Donald Trump and the Media's Vote Fraud Denialists

Were there "three to five million" votes cast (or possibly not counted) in the 2016 Presidential Election as Trump has said?  I don't know, but at this point I wouldn't bet against it.  What I do know is there is a lot of evidence that voter fraud does exist and it almost always favors Democrats. I also know that for some reason, the media seemed to "freak out" at the prospect of an investigation.  - W.E. 

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The photo is as instructive as its meaning is ignored.
Taken in October, 1994, I recognized everyone. There is the late Pennsylvania Republican State Committee chairwoman, Ann Anstine. Just behind her stands a friend who in the day was a staffer for then-GOP Senator Arlen Specter.

At the center of the photo is Bruce Marks -then a young Republican State Senator for whom all the others are present as this is a Marks campaign fundraiser that also headlined gubernatorial candidate Tom Ridge. And there is one other person in the photo, front and center with the young Senator Marks. That would be Donald Trump.

Why is the photo significant? As now-former Senator Marks reminded me, in the day he was dead center in a sensational scandal over voting fraud in Philadelphia. 

The story was a big one in the Philadelphia of the day. 

Young Bruce Marks, a Republican, had run for a state senate vacancy in the City of Brotherly Love the previous fall of 1993. He lost a very narrow race to a Democrat named William Stinson. 

But there was something fishy about the loss. 

An investigation was had. Marks took Stinson to federal court. And finally, after his case was argued in the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals, a decision came down that said, in part, this:

“After an evidentiary hearing on the plaintiffs' motion for a preliminary injunction, the district court in this case found that certain officials responsible for conducting an election in the second senatorial district of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had conspired with one of the two candidates to cause numerous illegally obtained absentee ballots to be cast.”
Translation? Marks tell me this:

“(Federal) Judge Newcomer issued two extensive opinions….detailing the massive fraud – not only absentee ballots, but in person voting as well (ringing people in who no longer were around and in two cases dead). 
The Readers Digest did a story on one of the dead voters; she immigrated from Poland after WWII, had a family, became a citizen, was so patriotic that she continued to vote after she died.
After I was elected, I proposed making it illegal to vote if you were dead for more than two years (four years in Philadelphia), but never got Democrat support.”
In other words, the Election Commissioners in the City of Philadelphia gave absentee ballots - by the hundreds - to Stinson campaign workers. Not to requesting voters, but to campaign workers. Workers who then proceeded to fill out the ballots for their candidate - which is to say forging them - and then handing them back to the Election Board. 

The entire operation was rigged from start to finish. 

So appalled was the federal judge that he issued a ruling that forced the “winner” out of his Senate seat and replaced him in the Senate with Bruce Marks. 

And, as Mr. Marks has now reminded me, one of the players in this little drama was none other than Donald Trump himself, with Trump personally flying in to Philadelphia in his now-famous black helicopter with his name emblazoned on it and then wife Marla Maples at his side. 
With Trump contributing to the Marks campaign and learning about the whole rigged election business in person from Marks himself.

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