INSANE: Protesters @Trump Hotel in DC, Claim Mike Pence is Putting Gays in Jail (VIDEO)

Here we have a microcosm of the left today, not wanting to be confused with the facts.  -W.E.


Washington D.C. – Protesters started to gather around Trump hotel this evening, blaring loud dance music and holding LGBT flags.

Rebel Media reporter, Jack Posobiec was live on the scene asking the protesters what exactly they were protesting. Many said ‘gay rights and climate change’. Posobiec spoke to one protester who said gays are being excluded under the Trump administration and that Mike Pence ‘signed something’ and is putting gay people in jail.
Yes, folks, liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.
Posobiec: “What rights do gay people not have?”
Protester: “So under Mike Pence you could go to jail for 18 months…”
Posobiec: “Mike Pence has sent gay people to jail?”
Protester: “Yes.”
Posobiec: “How many?”
Protester: “He signed a thing that if you have…if you ask for benefits for your spouse who is the same gender, you go to jail.”
Posobiec: “He sent gay people to jail?”
Protester: “Yes…He made it illegal for gay people to ask for their rights.”
VIDEO: This protester shows up at the 5:30 mark.

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