Trump: Syrian Refugees ‘Could Be The Great Trojan Horse’

The United Nations has said that nearly seven million Syrians have been displaced by the civil war, which is almost one third of the
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Donald Trump: “I’m putting the people on notice that are coming here from Syria as part of this mass migration, that if I win, if I win, they’re going back. They’re going back. I’m telling you, they’re going back.” 

Donald Trump is concerned that we know nothing about the 200,000 refugees coming to the U.S. from Syria.

Donald Trump: “We don’t know where they’re coming from. We don’t know who they are. They could be ISIS. It could be the great Trojan horse. I mean this could be one of the great Trojan horses ever, since the original. We don’t know where these - they have no documentation. They have no paperwork. There’s no way they can prove where they’re coming from. And I said ‘I would absolutely not do it.’”

Mr. Trump noted that most of the Syrian refugees were men.

Donald Trump: “When I heard that, I saw the migration. The migration was strange to me because it seemed like so many men, there aren’t that many women, there aren’t that many children. It looked like mostly men and they looked like strong men. These looked like physically strong people. I’m saying, ‘Where all the women? Where are all the children?’

Trump said that other countries should take in these refugees.

Donald Trump: Look, they shouldn’t take them in. Europe should take some problems. You have the Gulf states. You have Saudi Arabia, you have Iran. You have Qatar, some of the richest countries. They’re not taking any and they’re right there. So, we’re supposed to take 200,000 people that we have no idea who they are?

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