opposition-research firm. Murray was an Obama-administration policy adviser who had once been deputy chief of staff and communications director for Vice President Joe Biden. She is married to Neil King Jr., who, like the wife of Bruce Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS.”

How in the hell could you have so many Obama appointees at the FBI and DOJ married to people working at Fusion GPS, which was involved in creating the phony Trump dossier? You want to talk collusion? You want to talk incestuous revolving doors Inside Washington, where these people look out for each other, protect each other, and then join each other in targeting enemies of the state who do nothing more than have political disagreements with them?

Robert Mueller

Let’s just keep going here, folks. “In the small world of Washington legal and political circles, Mueller investigator Aaron Zebley was Mueller’s chief of staff while Mueller was FBI director, and he was yet another former partner at WilmerHale.” Again, that firm provides the lawyers that represent Manfort, and Jared, and Ivanka Trump. Now this guy, Aaron Zebley… Wait until you hear this! From Mueller’s old firm and Mueller’s chief of staff when he was FBI director, Aaron “Zebley had recently represented Justin Cooper.”

Does that name ring a bell?

Probably not, so let me tell you who it is.

Justin Cooper “testified that he had set up Hillary Clinton’s private server and then used a hammer to destroy some of her mobile devices, leaving the FBI unable to acquire them during its investigation. Clinton’s email server — the domain — was registered to Cooper himself while Clinton was secretary of state.” As Mr. Hanson asks, “How much collusion was necessary to coordinate destroying 30,000 emails, smashing hard drives, and finding the proper Washington [lawyer] to ensure that the … FBI never charged perpetrators with a federal crime?”
Come on! This is just incredible.

Aaron Zebley, chief of staff to Mueller while he was FBI director and another former partner at WilmerHale, “recently represented Justin Cooper [who] set up Hillary Clinton’s private server…”

The fix was in to protect her all the way up to and including people with right hand relationships with Robert Mueller, who is investigating not Hillary Clinton, and not her collusion, and not Fusion GPS. Nope! Mueller is investigating Trump — and not finding anything, apparently, so moving on to any nebulous area he can. All the while, none of these conflicts are even raised or mentioned or explained, much less called to our attention and criticized by the guardians of our liberty and freedom: The Drive-By Media.

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