I will predict that the Nazi War Criminal George Soros will continue his ongoing attempts to overthrow the 2016 election results.

I will predict until he is declared an enemy combatant, deported to Russia the tidal wave of planned chaos will continue. Further, “they” are quite willing to collapse the system in order to prevent Trump from being sworn in, or at least to hamstring any possible action he could take to reverse Obama’s 8 year Marxist reign of terror. In order to do this, Trump will need to deal with what I will label, “the four M’s.

The first M is money. George Soros is funding the various groups now subverting the USA. Among them are and black lives matter, as well as a whole bunch of innocent sounding named groups. Soros has only one goal in this. He is trying to repeat what he did in the Ukraine in his so called “purple revolution.” The fact Soros unleashed ethnic rage that resulted in tens of thousands being murdered and raped didn’t bother a Nazi War Criminal like Soros. The funding available for the planned social anarchy against Trump for the next four years will be a tidal wave.

The second M is malice. Perhaps because I live in Portland, Oregon, and have personally seen the rioting Snowflakes, I understand the venom directed at Trump and his deplorables. If you want a taste, go to this link and soak up the raw hatred and contempt. They really do despise us, hate our cultural values and think Trump is Hitler and we are all members of the Waffen SS.

The third M is mob. 
I am saying the we now face a well-funded, well-organized, group of Marxist terrorists with the only goal of either preventing Trump from being sworn in, or unleashing a constant wave of civil disobedience, rioting, and chaos for the next four years. They will have nearly unlimited funding until George Soros is declared an enemy of the American people, deported and/or executed for treason. The Snowflakes will riot as much as we let them. The Snowflakes will cause as much chaos as we let them. Until we smack them down, and throw Soros in jail, we can expect constant chaos for the next four years.

The final M is media. After Wikileaks, and project Veritas among others, you now understand why I have called the mainstream media the whore press for a long time now. I know what they are. They are liars, frauds and purveyors of fake news in support of the globalist thugs running things. We can expect unlimited financial support for the Snowflakes. We can expect unlimited media support for the Snowflakes. Again, unless Trump has the balls to go after Soros, and also to break up the media cartels, it is going to be a long four years. Clinton, along with his bi-partisan RINO TURDS, passed the Telecommunications act that allowed seven corporations to own 90 percent of all American media. Unless Trump takes a chainsaw to the global media blobs that own CNN, NBC etc, he will fail dismally in actually getting anything done.

At any rate, we are in for a wild ride. If any of my blog readers had any illusions all the 2016 election chaos, the recount, the electoral college vote change farce, was going to stop after January 20th, 2017, I am here to disabuse you of any such illusion you may have held. The four M’s will keep things hopping, at least until Trump drives a stake into the Soros, Snowflake, Media Cartel group of evil. We really are dealing with Snowflakes who thing Trump is Hitler, all of his supporters are Nazi Waffen SS fanatics. Since they believe this, they have no moral limits as to what level of violence they are now prepared to use against us. Whether we can avoid an actual Civil War Two, it is clear to me the cultural civil war has moved to the final phase. Lock and load. January 6th will be interesting. January 20th will be even more interesting. The summer of 2017 will be when Black lives Matters will make its move to unleash violence. Trump is Hitler. We are Nazis. The Snowflakes are primed, funded and eager to kill us.

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