Hannity Strikes Again – Tweets Out List of CNN’s Don Lemon’s Advertisers

At the end of the day, it is the advertisers that are supporting the fake news/ conspiracy theory that Trump has colluded with the Russians as well as their bias while pretending to be objective journalists. -W.E.


TGP recently reported that Fox News’ Sean Hannity broke his 5 day silence on Twitter by unleashing a tweetstorm on ultra left-wing Rachel Maddow.

Today, Hannity unleashed on Don Lemon when he retweeted a list of Lemon’s advertisers.

Sean Hannity retweeted 21 different tweets, mainly from an account called ‘Stop the Scalpings’ defending Sean Hannity while attacking liberal counterpart, Rachel Maddow. In one tweet, Stop the Scalpings linked to their website, Media Equalizers‘ which listed Rachel Maddow’s advertisers with contact info, emails and phone numbers.

Today, Media Equalizer targeted CNN’s Don Lemon and listed his advertisers. Sean Hannity helped Media Equalizer get Don Lemon’s advertisers’ info to as many people as possible because he retweeted the account ‘Stop the Scalpings’ who posted the link, to his nearly 2.5 million followers.

Media Equalizer taunted Don Lemon by saying, “your turn buddy!”



Here is a list of sponsors for CNN’s Don Lemon:

Namely.com – maker of software for human resources professionals: 1-855-626-3591 @NamelyHR

Janssen Biotech Inc (a division of Johnson & Johnson): 1-800-526-7736

Astrazeneca – media relations: (302) 885-2766

Farmers Insurance: @WeAreFarmers / 1-888-668-4500

Sleep Number bed: 1-888-411-2188 / sales@selectcomfort.com

Choice Hotel @choicehotels / choicehotels.com :
Customer relations: (800) 300-8800

Hulu @hulu : 888-265-6650

Zillow @Zillow : 206-470-7000

DenTek dentek.com: 865-983-1300

Spectrum (Charter Communications- cable TV): Spectrum.com 1-888-438-2427

Esurance (Allstate): @esurance / 800-378-7262

Direct TV: @Directv / 800-531-5000
CA.com @CAinc

Booking.com – part of Priceline Group:
(877) 477-5807 (Priceline customer service)

Xarelto – part of Janssen Biotech, see above: 1-800-526-7736

WeatherTech.com: @WeatherTech
(800) 441-6287

SCOTTeVEST.COM (clothing company): @scottevest
(866) 909-8378

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