'Democrat's Youth' Movement Goes Full Nazi - Child Activists Looking A Lot Like Hitler's Youth Program With Their Armbands & Gun Control Propaganda



After every high profile shooting, Democratic politicians, liberals all across the internet, and the mainstream media immediately start screaming for gun control, but after the Valentine’s Day Massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, they started recruiting children to do it for them.


As video footage shows, despite Google/YouTube's attempts to disappear the evidence, media members were coaching a Parkland student, David Hogg, while liberal organizations such as Move On Org, Everytown,  Move On,  Women’s March LA, and Planned Parenthood, jumped right in and started "teaching and hosting trainings" for the children gun control activists, organizing the "March for Our Lives" event, and handling the logistics and strategy, according to Buzzfeed.

Within 72 hours after the shooting the March for Our Lives website was registered, as the Parkland children were marched out across every television station, demanding gun control, defending the failures on the part of the FBI, who was notified multiple times about the shooter but did nothing, and Broward County law enforcement who had been called to the shooter Nikolas Cruz's residence dozens of times, and knew of his history of threats and violence. The kids also took to social media to attack the NRA (National Rifle Association) demanding that companies associated with them cut their ties.

In the Buzzfeed piece linked above, it is noted that Democratic Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was in touch with the students the day after the shooting, arranging for them to speak with congressional members and advising them on "communication strategy."

Note- Wasserman-Schultz is the former DNC chair who was forced to step down after leaked emails published by Wikileaks showed she actively worked to help rig the Democratic primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.

Move On org is sponsored by George Soros, who in 2004 gave them $1.46 million, and the group has been responsible for organizing and funding many of the anti-Trump protests during and after the 2016 presidential election.

Everytown for Gun Safety is bankrolled mostly by Michael Bloomberg, who has a very long history of pushing for gun control.

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the nation, responsible for killing over 300,000 babies per year, is "teaching and hosting trainings" for the Democrat's Youth gun control activists across the US "to keep momentum going so they don't get burned out." (Buzzfeed)

The face and name most associated with these little gun control activists is David Hogg, who has made quite a few missteps when he has gone off script, providing the perfect reason of why children do not make policy. Hogg has defended the Broward County police for not entering the school  during the shooting, then turned around and claimed it was the Governor's fault.

Hogg said in a Monday interview on MSNBC that he thinks the governor is to blame because “Governor Rick Scott is essentially the boss of Scott Israel, the sheriff.”

“Why are these elected officials trying to blame this on the bureaucracy?” Hogg asked. “They’re in charge of them. This is their fault. They should have been regulating them. I’m not going to allow them to pressure these people because at the end of the day it’s their fault. These elected officials are the boss of these sheriff personnel.”

Hogg further argued that Scott cannot “expect to get re-elected” if he continues to “blame this on bureaucracy,” glossing over the fact that Sheriff Scott Israel was also elected to his position.

Hogg's first mistake was assuming Scott is to blame for the Sheriff's department's failure to act, the Sheriff is an elected official, not an appointed one, and his second mistake is Scott cannot be re-elected, because in Florida has term limits for the position. A Governor can only serve two consecutive terms and Scott is serving his second now. While there are no lifetime term limits, a governor who has been elected to two consecutive terms must be out of office for at least one election cycle before being eligible once again for re-election. (Source)

Hogg's younger sister Lauren has joined the Democrat's Youth program and is helping her brother push "scripted" (literally!) gun control messages provided to them by Bloomberg's Everytown group.


Ms. Hogg allegedly had friends that died in the Parkland high school shooting, although we are not sure if it was two, three or four, because her brother David used all three numbers in separate interviews, as shown below.


Young Ms. Hogg took to Twitter on March 10, in a now deleted Tweet, to push #armbandsforchange, providing pictures of her holding one up and her brother David wearing one.


She deleted the tweet and apologized after Actor James Woods provided her with a little history lesson, responding to her initial tweet by saying "You might have a little trouble getting Jewish Americans to embrace this look. Do you have some shiny jackboots and brown shirts to go with it? Guessing maybe you skipped history class while you were shilling for the @DNC."

From the hijacking of the "Never Again," phrase which historically has been linked to the Holocaust, to the push for gun control, to the armbands, Woods' is spot on, as all three are reminiscent of Nazism.

Adolph Hitler used children as props, wore a swastika armband and enacted gun control.


Just as the Democrats are now recruiting their own Democrat's Youth, the Nazi's did the same. They were called Hitler's Youth.

Nazi education schemes part fitted in with this but Hitler wanted to occupy the minds of the young in Nazi Germany even more.

Movements for youngsters were part of German culture and the Hitler Youth had been created in the 1920’s. By 1933 its membership stood at 100,000. After Hitler came to power, all other youth movements were abolished and as a result the Hitler Youth grew quickly. In 1936, the figure stood at 4 million members. In 1936, it became all but compulsory to join the Hitler Youth. Youths could avoid doing any active service if they paid their subscription but this became all but impossible after 1939.

A Parody account using the name Anthony Scarramucci, responded to Woods' history lesson for young Ms. Hogg, with an image that visually makes the point.



The liberal left, Democratic politicians, and the mainstream media are trotting children out to push for gun control and pushing to infringe on Americans' Second Amendment rights, so when these kids make boneheaded statements that are entirely inaccurate, or when they publicly attack others, Second Amendment supporters have every right to call them out on their words and actions.

We have noted liberals howling when one these Democrat's Youth gun control pushers are criticized, claiming it is an attack against a child, holding these kids up as activists and then trying to say because they are children they cannot be called out.


A look at Ms. Hogg's Twitter feed shows she is actively inserting herself in political debate, attacking people like NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, stating on March 5th, "Hmm..  My question is @DLoesch how can you tuck your kids in at night knowing that you are allowing the possibility of thousand of kids just like them and including them to be murdered at school? Oh wait... your kids are homeschooled aren’t they so you wouldn’t understand."

Children do not get a free pass when they lie, which Ms. Hogg did the day before that tweet, responding to the NRA ad where Loesch's commentary informed the media, Hollywood, America hating athletes and others, that their time was running out.... not once did Loesch mention the Parkland students, yet Hogg lied about the ad by saying "Oof we are just trembling with fear... The fact that you feel the only way to express your opinions is by threatening teenagers who just survived a mass shooting and the media is what is really PETTY in this situation."

A look through her and her brothers Twitter feeds are full of attacks on the NRA, politicians,  and others, where they are both nasty, snarky and disrespectful, yet liberals want to tell us we cannot criticize them when they are acting like spoiled little brats?



Democratic politicians, the media, and liberal organizations are actively recruiting, training and coaching children in order to push their gun control agenda. These kids which I am calling the "Democrat's Youth" are sounding and now looking a lot like Hitler's Youth Movement.


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