Press Secretary Sean Spicer Slams Media - White House Press Conference 1/21/2017

There has been a war on Trump at least since he won the Republican Nomination, and there is no end in sight. The socialists want and need to take him down as he is the Great Interrupter of their evil plans.  Trump knows this of course and THANK THE LORD, has no plans of backing down on this war, hence the excoriating tone by Spicer this evening with the media The war wages on BOTH SIDES.
Meanwhile, the Senate Democrats are holding up his cabinet picks to do what little they can to slow down Trump as apparently hundreds of thousands have been marching against Trump today and hundreds of anarchists are still in D.C.   

If you think this is bad, wait until Trump nominates his Supreme Court pick.  

#PrayforAmerica. - W.E.
Sonny Black