The Clinton Foundation Exposed - Charles Ortel

Perhaps one of the best and most practical things we can do as concerned citizens that "Crooked Hillary" will steal take the reigns of the highest office in the land, is to challenge Hillary supporters to first watch the must see movie "Clinton Cash"....if they can stomach that and still vote for Hillary, then it is a lost cause.  Just an idea.  Here is a link: 

State, federal, and foreign laws bar public charities from being run for private gain in interstate commerce—which means, by using the mail, telephones or the internet. The Clinton Foundation’s complex operations (it is not just one entity but a web of them) do not comply with this requirement. Nor does the Clinton Foundation ever seem to have submitted its financial records to an independent, properly certified audit by a qualified accounting firm. 

Overall I consider the Clinton Foundation to be a charity fraud network. I base this conclusion on my review of extensive data about its operations including the activities of the Clinton family and their friends in Haiti, a nation that has suffered many disasters, both natural and manmade.

What possesses powerful, wealthy, and educated persons to prey on the most desperately poor humans on earth as they posture as "philanthropists”?  And why has there been no government oversight?

Stefan Molyneux

Charles Ortel is an investor and writer who graduated from Horace Mann School, Yale College and Harvard Business School. Mr. Ortel has been one of the leading voices in exposing the corruptions of the Clinton Foundation. 

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