2016 Election Anniversary: Disrespecting the Deplorables

image: thetrumpreport.com

Today is the one year anniversary of Trump's election victory over Hillary Clinton.

In my view there should be at least three questions we should ask ourselves when considering the vast majority of the 2016 Presidential election news coverage:

1.  Who are these elitists really mocking and disparaging, Donald Trump or half of America?

2.  Witnessing how absolutely smug and full of self-aggrandizement the socialist media have shown themselves to be, is it even rational to believe that Trump or any conservative would EVER get fair treatment on any issue?

3.  In light of their child-like giddiness and certainty that Hillary would win, then their utter disappointment with Hillary's loss, proving their inability to maintain any decorum of journalistic integrity, is there any reason to doubt why they have so passionately hopped aboard the fake "Russian Collusion" locomotive in regards to not Hillary, where the evidence leads, but rather to Trump?

WARNING: Very strong language


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