EXPOSED: The New Judge Assigned To The Fusion GPS Case Has Ties With John Podesta

So the U.S. District Court of Columbia, after getting pressured, reassigned the previous judge on the Fusion GPS case because of a conflict of interest, and promptly assigned the case to someone... with an even bigger conflict of interest. Sickening.

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As reported by True Pundit, the federal judge presiding over the Fusion GPS bank record case has been removed, with the case re-assigned to a new district judge. After a blatant conflict of interest arose, Judge Tanya Chutkan was removed from making any additional decisions on the case:
[Chutkan] was appointed to the federal bench by Obama after she kicked thousands in campaign donations to his presidential campaign when he was a U.S. Senator in Illinois, records confirm.

In total, Chutkan gave over $4,000 to Obama’s campaign and related PACs.

She contributed to Obama 8 separate times and nearly maxed out the personal contribution limit set by the FEC. Notably, along with presiding over the Fusion GPS case – she also presides on the slow-brewing Imran Awan case.

Recently revealed, Fusion GPS was paid in part by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to find “opposition research” on Donald Trump. Fusion GPS then found the infamous “golden showers” dossier on Trump’s supposed exploits in Russia. Although Clinton denied any connection with the dossier when the story first broke, the reality is that she, and the DNC – which she bought outfunded it.

The conflict of interest between Chutkan and Obama is clear to see. Rightfully, she was removed from at least the Fusion GPS case (and should also be removed from the Awan case), but considering Obama campaigned for Hillary during the 2016 election – at least obvious and blatant corruption wasn’t allowed to go unaccounted for…

…Enter Richard Leon, the new judge appointed to the Fusion GPS bank records case.

True Pundit mentions the re-assignment of the Fusion case to Richard J. Leon in an off-hand manner at the end of their article and leaves it at that. However, digging further, Richard Leon pops up several times in the WikiLeaks Podesta E-mails. For instance, this e-mail between Leon and Podesta shows an amicable relationship:
Hi John, No problem. I’ve got it covered. Talk to you soon, Dick
So they removed one judge with an obvious bias, only to receive a judge with an even bigger bias? Leon even being associated with Podesta is enough to merit another rightful conflict of interest removal – no matter if they’re very friendly or not. Podesta acted as Clinton’s campaign chair; therefore the Fusion GPS case is being further rigged.

This cannot be accepted. Democrats cannot be allowed to cook the situation when they are completely at fault for the Fusion GPS dossier; not to mention being behind the Veselnitskaya/Trump Jr. meeting. Just three days ago, The Daily Caller reported that Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, met with Veselnitskaya just hours before (and hours after) her meeting with Trump Jr. at Trump Tower. Not suspect at all, right?

Veselnitskaya even presented information against Hillary Clinton to Trump Jr. that was dug up by Fusion GPS!

All of this doesn’t even mention the fact that Democrats manufactured and pushed the Russia narrative they knew was a hoax based on untrue information obtained by Fusion GPS. With how deep the Democrats are steeped in scandal, it’s no wonder Podesta-connected judge Richard Leon was appointed to the Fusion GPS case.

Chutkan, after being exposed, was removed due to conflict of interest. Leon is no better and with an even bigger bias. A spotlight must be focused brightly on Judge Richard Leon to expose and oust him from rigging the Fusion case and further insulating Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Democrats from justice concerning Fusion GPS and their Russia hysteria.

The very state of our nation depends on it – the corruption has been allowed to transpire for far too long.

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