Massive Military Build Up Across US Includes FEMA and UN Vehicles

Seeing Police Forces across the nation become militarized is bad enough. Now watching  military equipment on the move to this degree is a bit disconcerting. 
Normally pictures and videos of military vehicles moving across the nation, hasn't really concerned me the way it seemed to others in the past.  After all, as we brought troops and some armaments back from Iraq, it made some sense to see transportation of military equipment on the highways across America.   But America for all intents and purposes withdrew from Iraq over three years ago and staging" equipment on private land seems completely out of place. 
Call me paranoid, although I prefer "vigilant"... but if I was POTUS and knew martial law was going to be something that I was going to possibly declare in the near future however, I would start organizing equipment ahead of time, getting everything ready and in place for when needed.  And I would be very pleased that the Police Forces have been militarized as well, that too might just come in handy.   -W.E.


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