Sessions On Amnesty Vote: ‘The Very Integrity Of The Congress Is Under Assault’

Congress, both houses and both parties, have done little in the way of the People's Business, or acting in conjunction with their Constitutional authority in matters that matter.  What they have done, is abdicated their power to King Obama, protecting him, his lawlessness and his policies at all costs, and damned be the American people.  - W.E.

“It is an untenable position [to uphold the President’s executive amnesty]—untenable constitutionally, untenable because it is contrary to the will of the Members of the House and Senate who oppose the President’s action—Republicans and Democrats. Perhaps most importantly, it is untenable politically because the American people strongly reject it. So why would any Senator, Democrat or Republican, when the very integrity of the Congress is under assault by an overreaching executive branch, not want to assert congressional authority at this point?” 

From 2007–2014, all net job gains have gone to labor brought in from abroad while the number of Americans with jobs declined. Since 2009, the President has issued 5.5 million work permits in excess of the regular flow established by law, according to data just unearthed in a FOIA request. The President’s action would add another 5 million illegal workers to the job market to fill positions that could be filled instead by jobless Americans.
Sessions: Dems Need To Focus On Protecting Americans, Not Party Leaders

“Our Democratic colleagues, seven of whom have openly said they don’t agree with the policy of the President with regard to executive amnesty and providing work permits and Social Security [benefits] to people unlawfully here, at least seven of them have explicitly said that. But they’re now united apparently, we’re told all of them are going to stand together to protect President Obama’s immigration directives. You know, when they were running for office back during the campaign last fall, people were saying they didn’t agree with it. Now when the issue hits the floor and we have an opportunity to do the normal and rational thing and not fund an unlawful policy, they’re all sticking together, like the palace guard around the White House, to protect Obama’s immigration directives.”

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