Fox News is still the best TV news choice America has, which isn't to say it is all that good. 

But "Hannity" has become must see television both pre and post election and the only television where you will see a plausible defense of the President of the United States and the depths to which the Left goes to destroy Trump.   It is full on warfare to take down Trump let there be no mistake, and lie after lie in the media is regularly exposed, refuted and shattered by Hannity and many of his guests.  
Last night was no exception.  

As I mentioned yesterday in another post, it is the monolithic cover up and the collusion by the MSM that is ongoing this very moment that "trumps" all other historic degeneracy of our infiltrated government. 

Somewhere in the bowels of hell, where the socialist media searches for more lies and half truths from "unnamed sources"  I can only imagine that CNN, WAPO, the NY TIMES and the rest of the alphabet socialist media are patting themselves on the back for their work to stop the Trump agenda and the will of the people that elected him... despite their own efforts to do so in the first place. 

Have I mentioned this is warfare?  -W.E.    

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