Jimmy Kimmel Says He Doesn't Want to Have a Conversation With Conservatives

image: thenewyorker.com

Kimmel's sentiment against Conservatives that "I probably wouldn't want to have a conversation with them anyway" is a very sad commentary on the division that exists today in America.  The one thing we need to do, is to talk, to listen, and worst case scenario, agree to disagree while we don't lose sight that we are all imperfect American's.  Someone like Mr. Kimmel, with a large (although apparently shrinking) platform like his could choose to have a conversation with the other half of America by at least presenting both sides of important discussions the nation is having and not providing to his audience half-truths.  Or better yet, just leave politics outside the studio and make American's laugh....we could use some honest to goodness comic relief.... and not preach to us from secular pulpits when you don't care to hear us back.  -W.E.

Washington Free Beacon

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