WATCH: Arrogant CNN Host Cuomo Gets Schooled by Dr. Gorka on POTUS’s Travel Ban

At the end of this post, I did not include the debate in a two part video as talked about in the article as CNN would prefer, a total of about 7 minutes of video. Instead I have attached one complete video of the 17 minute interview giving much more substance to show Cuomo's arrogant and biased attack on the Trump travel ban and Gorka's excellent and calm logic against it. -W.E.


Chris Cuomo is a self-inflated, arrogant, and generally misinformed amateur commentator and his observations and condescending tone only prove how dense he truly is.

In an interview with Dr. Sebastien Gorka, an expert on terrorism, Cuomo made a fool of himself. You are not capable of playing in the big leagues, Cuomo. You sound like a hobbyist without the facts. The following is a partial transcript from their discussion:

Cuomo: “It’s always been about who it targets, how it targets them, and whether or not that is what will keep us safe and you guys played games about it and said ‘it’s not a ban’, I could play you Sean Spicer right now, but you know it’s true . . . And then the President decides to be honest about it this morning – that is spin. You are the purveyor of spin because that was your message, that it wasn’t a ban, and it was untrue – that’s why I’m asking you.”

Gorka: “So, I guess President Obama was also a purveyor of spin with that calculation because the executive order is based upon the Obama White House analysis of the seven nations of greatest concern for immigration into America. Is he a purveyor of spin, Chris?”

Cuomo: “Well, that’s an interesting question, while I–”

Gorka: “It is, isn’t it?

Cuomo: “I like that you must get away from President Trump and his policies as quickly as–”

Gorka: “Not at all.”

Cuomo: “. . . blame Obama for everything, but if you look at the executive order–”

Gorka: “I’ll talk about it for the next hour.”

Cuomo: “I’m sure you would, and eloquently so, however, the facts are not your friend here, because that move, with the executive order from the Obama administration, was about travel to those countries. It was about who’s coming in and out and why. Your order is about Muslims, about targeting Muslims and keeping them out and allowing those who are not Muslim are carve [sic] out to come in.”

Gorka: “Let’s do a little bit of a “101”, let’s do a little “Trivial Pursuit” . . . What is the most populous Muslim nation in the world, Chris?”

Cuomo: “You tell me, these are your answers.”

Gorka: “No, no, you tell me, what is the biggest Muslim nation in the world?”

Cuomo: “No, you tell me, I wanna give you the opportunity to lay it out, go ahead, assume I know nothing . . .”

[Not hard to do, Chris . . .]

Gorka: “It’s Indonesia – I will assume you know nothing. What’s the largest Arab nation in the world?”

Cuomo: “You tell me.”

Gorka: “Egypt, okay? So if this had anything, and I mean anything, to do with race or religion, why would those two nations, the most populous Muslim nation, and the most populous Arab nation, not be included on the executive order? Explain that logic to me, because this is where your spin fails. This is where the fake news propaganda collapses, because if we had some dark, dread ulterior motive, then those are the two first nations you would put on the list, not the seven nations that the Obama White House identified as the greatest concern. So, please answer that question.”

Cuomo: “Well, first of all – I will, I will – uh, first, what the Obama administration did was target travel from places that were known as hubs for terror, uh, and that’s different from what you’re doing cause you’re targeting nationality. You could add Saudi Arabia to your list, 15 of the hijackers came from there, they’re not on your list, there’s speculation as to why, but instead of looking at who you didn’t involve, you must look for legal and policy purposes at who you did involve and those countries are all Muslim majority, you did a carve out for non-Muslims and that’s why it got struck down, originally, allegedly recognized as being overreaching by people like you, which is why you drafted a second one, which the President said he authorized and approved of and is now before the courts for scrutiny, so the intention is clear – that you wanted to target Muslims from those places. I see that your’e a little slow to want to own that.”

Gorka: “No, I’m still wondering why you didn’t answer why we didn’t include Indonesia and Egypt. You still haven’t answered the question–”

You can watch both videos that make up Gorka’s interview, unfortunately, in typical fake news CNN fashion, they cut out portions at just the right time to leave out Gorka’s reply and let Cuomo get a lot of the final word in:

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