VIDEO EVIDENCE: #Charlottesville Media protects #Antifa, #BLM 'counterprotesters'

A car plows into the crowd in Charlottesville

"Hundreds of counterprotestors — religious leaders, Black Lives Matter activists and anti-fascist groups known as “antifa” — quickly surrounded the park, singing spirituals, chanting and carrying their own signs."  
-NewYork Times 8-12-17

"Counterprotesters had also gathered early. Members of anti-fascist groups yelled at the rallygoers. Many of them also carried sticks and shields. They were joined by local residents, members of church groups, civil rights leaders and onlookers."
-Washington Post  8-14-17

You can see and hear the media coordination to protect the thugs of Antifa and BLM in the video below for yourself,  CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN....all decided to use the gentle term "counter-protestors"  for Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  This cannot possibly be a coincidence, but rather part of a planned narrative between them and of course, the fountain from where all news stories seem to begin and all other outlets follow, the NY Times and the Washington Post. 

Notice also the Police, as they are literally mocked and taunted by BLM and Antifa "counter-protestors" decide to stand there and just take the reaction at all.  
This too isn't a coincidence, the Police had to be told to stand down.  So who told them, and how high up the food chain does it go?

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