September 30, 2015 is a date that we all need to remember. It is the date we may have seen the start of World War III and have witnessed our own government preparing our surrender.
For weeks we have watched the Russian military build-up in Syria and we did nothing to try and prevent it. Why should we; Obama had the personal assurances of Putin that the Russians were just there to join us in the fight against ISIS.
          Fast forward to Obama’s speech at the United Nations where he takes Putin to task for continuing to support efforts to overthrow the legitimate government of the Ukraine and then ask yourself why Obama doesn’t believe Putin on the Ukraine, but does on Syria. Then two days after his ninety minute face to face meeting with Putin in New York City, Obama, the Pentagon, the Secretary of State and the entire U.S. government gets blind-sided.
          A three star Russian general showed up unannounced at the U. S. Embassy in Baghdad and hands a note to a member of the staff. The note informed the United States government that in one hour the Russian military would launch airstrikes in Syria. The United States was told not to get in the way and to remove all of its aircraft from Syrian air space.
          The airstrikes started right on time, but they were not directed at ISIS: in fact the targets are nowhere near ISIS positions. Instead the strikes are on positions held by the anti-Assad rebels being supported by the U.S. However, reports indicate that most of the numerous casualties were innocent civilians including women and children.
          Putin got in Obama’s face and made a fool out of his entire administration. The reaction to this by our government is almost as scary as the act itself. The White House press secretary toed the party line and basically said that the Russians would ultimately do the right thing and the fact that they had attacked non ISIS positions was somehow a sign of the weakness of Putin. That of course makes no sense.
          Ash Carter, the Secretary of Defense made even less sense when he held a press conference in the Pentagon. He tried to dodge questions about the Russian attack by initially only admitting that that it appeared that they had not bombed ISIS positions than he started talking about the new combat roles being considered for women in the military. He also started talking about the military budget and then concluded by saying he might trust what the Russians told him.
          Secretary of State John Kerry had what amounted to a love fest with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov when they appeared together to tell the world that they were arranging meetings to “discuss” things. Kerry did say that we would not comply with the Russian demand to stand down and strop our air strikes in Syria and at least one strike was launched.
          However, the situation is highly dangerous and could rapidly deteriorate. Russian and U.S. planes are going to be competing in the same air space over Syria and what happens if the Russians shoot down an American drone or even one of our fighters. The Russians are prepared for such a confrontation, we are not. Many of the Russian jets now in Syria are equipped for air to air combat which is certainly not needed against ISIS or the Syrian rebels since they don’t have any planes.
          Putin is flexing his muscles and filling the void left by Obama’s failed policies in the Middle East. He has now allied Russia with the Iranians who persist in their promises to destroy Israel and the United States. He has also become allies with the Iraqi government and now it looks like the Chinese are going to be sending troops and planes to Syria to support Assad and Russia.
           It is important to note that both China and Russia participated in the negotiations that led Obama to give Iran everything it wanted. Now these two nuclear powers are allied with Iran against the interests of the U.S. in the Middle East. This forces us to consider the possibility that Iran will not have to develop its own nuclear weapon. It could be supplied by either the Chinese or the Russians.
          Obama’s failure to confront our enemies has made us a laughing stock in the world among our enemies. It is also causing the U.S. to be feared, by our former friends and allies, not our enemies. The only thing they can rely on Obama to do is  retreat, surrender and lie about it. The result is increasing chaos in the Middle East including expanding attacks by ISIS and Al Qaeda, the continued protected presence of Assad in Syria, the increasing influence of Iran in Yemen and other countries and now the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
          The immediate result of this is going to be a massive increase in the influx of refugees into Europe. Most of these so-called refugees, 90 % by some estimates, are young men between the ages of 18 and 45. Some of them are terrorizing innocent civilians in countries like Hungary and Croatia committing crimes like theft, rape, assaults, and murder. How many of them will ultimately be brought into the United States to commit similar acts here.
          There is also the probability that Putin will use his actions in the Middle East to divert the attention of the West while he invades the Ukraine and possibly even one or more of the Baltic States.
            How will Obama respond to these direct threats posed by multiple enemies? He has said nothing about any of this over the last two days. Obama is very concerned about his legacy and I am concerned that his legacy might be World War III.

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