Fmr Terrorist Turned CIA Double Agent Says Terrorists Will Hit U.S. in 2 Weeks

I am not one to make predictions, but I am going to make one anyway: The closer we get to the end of Obama's term, the more danger this nation is in.  And Obama just may use terror, something this administration has helped to finance, to set us up for his final and greatest act of political terror against America.
I say this for basically four reasons; 
  • Barack Hussein Obama came into power illegally.  Therefore, staying in power illegally or through deceptive means, was likely the plan from the beginning, completing the coup d'état.   
  • We already know Obama to be a lawbreaker while in office with the propensity, skill and determination to destroy this nation, as he smiles for the camera.  If I am correct and he does stay in office in my opinion 35 to 40% of American's are deceived enough and are supportive enough of him already, to like the idea of Obama staying in power longer (especially once the mainstream spins it in his favor through lies and fear). Another 35 to 40% will hate it, but will just go along to get along, this is how we have been conditioned.  20 to 30% will fight, and many will end up imprisoned or dead. (Then again, the same fate or worse will likely happen to the other 70 or 80% that don't fight anyway)
  • There is strong evidence that his administration has manufactured events in the U.S. to further a political agenda, namely to push gun control.  Another manufactured event, that would bring about the "necessity" for Martial Law would make all the other staged events seem like practice runs, as certainly they have been that too. 
  • This government, has been stockpiling an obscene amount of weapons, armaments and ammunition for several years now, and they have been doing so for a reason.
"Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation."  - Isaiah 12:2

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