America, Prepare to Defend Yourselves!


America has been invaded and is in the process of being occupied.

ILS towers which can be used to guide in troop transport planes and heavy equipment in bad weather are being put into the countryside outside of Cheyenne,Wyoming, where they have a  lot of bad weather. Intellistreets “Big Brother” surveillance is being installed in Cheyenne, Wyoming as well and is prevalent at the local Walmart. In places like Flint, Michigan, our cities are being turned into potential battlegrounds as highly obnoxious and very aggressive military drills are underway and are serving to frighten the local population. The intent of the Jade Helm forces is becoming more clear with each passing day. We have foreign troops entering the country in central Texas and in Portland, Oregon. I have previously reported that the Michigan National Guard and Army Reserve Units have trained with foreign troops in late April.
America is being occupied by hostile forces as activities such as Jade Helm are also being imposed upon American communities.As many already know, JadeHelm is preparing Special Operation Forces  to extract political dissidents and impose martial law as part of the drill. The infrastructure related to military occupation is being put into place at places like local Walmarts and in obscure placed like Wheatland, Wyoming. Unmistakably, the post-collapse America infrastructure is already being put into place all across the country as per the America 2050 Agenda 21 plan.

Americans Could Soon Be On Their Own

Every day, I get emails just like the following which tell me how their communities are being federalized and taken over.
Dear Dave,
…my observation going to Cheyenne, Wyoming was that they have now installed four cameras at every stop light that i went through!… When i drove by walmart they have installed many many cameras in bundles of three all along the top.  I am sure you have seen this but I hadnt here.  and in the parking lot has cameras on light poles.  I also noticed installation of light polls.  even where others were standing.   Strange.  Don’t know about that….
hope this helps.  I will stay vigilant!

"Intellistreets" lightpoles have come to Whoming.
“Intellistreets” lightpoles have come to Wyoming.
This is clearly intellistreets and I immediately recognized this because I have previously written about this. Intellistreets is the ultimate “Big Brother “surveillance device.
There are a number of prominent players emerging in this enslavement of America and one has taken center stage and it is called “America 2050“. 
Intellistreets comes in different flavors, but it all has the same purpose.
When Americans begin their morning as they depart their futurehigh rise “Stack and Pack” apartment buildings, they will be immediately scanned, identified and followed by the Intellistreet light poles. The light poles, already have been beta-tested in Farmington Hills, MI. and in Birmingham, UK., and will scan you for weapons after identifying you. It will have the capability to speak to you (i.e. “Don’t jaywalk Mr. Smith”), and will be issued a summons to be mailed to your computer and this systemnotify the police of your location if you have a warrant for your arrest. In the last line of the following manufacturer’s video on Intellistreets, they do admit to housing Department of Homeland Security features, but the video does not elaborate. We now have proof that this system is going into Cheyenne, Wyoming.
316,000,000 million Americans will change to 66,000,000
megacity dwellers which equals  250,000,000 missing Americans!

I have written about America 2050 in recent days as it is globalist plan, headed by the Obama’s administration, Mike Krulig, the founder of the Agenda 21 population centralization plan known as “Building One America”. Building One America is the first steps toward the fulfillment of the creation of 11 mega-regions which will contain six million people each. The missing 250 million people in the America 2050 plan, matches the Deagel Report of a similar population reduction for the United States to take place by 2025. 
Building One America Founder Mike Krulig and Obama
Some of the DHS features, associated with technology like Intellistreets  would include what is loosely referred to as “mind-reading technology”. Also,  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing $70 million to develop a new implant that can track, and respond to, brain signals in real time. In the summer of 2013, I was contacted by an anonymous source who wanted to come on my show and expose a DARPA program of mind-reading being researched and implemented at Arizona State University. Less than two days before his scheduled appearance, he backed out sighting fears for his life. Confirmation for the involvement of Arizona State University in this project is confirmed here.

The most frightening thing about Intellistreets is the fact that this is designed for a post-collapse America and is part of the implementation of the most invasive “Big Brother” surveillance and population control devices ever invented by DARPA.  In other words, this technology is designed for use in a completely controlled totalitarian society.

Turning Our Cities Into Battlegrounds

It was widely reported, yesterday, that explosions and events in Flint, Michigan, frightened and angered local residents as the military invaded this community. This is going on all across the United States and it is happening simultaneously.

Jade Helm to Bring In Foreign Troops Who Will Not Hesitate to….

This is the area of the report that does not need much elaboration. Many of us in the independent media have received reports for years about the presence of foreign, mostly Russians, on our soil.
Dear Dave
I live in Copperas Cove, TX which is just outside of Fort Hood.
Yesterday my husband spoke to a contractor whose job just ended on west Ft. Hood. He said they built barracks to house 20,000 troops and before they could install the heating and air conditioning, they were told the job was done, they weren’t going to use the barracks, they were going to stay empty. Yeah right. (Editor’s Note: This email indirectly speaks to compartmentalization of duties in order to obscure the full purpose of the operation from the workers as we witnessed in the Midland Walmart). 
Anyway, God bless, stay safe!
I have received reports from two insider sources over the past 5 weeks which state that a large number to Turkish forces will be brought into the United States to participate in Jade Helm. They being trained as a martial law enforcement unit who will not hesitate to use lethal force against noncompliant Americans when it comes to martial law enforcement. One source placed the amount of Turkish soldiers as high as 36,000.
Is this what the following email is referring to?
Yesterday my husband spoke to a contractor whose job just ended on west Ft. Hood. He said they built barracks to house 20,000 troops and before they could install the heating and air conditioning, they were told the job was done, they weren’t going to use the barracks, they were going to stay empty. Yeah right.
Anyway, God bless, stay safe!
The following emailsthat I receive are very typical of what I am receiving on a daily basis:
Dear Dave,
Long time listener.
Just an FYI that I have no doubts that there are foreign troops on US soil.
My wife works in a position at PDX.  Portland Oregon Airport.
Approx 3 weeks ago she reported that approximately 150 Russian speaking soldiers wearing black and blue camo uniforms landed at PDX.  All 150 were quickly loaded up on white unmarked buses and transported away from the airport.
Keep up the good work. Dont pay any attention to these idiots that say UN and /or foreign soliders are not on US soil. Some of us know better.
Dear Dave and Team,
I am a new listener, for the first time last night, as I discovered you by listening to Hagmann and Hagmann.
I am an employee at Walmart on Creighton Road in Pensacola, FL.  Please keep me as anonymous.  I have posted some of your stuff on Facebook, with the very real danger of losing my job, but folks need to know what is going on.
The reason for anonymous is this:  I started working at Walmart in February, 2011.  Some time in 2012, I noticed lots of Russians/Slavs in our store (about 25+). They were here for about two months, and they would come in groups to shop. They were very much into what they were doing, very determined shoppers, not easily distracted, very focused.  I found out they were going through some kind of classes at NAS.  That’s all my US military friend would tell me.  Most spoke Russian (a very obvious language), but others spoke diverse Slavic languages.  It is easy to tell a language when one has spent time traveling abroad, as I had in past years.  While they were here, it definitely got my attention!  Male and female, most of them young and strong, but not all.  Some were older.  One or two older ones seem to have taken permanent residence here.
Maybe I am too paranoid about their presence, but I grew up as a navy brat. My dad was in US Naval Intelligence.    
Gotta go for now, thanks for being here for us!
God’s Richest Blessings!
An ILS is device used to guide planes in by instrument are mostly used by airports that are experiencing bad weather. They comin all shapes and sizes. Here are a couple of examples of what they look like.
ils 2
Here is an email followed by some pictures taken by Jill K. from Wheatland, Wyoming which is about 40 miles north of Cheyenne.
Outside of Cheynne, Wy.
Outside of Cheynne, Wy.
My sources tell me that this looks like a combination of an ILS and a communications tower.
My sources tell me that this looks like a combination of an ILS and a communications tower.

Hello Dave. I drove around between Cheyenne, Wyoming and Wheatland, Wy about 67 miles on Interstate 25. I will attach some photos of the towers. Most have been added recently, say less then 2 years. There are clusters of 3 and there are 4 different areas between the cities. also i took a picture of a loaf and jug with a most odd fixture on it with large electrical lines to it. and one other picture of a white cone type thing. I first thought it was the tornado warning sirens but it is different than the others in Cheyenne town and this one is directed at the interstate and not at a residential area. I don’t know if they are anything worth noting but they are what is happening around here. Dave, we also last night had helicopters flying over our area just after dark using spotlights shining down. they were flying about 1500 ft. (guessing) 
We appreciate everything you are doing.  I hope some of this helps and hopefully with your sources we can figure it out.  God Bless you. 
Attached are 6 pictures and the rest will be on emails to follow.   Jill Kaufman
North of Cheyenne
North of Cheyenne
wheatland towers 2

Why are these communications towers going  in north of Cheyenne? Are the telecoms  expecting a huge population incease, or is this area expecting “visitors”?

Speaking of Walmart

The following photos were taken at the Cheyenne, Wyoming Walmart. What you are seeing in the parking lot is of Intellistreets origin. Since Walmart is the most shopped retail outlet in America, it would make sense to put tracking equipment at Walmart.
These are new.
These are new.
Popping up, seeming out of nowhere.
Popping up, seeming out of nowhere.Some experts are speculating that these are fugitive detection devices. Either way, they do not belong at a retail outlet! Why are these people still shopping at Walmart?


FOX is launching a new show in 2o16 which glorifies Lucifer. The show is called Lucifer Morningstar. A trailer for the show portrays Lucifer as a handsome, British-accented, well-to-do ladykiller full of charm and is played by Tom Ellis. And some people questioned why I was encouraging people to pray in yesterday’s article.  With this kind of evil idolatry, can the lethal persecution of Christians be far behind?
These are stunning developments in America. Developments which would have seemed unbelievable only 1o years ago. The page of Republic Democracy has been turned. As frightening as these events, they pale in comparison to what lies ahead and that will be revealed tomorrow.

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