Trump Must Go On Offensive To Stop Democrat Plan For Martial Law

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What amounts to an attempt to overthrow the legitimate election of Donald Trump continues 5 days before the inauguration. 

First, post election, it was the crying and the whining from snowflakes and SJW's who took to the streets trying to get sympathy and using the "electoral college is old".....and should be replaced with the popular vote....RETROACTIVELY routine.

That didn't work so good for them.   

Then there was the recount by Jill Stein that went nowhere fast, but interestingly had the support of the Clinton campaign. 

Then "fake news" and "alt right" became the narrative they wanted to push as to why the election was lost by crooked Hillary, all of which was setting up this final push to de-legitimize not only Trump but the election itself. 

The Global Power brokers are showing even more teeth as they have latched on tightly to this false claim, with utterly no proof, that Putin changed the outcome of the election. And, oh yeah, let's not forget that Trump went to Moscow and hired hookers to urinate on a bed Obama once slept in. (You can't make this stuff up, but apparently someone does) 
Some in the clandestine services have actually gone along with this scheme...if not concocted it themselves.  

Not so coincidentally, the Brexit vote is now being blamed on Russia and trying to call that vote "illegitimate" as well.  Angela Merkel is also now blaming her Party's election woes on the Russians.  Russia it seems is now the scapegoat for all of the Globalists failures. And they aren't taking this without a fight. 

Things have gotten so utterly crazy, I find myself agreeing with Alex Jones more and more these days, not just on the news, but on the drama that is actually unfolding before our eyes.   - W.E.

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