Liberal Hack Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity to His Face That He’s Bad for America (VIDEO)


Far left media tantrums continue–

Ted Koppel invited top cable news host Sean Hannity on “CBS Sunday Morning” on Sunday to bash him right to his face.

Koppel told Sean Hannity he was “bad for America.”

Sean Hannity: You think I’m bad for America?
Ted Koppel: Yes.
Sean Hannity: You really do.
Ted Koppel: in the long haul.
Sean Hannity: That’s sad, Ted. That’s sad.
Sean was a true gentleman to sit there and take the abuse rather than walking off the interview.

This was a new low for the unhinged Democrat-media movement in American.

Sean admits he leans right on his show — liberal hacks like Koppel still try to pretend they are non-biased.

What nonsense.

Via CBS Sunday Morning:

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