Mark Levin Rips Megyn Kelly on Her Trump Gotcha Question

Out of the gate, I knew there was going to be an agenda going into the recent Fox News debate, and not just because the performance by Megan Kelly really did look like amateur hour that evening.  
When Brett Baier started the debate with a question asking ALL candidates to pledge not to run as a third party candidate at some point during the current Presidential campaign was ridiculous.  The scandal of the question is that it was meant to single out Trump, who had already addressed that issue days if not weeks before anyway.  It wasn't a question for the 9 other candidates, no one was or is worried about them jumping to an independent third party. The question may have been a fair one, had it not been the lead question, and was asked directly to only the person to which the question was pertinent.  It was a set up, just as the rest of the evening was a set up. Perhaps in the name of the all important ratings.  Perhaps in the name of "hard hitting questions", but certainly not in the name of being "fair and balanced".  And while I am hammering the hosts of this "debate", let me add one more thought to chew on.  In the same opening question, and I believe at other times, we keep being told that Hillary is going to be the Democratic candidate.  We hear it over and over. Now why anyone would assume that, for her crimes that she has committed...and I mean just the recent ones involving keeping classified documents..regarding Benghazi, terrorism and oil...on a private server....she will STILL have to be nominated as the best candidate the Democrats can come up with in a 2016 Presidential run?  Why are we being brainwashed to accept this as inevitable and not that the law will prevail and that Hillary will be fortunate not to spend time in prison...or at least rail-roaded out of town for her criminality?  Perhaps because this is America, and there is always another agenda fostered upon America from behind the scenes, and the American media is often the ones leading that agenda. 

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