Pro-Islamic State Hacking Group Issues Chilling Warning to America

Even though I have been one who is sounding the alarm about radical Islam coming into our nation, indeed, they ARE here...let us also not forget much of what we here is propaganda coming from these groups with the intent to instill fear into Americans.  That said, let us also remember the Lord our God, that He might fight for us and protect us.  As of now, this nation as a whole not only has forgotten God, but purposefully ignores the Almighty.  
Not a good plan for our safety.

wochit News

A representative for a pro-Islamic State hacking group issued a chilling warning to members of the U.S. military and government Wednesday, promising that “very soon” followers of the organization would retaliate for overseas bombing targeting the terror organization.
Speaking to TheBlaze using smartphone messenger application Kik, a representative for the Islamic State Hacking Division said the group is constantly spying on U.S. servicemen. The organization on Tuesday published personal information purporting to belong to U.S. military and government online.
The anonymous male member told TheBlaze, “Just like they spy on muslims, we are spying on them, watching their employees, watching their soldiers, recording their movements and taking their location information and passing it on to the soldiers of the islamic state."
When asked exactly what could be expected to be seen “soon,” the member replied, “you will see when US military and government personnel start getting beheaded in their homes.”

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