It's Just the Beginning: What Hillary Supporters Did after Trump Won (Video)

There of course should be absolutely no gloating in my opinion on the Trump victory.  
But by the grace of God, their reaction of sadness could easily have been the reaction of Trump supporters.  
In addition we know all too well the feeling over the past two Obama victories and it isn't a pleasant one.  
But what you will see in the later part of this video is a media generated reaction because of the multitude of propaganda that has been told over and over again that Trump is a racist. You will recall that Hillary was never called out by the left for calling half of America a "basket of deplorables" and "irredeemable" which is now the normal media hypocrisy.

This is only a small sample, but undoubtedly this will grow- as the Left finances and encourages such radical behavior, especially with college youth and inner city youth.

If you have seen any news today in explaining the turnout at the polls, always included is how many blacks voted, how many whites, how many women, how many Hispanics, etc,etc. It's never about how American's voted, we are always divided into groups. Always. 
So much easier to divide us that way.  

The same old drumbeat of divide and conquer will beat on in the media, always seeking to create or exacerbate the manufactured racial divide in this nation. 

Trump will have his hands full, and very very soon. -W.E.

Warning: Strong Language

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