Bikers, Potheads, Snowflakes, & Women - Washington Braces For Protests, Patriots, & Physical Conflict


If last night's tensions are anything to go by, today's inauguration 'celebrations' for the 45th president of the 'United' States is sure to be chaotic away from the choreographed proceedings.  

As Reuters reports, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers and miles of barriers were in place in Washington on Friday, as officials braced for hundreds of thousands of people planning to celebrate or protest; and "Bikes for Trump" are “absolutely” prepared for physical conflicts.

About 30 groups have obtained permits for protests they estimate will attract about 270,000 people on Friday and Saturday, far more than have been seen in other recent presidential inaugurations.

Reuters reports that about 900,000 people were expected to pack central Washington, including the grassy National Mall facing the Capitol, where the New York businessman and former reality TV star will be sworn in, and the parade route along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.
A disparate group of liberal activists irked by comments by Trump about women, illegal immigrants and Muslims have planned protests throughout central Washington. Supporters of Trump, who has never before held elected office, were expected to pack the streets to cheer the man they see as bringing a fresh approach to politics and sparking economic growth.
One of the largest anti-Trump protests expected on Friday will be organized by the ANSWER Coalition, a broad-based liberal group, which expects to have thousands at the U.S. Navy Memorial, along the parade route.
"It's Day One, we're saying, of a larger era of resistance, and we believe we're going to send a very powerful message to Trump and the government," said Ben Becker, 33, an organizer with the group. "The Trump agenda is very comprehensive. It includes attacks on Muslims, immigrants, on women's rights, on workers' rights. So really,  no matter what community you're a part of, you have a stake in this fight."
The U.S. Secret Service, Washington police and other law enforcement agencies planned to have some 28,000 officers in place to secure the roughly three-square-mile (almost eight-square-kilometre) area of downtown Washington. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said police aimed to keep groups separate, using similar tactics as employed during last year's political conventions. A protest group known as Disrupt J20 has vowed to stage demonstrations at each of 12 security checkpoints and block access to the festivities on the grassy National Mall.

Of course, there is another side to today's "events"...
Trump supporters also flooded into the capital, many sporting baseball caps bearing his "Make America Great Again" campaign slogan.

Jackson Rouse, an 18-year-old high school senior from northeastern Arkansas, who skipped school to attend the inauguration with his father, expressed concern that several dozen Democratic congressmen and congresswomen planned to stay away from the inauguration in protest.

"I think he was voted in fairly and it was a fair election," Rouse said. "I love Trump. I expect changes and I expect he's going to do everything he said he was going to do."
Some of Friday's protests will bring a carnival atmosphere, including a group of  pro-marijuana activists who plan to hand out 4,200 joints to be lit up in violation of federal and local laws.
While Washington will be the focal point of the protests, anti-Trump activists have planned sympathy rallies around the nation and the world, with events planned for major U.S. cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, and as far away as Sydney.
And then there is the 'wall of meat'...

“Bikers for Trump is here to protect the citizens,” said rider Mark Connors, a country singer who rode his Harley Davidson from San Diego, CA.

Connors said Bikers for Trump riders will not seek confrontations but he is “absolutely” prepared for physical conflicts.

“We have made the decision that when those people come, we are going to stand face-to-face with them, eye-to-eye, toe-to-toe, shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers,” Connors said.
Finally, when all of today's pandemonium is over, what is hoped by the organizers to be the largest political protest in recent memory will take place during the Women's March...
Predicting the actual turnout of the event is difficult, but more than 200,000 people on Facebook have said they would be attending and more than 1,200 tour buses have applied for parking in the city.

City officials say they have made preparations to deal with a crowd as large as 400,000, though the final turnout could be much smaller depending on factors like weather and available lodging. Aside from the annual March for Life that often draws crowds in the hundreds of thousands, few other recent protests in Washington have been so large.

Organizers are hoping that the march—ostensibly dedicated to women’s rights but also aimed at calling for protecting the rights of immigrants, Muslims and racial minorities, among other groups—is the beginning of a broader anti-Trump movement that is expected to continue through his term in office.
But today is what everyone is focused on...

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