BUSTED! Recruitment Method of Trump Protesters Uncovered!

Of course we already knew this.  But nothing wrong with backing it up with more intel. 
I found these same type Craigslist adds myself back during the "Occupy Wall Street" events and the pay was the same then as well, $15 bucks an hour. No coincidence, that money and this money now has been traced back to George Soros.  But of course now we know that Occupy Wall Street has re-branded and become "Democracy Spring" (Who did a Capitol Hill "sit-in" in April.  How very communistic of them)  
Prior to this, they were the group formally known as A.N.S.W.E.R.  All of it was and is George Soros' same old bag of tricks that the mainstream media refuses to talk about.  He lines A LOT of pockets.  And buys and sells Presidents, including our current one and the next one he obviously wants in office to do more of his bidding. 

For more see Who Sold The American Government To George Soros?


The violent rioting that is escalating at every Trump campaign rally across the country is not just local people who are against Donald Trump.   
Authorities have become aware that many protesters are traveling from one rally to the next, state to state.   They are being paid very well to do so, plus benefits.
Screenshots of printed ads from Craigslist can be seen below.   The ad reads: “We will pay $15.00 an hour plus travel (including room and board), clothing, flags, signs, etc. for individuals willing to disrupt Trump rallies throughout the US.”   The ad is dated June 3, 2016.

Trump Protest Ad 2a CraigsList Trump Protest Ad 2b Craigslist

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