Peter Schweizer on Clinton Scandal Update - Emails and the Clinton Foundation

The panel brings up quite a lot of facts regarding Hillary and the White House, but also the "uncomfortable" truth, that the Republican leadership in Congress, could be doing much more in terms of legal action, to get answers and to hold accountable those who have lied to Congress, but frustratingly, they have not.  
The truth is, that the corruption, and pay for play in particular regarding the Clinton Foundation, may indeed spawn some embarrassing truths to Republican's that they don't want exposed.  Too many Republican's indicted or even shown to be involved in the Clinton Foundation could cost them their election, and the Republican Party it's power.  It's all cronyism, and the corruption is systemic within Congress, not just the Executive Branch.  
Of course, we have known this for quite some time as we have watched in horror a Republican controlled Congress allow and finance virtually every whim of Barrack Obama.   -W.E.

Judicial Watch

Here is the entire Judicial Watch panel discussion on the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's email scandal. 

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