Threats to Assassinate President-elect Trump Rampant on Twitter



Twitter user threatens president-elect Trump.
A funny thing happens when one searches the words “Trump” and “GoFundMe” in Twitter: Numerous tweets appear advocating the use of a fund-raising website to support efforts to assassinate president-elect Trump:

As reported by Joe Newby, some took the extra step of actually creating “GoFundMe” pages to support the murder of Donald Trump:
gofundme kill trump
The alarming volume of such threats is surely reflective of the divisive rhetoric from the media. For example, communist Van Jones blamed white people fearing “a changing country” for the results of the election.
Not surprisingly, putting the words “Trump” and “assassinate” into a Twitter search opens the floodgates to the intense hatred of Donald Trump, which has been shamelessly promoted by left-wing operatives working with the DNC as exposed by Project Veritas.

In 2009, reported:
“Recently, the popular social networking site Facebook had a poll asking whether President Obama should be assassinated. The responses were: yes, no, maybe, and if he cuts my health care. Over 700 people answered the survey before officials at Facebook removed it from the Web site. It was removed at the urging of the US Secret Service, which investigated the matter, just as it investigates all threats against the President.”
It should be noted that despite the narrative at the time, then-Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said the “threat level against the president is normal” as reported at CBS News in December of 2009. This author would bet that the threat level against president-elect Trump is much higher than it ever was against President Obama.

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