HANNITY MUST SEE: 2nd Memo Released- Breaking News

I don't think the false accusers, the liars, nor the propagandists who have been plotting and scheming against our Republic, who operated at the highest levels of the Obama regime are sleeping very well these days.  Tick tock, as Hannity would say.

I have broken the show up in three segments because not everyone will have time to watch the entire show, although I highly recommend it as it was the most explosive of the year.  

The first video is Hannity's interview with Congressman Nunes.  He is a Rockstar for this nation. He is serving the people of this nation heroically.  When Nancy Pelosi calls for him to step down, you know he is doing something right.

The second one is Hannity's interview with Mark Levin who definitely brings a perspective that is much needed and I submit, is spot on and highly important i.e., this mass conspiracy/scandal/cover-up happening before our eyes....it all falls under Obama's umbrella and that ultimately is whom the left is protecting.

The final video is actually the show's opening with Hannity's monologue and then, at the 14 minute mark, he brings on Sara Carter with her breaking news and also Gregg Jarrett.   (This video contains almost the entire show with the exception of the Levin interview)


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