Oath Keepers: Prepare for Economic Collapse

"There is at this time a very well orchestrated attempt to divide and conquer the American people. Along racial lines, along class lines. It is a fourth generation warfare full scale assault on this country and our institutions.  It is not just military, it is that also, it's also political, it's economic, it's social, it's psychological. It's in the media, it's in the courts, you name it, full frontal assault.  And the greatest weapon they have is to divide and conquer us." 

While speaking at the New York Oath Keepers Awards Banquet, Founder and Director of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes urges all Oath Keeper chapters across the country to hold an Emergency Summit by state, in order to prepare for an economic collapse. ‘Assume the worst’ and formulate support teams. Food storage the most crucial.

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