"Kompromat" : The Deep State Tried To Blackmail Jeff Sessions

"Here we have, a Deputy Head of the FBI, on his own, initiating an investigation of the incoming Attorney General who if he takes office would become his boss. This is a throw-back to what used to happen with J.Edgar Hoover.  He would routinely amass compromising information about the Attorney General who was his boss and then use that to cow him into silence."

"It's an old Russian trick to try and get "kompromat" they call it, to try and get compromising material on someone so you can basically blackmail them into doing what you want". 

There must be quite a bit of "kompromat" in D.C.  It would explain why the criminal elite, like the Clinton cartel for example, get away with literally everything.

Comey did something similar to Trump while he was the FBI Director and brought up what is now being called the "dirty dossier" in a private conversation.  It was a passive-aggressive play by Comey,...letting Trump know he had something on him.  And now we know, he used it too.  We will have to see how well it works in the long run...but for now, it is working probably better that Comey....Clinton...Clapper......Brennan.....or the Russians ever imagined.  -W.E.


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