Behind the Scenes of a Hillary "Rally" (VIDEO)

NEWSFLASH: Hillary Clinton hides.  She just does and in fact, she is hiding now. 

Hiding from her past.  Hiding from tough questions. Hiding from truth, hiding from the American people. 

She hasn't held an honest to goodness press conference in many months.  Her excuse is that she gives a lot of one on one interviews.  

Of course, these one on one interviews are with hand selected reporters and news organizations which means she controls the questioning.  She sets the rules.   

Just like with the "team" of reporters that now travel with her are chosen by her campaign.  See how open she is being?  Hand selected reporters that still don't ask the hard question to which she has never truthfully answered are not reporters, they are campaign writers. They are part of the tail that wags the dog.
For instance she should be asked and made to answer why did she really set up an illegal email server? Especially since we now know her first story was a lie, that she would only have to carry one device when it turns out she had at least 13? And why did she have her emails bleached? Why did Hillary use a hammer to destroy some of her phones and other devices?  Why did she lie to the FBI when questioned?  Why does her Foundation accept millions of dollars from several nations that treat women like second-class citizens and she has never even called them out about it? And why, for the love of this country, did she go on national television and tell everyone that the 911 attack at Benghazi was because of a video, not to mention that same lie to the grieving faces of the families of those killed?  

Okay, I am ranting. Sorry. 

The point is she covers up everything. And by everything I actually mean everything.  

From Sea-to-shining Sea she is the queen of the cover up. In front of television cameras, the FBI and the Congress she obfuscates, manipulates, exaggerates and regurgitates story after story.  From Travel-gate to cattle futures, Benghazi to a pedophile rapist and all her many scandals in between Hillary is the poster child of contempt for the law and the American People. 

Yes, America has a problem; the press will not only refuse to hold her accountable they in fact lie and cheat for her. One only has to look at the first debate with the smallest amount of objectivity to witness this fact.  The corporate media are complicit (and have been for some time as we know) in what is a quiet overthrow of Democracy itself. Much of America knows this and it's one reason she couldn't even fill all of the seats at her own Convention without paying "actors" to show up. The Progressives love their paid actors.

Stand by, there is more hiding to come.  -W.E.

Millennial Millie

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