Bruce Ohr Could Face Jail Time For Failing To Disclose Connection To Fusion GPS

image: ConservativeDailyPost


The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Editor-in-Chief Chris Bedford thinks Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr could face jail time for failing to disclose his connection to Fusion GPS and the Trump dossier.

Fusion GPS was hired by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to compile opposition research against President Donald Trump, which Ohr then brought to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Ohr failed to mention his wife was being paid to help compile the research, which the FBI used to obtain a wiretap warrant against a Trump adviser. Ohr also did not seek a conflict of interest waiver or inform his superiors at The DOJ.

“Every single bit of this onion we’ve peeled has looked worse and worse. And the people who are involved are trying to hide it,” Bedford said Friday on Fox Business. “Simpson, the founder of GPS, originally said in August 2017 he had no contact with anyone at the DOJ. It turned out that wasn’t true. He had contact with Bruce Ohr.”

“Turns out that he employed Bruce’s wife, Nellie. Turns out he was paying her. And if you look at the records which we pulled for 2014, 2015 and 2016, all of which should have listed this, it’s not in there,” Bedford continued. “There’s no inclusion of Fusion GPS paying a salary which is, by every lawyer we’ve spoken to, would have been required.”


Bedford said he believes Ohr could face criminal charges and prison time of anywhere between one to five years, for failing to disclose his conflict of interest.

“What’s dangerous here, too, for Bruce, who could be in a lot of trouble over here, he could face criminal penalties. He wasn’t even assigned to the case when he would have had the chance to recuse himself. From everything we understand, he took the dossier and put it in front of the FBI of his own volition. He didn’t recuse himself,” Bedford said. “He didn’t say anything like that and he didn’t list the name of Fusion GPS like he should have. That’s punishable, if he just didn’t include the information, and that’s all they can say, it’s punishable by up to a year in prison. But if he knowingly falsified the documents by not telling the FBI about a conflict that really and truly existed, that’s up to five years in prison.”
Bedford also said it’s possible Ohr may face backlash sooner than expected due to the GOP’s control of Congress and the White House, and the public outcry for more transparency in government.
“A head like his could definitely roll,” Bedford concluded. “And I think he will face consequences right now. He’s got Republicans in the executive and the legislature and the public saying what’s going on here? There’s a lot of pressure. But if it will go higher than that? That remains to be seen.”

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