Putin Calls Zuckerberg a Liar-No Russian Ads On Facebook

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As an overriding fact that should color the entire spectrum of this article, please consider the fact that Zuckerberg has stated that he wants to become the President. Although he is not old enough to hold office, now, he will be by the 2020 election.

In a previous podcast, I cited polling statistics which stated that Communist, Bernie Sanders was leading among Democrats most likely to vote and that Elizabeth “never met a member of the Muslim Brotherhood that she did not like” Warren was second in the polling. Zuckerberg was a “dark-horse” third place Democratic Presidential candidate .

Mueller’s Russian Investigation is Going Nowhere

The former FBI director, Robert Mueller, and Zuckerberg have something in common. They both need and want Donald Trump out of the way. Several political pollsters state that is the 2020 election was held today, Trump would win, no matter who the candidate would be.
The former FBI director and pseudo federal prosecutor is shooting nothing but blanks with regard to the Russian allegations against Trump. It is clear to me that Zuckerberg and and Mueller have joined forces and have invented allegations that show that the Russians have taken out ads on Facebook in favor of Trump.
RT reports:
“Facebook co-founder and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that the company is “actively working with the US government on its ongoing investigations into Russian interference.”
The company also said that it “will help government authorities complete the vitally important work of assessing what happened in the 2016 election.”
“We are looking into foreign actors, including additional Russian groups”…
When considering these allegations, my first reaction was, so what if this is true? The United States routinely invades countries that it disagrees with and their leaders die (eg Libya and Iraq). And now we are supposed to be concerned that the Russians had an opinion on the election? And even if this was a problem, should this not sink Zuckerberg’s Presidential aspiration as he oversaw this supposed improper and illegal interference into our elections? Isn’t Zuckerberg guilty of aiding and abetting whatever crime Mueller is trying to fabricate?

Putin Speaks Out

Putin has come out and challenged Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s assertion that Russia ran ads on Facebook supporting Trump. In short, Putin is calling Mueller a liar.

I summarized this issue in the following short video:

Again, from RT:
“Russia has repeatedly denied any allegations it interfered in the election campaign. In an interview to filmmaker Oliver Stone in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin, for his part, accused the US in meddling in Russia’s latest presidential elections of 2012 by campaigning on the side of the Russian opposition. “
What about that Robert Mueller?

I agree with Putin on this issue and so are many other Americans. Here are some comments from my fellow Americans on the believability on this latest Russian allegation:
I could not agree more with you Dave and the other millions of Americans that believe every single word you stated in this article….and dispite being a huge Trump supporter, it is time he fires Mueller. Trump has nothing to worry about in doing so, as all of the millions of Americans that voted for him, and all that have seen his lite of hope and turned from the evils of liberals, will stand behind him in this also…so what if real Americans decide to have a civil war against the liberals, it won’t last long, and this country will be better off in so many ways, all finally standing behind Our President Trump of the United States of America. …..and really who in their right mind would vote for that pitted, pimp faced Little Markie Suckermine???

Geraldine Mitchell

Zukerberg’s whole life is one big lie, Zukerberg isn’t even his real name and the weasel never invented Facebook as it was a CIA conspiracy before he was even born, if it had’ve been revealed what it was really about nobody would have signed on for it, if they had’ve said this is an information gathering site for the government to spy on your every move, they had to come up with a Edward Bernays pure genius plan, they invented the story of a college kid “Zukerberg’ Rockefeller, this kid found a way for people/teenagers to make friends all over the world and talk to the thousands of friends you meet on line, all you have to do to sign on is fill in every detail about yourself and post pictures of yourself eating your dinner and tell anyone (the CIA and every intelligence agency about yourself and post those pictures for facial recognition) and there’s also the benefit of private messaging so you and your friend can talk privately about all what you’ve, it’s only between you and (CIA)your friend, turn your location on so that your friends around the world know where you are, and so that the cops or any agency can track you if/when they want, How many would have signed up for that if they’d known the real Truth, Nobody would have done it, if you were doing something you wouldn’t want the cops to find out about, that’s ok as they already know what you’ve been up to as you put it on Facebook, you haven’t been pressured into giving out information, you have given it out proudly yourself, you can’t have an alibi if you needed one, they just look at your FB and know what, when, where and how/why and they will even keep and store all your information for you, you freely gave them everything and more, the intelligence agencies can’t believe how stupid and gullible people are, to tell the world everything about yourself and it was all done freely and no pressure was needed, but of course I’m just a conspiracy theorist.

I have an untold number of responses just like the two listed above. I am not buying the newsdt Russian story and certainly many Americans are not buying it earlier. And if it were true, then Zuckerberg should face charges for aiding and abetting treason

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