"We Live in a Terminator Movie" - Police State Precedent: 'Robots with Bombs' to Blow up Suspects

Whatever happened to cops using tear gas? Whatever happened to cops just waiting out a suspect who has no hostages but possibly has information you need?  

According to a Washington Post report after a "stand off" with the shooter that "lasted hours": 

"Ultimately, [Dallas Police Chief] Brown said police had no other option but to place an explosive device on their bomb robot and send it to the suspect, who was killed when the bomb detonated. Rawlings said the robot was the same kind typically used to detonate and defuse bombs, and in this case was used to place C-4 explosives and detonate them."

That is the only official story that I can find reported.  "No other option".  

Why, when the suspect was apparently cornered do they have "no other option" but to send in a robot to blow him up is a mystery with no answers as of yet.  It's just a question.
Perhaps a decision was made that they didn't want this guy to have a trial and turn this whole thing into a bigger circus once the attorney's got into it?  Or maybe, after seeing 12 of their fellow officers shot, and 5 mortally wounded, wanted swift street justice.  
And really, who is going to blame them?  

Media are not asking questions about why they "had no other option" but to kill him, and no one probably cares at this point. 


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