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"If that f*****g bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!" 

The Coup de'tat that began under Barrack Obama, isn't going away without a fight. 

2018 will mark our nation's 242nd birthday, when we broke free from the shackles of British tyranny in what would become the first of many wars fought for freedom in our nation's history.  And for 242 years we have continued to fight, albeit with the exception of the Civil War, against enemies abroad.

The blood of our father's, our mothers, our siblings and our neighbors along with the nation's treasure continues to this very moment to be the high cost for our freedom.

It has been wisely said that "those who forget their past, are doomed to repeat it" and so, the sacrifice of our nation's heroes, to ensure us as a free people, must never be forgotten or taken for granted but be an everlasting example from generation to generation.

(Indeed our enemies know this and are constantly seeking, often with great success, to rewrite our history!)

While we face worldwide threats from tyrannical leaders such as Kim Jong-un, Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, or radical Islamic terror, we must not ignore the insidious threats we now face from within our own nation.  Plots of sedition and treason have reared their ugly heads for decades, eating away at our nation mostly in stealth-like fashion.  Just as in the garden, the Serpent was subtle, so to has been the incremental attack on our on our families our liberty and on the foundations of this nation.

But now, this Deep-State attack on our freedom is for the first time being exposed like an open sore. The more it is "squeezed", the more it's infection oozes and manifests itself in various ways such as prime-time television, liberal court insanity, congressional investigations and bought and paid for "activists" like Antifa to name a few.  And don't think that many aren't scared of this exposure, and it's possible ramifications, i.e., prison time, which makes them even more dangerous.

Not unlike a cornered animal I suppose.   

The ideology of liberalism has always been the little brother of socialism, which itself is a cousin to communism.  When liberalism matures, no matter how well intended at the time it evolves to socialism.  When socialism is full-blown, it will become communism, that is its endgame.  Because at the very core of liberalism, again, no matter how well-meaning, is the intent to control.  And if you remember your history lessons, communism's goal is always to be global in its control.

This year will actually be the 243rd year of the Marine Corps.  That's right, this highly honored fighting force (then known as the Continental Marines, established by the Continental Congress) is one year older than even our nation, so they know a thing or two about fighting for freedom.
And for them, one of the things they hold in highest esteem must not be lost on us even though we are civilians.  It is the idea of "Always faithful", or in the Latin as their motto goes, "Semper Fidelis".

May we also, who have been given so much, and to whom much is given much is required, be found "Always Faithful".


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