Judge Jeanine SLAMS Hillary: You traded Americans’ security just to line your own pockets!


When it comes to the Clintons, follow the money — and national security be damned.
That was the message Saturday night from Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro when she took former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to task for putting America’s safety at risk by using a private email system to disguise how she used her office for her own financial gain.
“You can’t trust her, you can’t believe her, so why even think about voting for the woman?” Pirro said in the “Opening Statement” segment of “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”
Last week, inspectors general for the State Department and the nation’s intelligence agencies asked the Justice Department to open a criminal investigation of the handling of classified information during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. The IGs reported classified information had been sent from Clinton’s private server.
“You knew at the time it was classified information that you were sending on your private server,” Pirro said, addressing the former secretary of state and wannabe president. “It’s our property, not yours. Our secrets not yours to play with, profit from or leverage to line you and your family’s pockets.”
The judge said she knows the reason Clinton wanted to keep her emails secret.
“Were you afraid that people might find out the reasons for your shifts in policy decisions were donations to the Clinton Foundation connected to the sale of arms around the world that doubled when you were secretary of state, especially to those governments that gave millions to the Clinton Foundation?” she asked.
“Hillary, you’ve jeopardized this nation and the good and decent people who live in it for your own personal aggrandizement, for your personal wealth,” she said. “Building an empire for you and your family under the guise of a foundation.”

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