BREAKING REPORT: Texas Church Shooter’s Last Two Facebook Posts Were “Supporting Antifa”



Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley had a history of violent threats and supporting Antifa, according to a source who grew up with him and was Facebook friends with him.

“Right before they took his Facebook down he was writing and posting crap that had to do with with supporting Antifa,” the source confirmed. “The last two posts he posted were sympathizing with Antifa.”

This appears to confirm earlier reports about Kelley’s social media, which was replete with anti-Christian bigotry, support for liberal social justice causes, and pictures of him dressed in black.

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The source, who wished to remain anonymous, noted that Kelley “was very deranged” on Facebook. “I quit following him [a month ago] because of all the horrible crap he posted,” she explained. “He used to say even crazier things when we were in school together.”

The source described how Kelley made disturbing threats in high school. “He made numerous threats to our high school – New Braunfels High School – to shut our school down,” the source said.

According to the source, Kelley passed a note about a bomb in the school to the attendance clerk and later spray-painted “D.O.B” – which stood for “day of bombs” – on the school’s walls during their senior year.

“He’s a nutcase and always was in school… he never got the help he needed,” the source lamented.

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