No Wonder Obama Wouldn’t Let Us Read TPP


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would turn over to globalists the power to issue regulations about U.S. trade, immigration, the environment, labor and commerce. It’s called a “living agreement” which means the globalists can amend and change the text of the so-called agreement after it has gone into effect.

That reminds me of our supremacist judges who invented the term of a “living” Constitution, which they can rewrite to comport with their own updated ideology. The globalists claim that this “living” document (TPP), now called Obamatrade, has all the powers of a treaty to commit the U.S. to new foreign obligations, although it certainly did not comply with any U.S. constitutional provisions for treaty ratification.
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) warned about the giveaway of U.S. sovereignty by Fast Track, also known as Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which Congress passed in June. Congress gave up its powers to negotiate and write the terms of a treaty, its power to debate and amend the deal, to apply a cloture vote in the Senate, and to require a two-thirds vote in the Senate.
The secrecy wrapped around TPP is appallingly un-American. Whatever happened to Obama’s promise of “transparency”? TPP was negotiated and agreed to by Obama’s trade representative and a bunch of foreigners in a secret room, and the American people were not allowed to know the details until the 5,554-page text was released in November. TPP put us in a new political and economic union before a single private citizen was told about it and with public opinion running five to one against it. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass Obama­care in order to find out what is in it?
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) warned, “TPP calls for the formation of a permanent political and economic union known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission, which will have power to issue regulations impacting not only trade but immigration, the environment, labor and commerce. He added, Congress “will have surrendered its legislative prerogatives. Before a word, line, paragraph, or page of this plan is made public, Congress will have even agreed to give up its treaty powers.”
Senator Sessions made it even more emphatic, saying that Fast Track would “authorize the President to form a new transnational governance structure. . . . it confers the power to both compel and restrict changes to U.S. policy, to commit the U.S. to international obligations, and to cede sovereign authority to a foreign body.” This new global body could even add new member countries (such as China).
Senator Sessions continued: “Congress would be pre-clearing a political and economic union before a word of that arrangement has been made available to a single private citizen. This has the earmarks of a nascent European Union,” and Americans certainly don’t want to belong to a European union (that’s why we fought the American Revolution).
Rep. Hunter also warned that the new global govern­ance institution would be “authorized to issue policies and regulations affecting our economy, our manufacturers, our workers, our immigration procedures, as well as current labor and environmental practices.”
TPP would separate us from the U.S. Constitution and from national sovereignty, replacing both with a global governance superstructure. TPP wrapped its audacious global governance plan in the mantle called “free trade,” which is a misnomer if there ever was one. “Free trade” means Americans must obey a bunch of rules written by foreigners (which we can’t veto), but China can ignore those rules. TPP didn’t even touch the subject of currency manipulation against us by Asian countries.
While the American people were denied the right to read TPP, thanks to leaks from WikiLeaks we learned that Obamatrade includes ten pages to unilaterally alter our current U.S. immigration law. Under the headings “Trade in Services” and “Movement of Natural Persons,” the same lobbyists who are pushing for Obamatrade are demanding open borders.
Republicans need a bold program to bring back jobs that have been lost to Asian countries. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann summed up a pro-American verdict on TPP: “I hate it. It would empower the president, cut out congressional influence, and lead to American jobs leaving the U.S.”

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