We Warned You: Chicago Trump Shutdown Is Just the Beginning

Let's not forget that it is George Soros, the leftist billionaire bent on and collaborating with Barack Obama's Progressive Left to destroy America that funds Black Lives Matter.  If anything needs to be exposed regarding these protests, it is the simple fact that there is nothing grassroots about it.  It is still ANOTHER orchestrated campaign to fundamentally change America.  It is ANOTHER effort to put Hillary in the White House in 2016, come hell or high water. -W.E.



For the astute readers of Breitbart News, last night’s battle in Chicago may come as a shock, but it should come as no surprise.
No other news organization has documented the rise and origins of the groups behind Friday night’s madhouse as thoroughly as the team at Breitbart News. From its origins being exposed in the film Occupy Unmasked before the election cycle to covering and exposing every aspect of the new Black Lives Matter incarnation, we’ve given readers the intellectual ammunition to understand the dangerous rise of the new American left in the Obama era.
Just this week, we published two 2,500 word exposés that laid bare not just the history of deception and media collusion that made last night’s rout of Donald Trump’s rally in the Windy City possible, but we also examined the 50 years of progressive hatred that caused such an outpouring of bile on social media after the death of former first lady Nancy Reagan.
We believe that those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it, and as we pointed out in January in a definitive piece, we both illuminated the past and predicted the future.:
Should either Cruz or Trump be the nominee, expect Black Lives Matter’s army to take to the streets and try to shut them down at every opportunity.
For that reason, the current political season is set to be even more divisive than either of the last two election cycles, which had already set a very high bar for vitriol.
We also pointed out that Donald Trump would be the main focus of this ire, but that
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
or any other GOP nominee would be next on the radicals’ hit list.
This is one of the reasons that Donald Trump, more than any other political candidate on the scene right now, has incurred so much of the wrath and anger of Black Lives Matter. They are keenly aware that he simply will not play their game. The other current frontrunner for the Republican nomination is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has already demonstrated that he is no cupcake either.
Unfortunately, last night showed weakness on the part of both GOP frontrunners, as Trump showed that he could be out-gamed and Ted Cruz went full cupcake.
This is not a game that’s going to be won by either brute force or blame-the-victim capitulation. The enemy here is the organized institutional left, and every single GOP candidate and surrogate needs to start educating the voters on who they are.
This is going to get worse. As I predicted in January:
As the newest incarnation of the activist Left, Black Lives Matter will not back down or rest until it is either stopped by someone gutsy enough to call them out or until it gets what it wants: a bloody revolution leading to a socialist/anarchist America.
The one thing the left has not counted on, however, is a dogged, active conservative media culture that can bring real information straight to the American people without being filtered by Black Lives Matter’s journalism school comrades. We’re not about to let Black Lives Matter or any leftist revolutionary movement destroy America without making sure they’re fully revealed for what they are.
There’s a battle for the soul of our nation. Our founder Andrew Breitbart made that clear through his work. The team here at Breitbart is in the trenches every day, bringing you the truth that the mainstream media simply will not. That’s our #WAR, and we have no plans to surrender.

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