Comey's Full Written Testimony Released

For shame Donald Trump!
POTUS actually wanted his FBI Director to be loyal and honest!  Someone quick assemble the firing squad! 

Here is Comey's opening statement a day ahead of his much anticipated testimony tomorrow morning on Capitol Hill.   There is still no "there, there".  In fact, this helps Trump and confirms there was NO obstruction of justice as the media and the Democrats (same organism) allege.   It also confirms that in fact, Comey did tell the President three times, just as Trump said, that he was not under FBI investigation in regards to the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

But that won't stop the socialist mainstream media and the Democrats (same organism).  There vomiting up all over themselves and twisting the story is already beginning.  Or better said, it continues with breathless hair-on-fire hysteria.
For instance, one CNN click bait article is entitled "James Comey Just Went Nuclear on Donald Trump".  Oh brother.

Here's a novel idea: Instead of the talking heads telling us what to think, how to feel, why the President should be impeached, laughed at, ridiculed, faux beheaded, publicly scorn and humiliated, maybe we should take the irrationality out of it and read it for ourselves-W.E.

Click: James Comey Prepared

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